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Today, I’m excited to share the laundry room folding station we’re using at my childhood home, Loblolly Manor, as we celebrate Week 4 of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda creator of the One Room Challenge and media partner House Beautiful. You can catch up on Week 1: The Laundry Room Design Plan here and Week 2: How to Cover an Air Conditioner Return here and Week 3: Laundry Room Buffet Makeover here if you missed it.

Just to catch you up if you’re new here (Welcome) we’ve only been working on the laundry room at Loblolly for the past few weeks but we’ve actually been working on the entire house for a while now.   We had to pretty much gut it and take the house down to the studs in late 2015. We took it from the construction zone stage to house stage in 2016. And now that it’s been lived in a little more we’re ready to give the house a bit of a refresh and make it feel more like a retreat space for our entire family to use.

Our goal is to have the house completed by Mother’s Day. It’s been so much fun working alongside my parents to make this house a home. If you’ve had a chance to follow along, you already know the laundry room is one T-I-N-Y space. I mean tiny!

In fact, it’s probably more like a utility room with a separate laundry closet inside. Given the air conditioner return is in the utility room portion of the 5 x 8 space as well as the washer and dryer, we’ve had to be super intentional with all of our design plans.

The folding station we wound up using was not what we had initially planned to be perfectly honest. We actually thought we would be using this desk that belong to my Granny as the folding station in the laundry room. But the scale was all wrong,

especially after we decided to add a buffet to help with the lack of storage.

Thankfully, we found the perfect laundry room folding station when we picked up this table at a yard sale for $5.

It was mostly in good shape but there was a bit of crazing and crackling on the top that gave it an interesting texture.

We ultimately decided to paint the laundry room folding station with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite because all of the rooms at Loblolly feature grays, whites and pops of black in them.

I thought we might actually use it as a nightstand for one of the guest bedrooms but the size was too good not to repurpose it as a folding station in the laundry room. The table is light enough to be moved around when we are working or hauling things in and out of the garage but stable enough to fold laundry on top.

Things are definitely starting to come together now despite having to work on part of the projects at our primary homes and the other part of the projects at Loblolly Manor. We’ve had a lot to juggle lately as our work and travel schedules have been changing constantly.

We hit a slight bump in the road last week when the light fixture we ordered was almost a foot longer than what we had expected and the shelf we thought we would be able to install in the laundry closet wound up to be not very functional. Thankfully, the biggest projects are out of the way but we are now scrambling to find a new light and we’re having to troubleshoot another storage solution. As you guys know, it’s all in the details!

I hope you have a peace filled and happy weekend. We have a great week coming up next week. On Monday, I’ll have a brand-new video as we share an update on our April goals. Tuesday, I’ll share how to create a super simple thrifted vase makeover. Wednesday, I’ll show you how to make a French inspired wood box. As always, we’ll be back here on Thursday to update you on the shelves we installed in the laundry room as we enter week 5. Fingers crossed we can find a new light soon!

We always say the One Room Challenge is so much work and so much fun all at the same time. A big thank you to Linda of the One Room Challenge and House Beautiful for helping to make this exciting challenge possible.  Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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