Loblolly Manor: Laundry Room Makeover Reveal

Today, I’m excited to finally share the laundry room makeover we’ve created at my childhood home, Loblolly Manor, as we celebrate Week 6 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda creator of the One Room Challenge and media partner House Beautiful. You can catch up on Week 1: The Laundry Room Design Plan here, Week 2: How to Cover an Air Conditioner Return here, Week 3: Laundry Room Buffet Makeover here, Week 4: Laundry Room Folding Station here, and Week 5: Laundry Room Shelves here if you missed it. Affiliate links have been provided for your convenience. You can read our full disclosure policy here)

The past 6 weeks have been filled with a lot of ups and downs, twists and turns, good days and bad but we rallied to the finish line and not a moment too soon. If you’re new here, welcome! While we’ve been working on the laundry room for the past 6 weeks, we’ve also been working to finish the rest of Loblolly by Mother’s Day as a gift to my Mom!

My parents have owned this home for most our lives and even though we moved around a lot growing up and it is no longer their primary home, Loblolly has always had special place in our hearts. We had to pretty much gut the house and take it down to the studs in late 2015. We took it from the construction zone stage to house stage in 2016. And now that the house been lived in a little more (2017) we’re ready to give Loblolly a bit of a refresh and make it feel more like a retreat space for our entire family to use.

The biggest project on my Mom’s wish list was for the laundry room to be finished because over the years it has been used more as a utility-storage room than an actual laundry room.

The space is T-I-N-Y and was not very functional at all. It was basically a 5 x 8 box with a laundry closet inside, offered no storage options and was very poorly lit.

It took a few weeks but the three of us sat down together, created a design plan and got to work.

The first order of business was to clear out the clutter.

Then we set about covering up the air conditioner return which was a huge job. Thankfully, my Dad not only built the eight-foot screen cover but he also delivered it and installed it so that I could give the screen cover the European Oak finish my Mom had envisioned.

While this piece looks like a beast and don’t get me wrong, it totally is, the screen cover can be easily moved to access the air conditioner return when needed.

In an effort to make the laundry room more functional, we decided to “go vertical” by installing white oak shelves

and these vintage style corbels.

We used glass jars filled with laundry soap, vintage style clothespins, and wool dryer balls.

At the last minute, we realized the artwork we had ordered wasn’t going to work at all so we had to quickly create our own. You won’t believe how easy this French inspired laundry room art was to make!

We scoured a five-county area for weeks looking for the perfect buffet to go under the newly installed shelves.

We were SO close to using this piece but in the end, we realized this one would provide more storage options.

Although the laundry room is small, we still needed a folding station and this $5 table we picked up at a yard sale proved to be the perfect fit.

We chose this rug to help ground the space

and this chandelier to help make the laundry room a bit brighter.

As far as the laundry closet portion of the rooms goes, it was a bit tougher to wrangle than we had time for so we did some painting, added a few baskets to help with storage and a piece of vintage art.

All in all, we’re excited about the way that everything came together!

Thank you to Linda of the One Room Challenge and House Beautiful for giving us this platform each Spring and Fall so we can share our adventures and participate in this event.

In addition, I can’t end this post without saying a HUGE thank you to Team Crowned Goat! My rock star parents were invaluable by helping with so many projects from building the return, to hanging the shelves, to making almost daily runs to the hardware store for supplies. One of my uncles helped to hang the chandelier and do some rewiring with my Dad in the laundry room after we ran into a pretty big electrical issue. One of my aunts helped to source a few accessories and another called us on crazy work days to offer lunch, dinner and snacks. Thank you to my bestie S who held the fort down and ran the TCG website so I could travel back and forth from this project each week. Finally, thank you to all of you who have supported us and cheered us on along the way. You made all the hard days and speed bumps so much easier to handle! You guys are THE BEST!

I hope you all have a happy and relaxed Mother’s Day weekend! I can’t even tell you how many times I worried we would not have this laundry room makeover finished much less the Loblolly Manor refresh completed in time.  We have so many things to celebrate this weekend and I know you guys do too. I hope your weekend is a special one.

We have a great week coming up next week! I’ll be back here on Monday with the fabulous ladies of the Back to Basics Series as we share our best tips for mixing and matching patterns and prints. On Tuesday, I’ll share the easiest way to create French inspired pots. Wednesday, I’ll share a simple way we customized a piece of wall art for one of the bedroom makeovers. Finally, on Thursday, I’ll share all the details of the master bathroom reveal at Loblolly Manor! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. This does not even look like the same laundry room! It’s beautiful Coco and what a special way to make memories with your family. The return and the chandelier are my favorite. I told my husband if this tiny room can have one our laundry room should too

    1. Brianna, I was thinking the same thing when I looked at the before photos. It was basically a storage closet we were trying to make functional but it’s not until you really look at the before and after photos that appreciate the big change. Don’t get me wrong it was a ton of work but totally worth every minute. Thanks for all your sweet words. I hope you get your chandelier soon! Hugs, CoCo

  2. You are blowing my mind today Coco. I knew this laundry room would be pretty but this is amazing. I dont know how you put so many functional things in one space. I know your Mom must be so excited.

    1. ha ha oh my gosh, Sarah, there were so many times I wondered if we were going to be able to make this space functional! It took a lot of rallying but you’re right my Mom is excited about the way it all turned out which makes us excited too. Big hugs and happy Mother’s Day, CoCo

  3. Turned out great! So many beautiful storage solutions. Love the finished room! Hugs!

    1. Thank you bunches, Angie! My Mom is super excited about the way the laundry room came together and how the rest of Loblolly is shaping up as well. She’s such an inspiration which made all the work worth it. Sending you hugs and love for the happiest Mother’s Day, Coco

  4. I can’t even imagine all the hard work that went into this space. I know these makeovers aren’t as easy as it looks sometimes. Congratulations on your finish. It’s as amazing as I thought it would be, great job to all members of Team Goat.

    1. Thank you so much, Bonnie! There were definitely some rough days as no makeover or ORC is without its’ challenges. Thankfully, I had Team Goat by my side to help work out all the kinks. They were fabulous. Sending you hugs, CoCo

  5. CoCo,
    Everything (at least what we’ve seen so far) looks so pretty! Laundry rooms are tough – you all did a great job working in a small space and making it functional to boot! Wishing your family a beautiful Mother’s Day! 🙂

    1. I appreciate that so much, Patty! There were definitely times I was wondering if we were going to be able to pull it off or not. My Mom is excited about the way everything came together which makes me excited too. I’ll be thinking of you and your mom this weekend as well and I hope your weekend is richly blessed. Big hugs, CoCo

  6. OMG CoCo – the laundry room turned out amazing! You and your parents managed to turn this tiny space into a usable room that looks so pretty. Love, love, love all of the finishes that you have added to the space. Those corbels look like the real deal. And the artwork is definitely beautiful. Well done TCG! Now take a break, eat another donut and get a massage…you’ve earned it!

  7. Are you sure this is the same room?? What a stunning transformation! I LOVE it!!

    1. ha ha I feel the same way every time I look at the before and after pictures, Roxanne! I appreciate your sweet and kind words, lady. Sending you hugs, CoCo

  8. Another fabulous project!! Thanks for sharing and for the inspiration. Love your ideas & you do great work!

    1. You are so sweet and have always been the best cheerleader, Anne! I appreciate you so much. Big hugs, CoCo

  9. So good CoCo! Glad you were able to finish it all for your Mom! Trying to do the ORC on the laundry room while freshening everything else had to have been tough but it looks great! Now go have a relaxing weekend with your family!

    1. Thanks so much, Danielle! I don’t know if I would ever take on another ORC space plus try to finish a house refresh in such a short amount of time. I think I’ve learned my lesson ha ha. Hope your Mother’s Day weekend is a happy one and you’re able to recover from the oRC too. Hugs, CoCo

  10. Botanic Bleu says:

    Everything shown is fantastic, but where are the washer and dryer? What happened with the hot water heater? I’ll check out posts #1-5.


    1. Thanks so much, Judith! The washer, dryer and hot water heater all remained in the laundry closet as pictured in this post. We added a few baskets to help make the laundry closet more organized, repainted and hung a piece of vintage art above the washer and dryer.

  11. It turned out beautifully CoCo! I especially love the shelves and corbels! This was so much work but I know your Mom and the whole family will appreciate it for years to come!

    1. You’re the sweetest, Dara, thank you! It was so much fun working on this project together with my parents. I’m excited we were able to do it for my mom but my dad is ready to move the “folding station” already ha ha. We’ll see who wins! Big hugs, CoCo

  12. Coco! This laundry reveal is fantastic. I love your work so much. I would happily do my laundry in this room. 🙂

    1. I appreciate you, Stacy! I feel the same way about everything you do. You inspire me all the time. Big hugs, CoCo

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