Laundry Room Makeover: Design Plan

Today, we’re excited to share our laundry room makeover design plan as we join so many talented bloggers for the Spring One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home and the creator of the One Room Challenge.

We’ve participated in this event for the past two years and it’s something we look forward to each Spring. You can find all the details on our Home Office Makeover here, and our Master Bedroom Makeover here.

This year, we decided to take on the utility room/laundry room at my childhood home, Loblolly Manor. You guys, this room is going to be such a challenge because there is currently NO storage for laundry and cleaning supplies, the air conditioning return is exposed which means the room has a lot of interesting angles, and the washer, dyer and water heater are housed behind bifold closet doors.

To be perfectly honest, this room is one of those rooms that is hard to keep tidy because it’s basically a walk-in closet with a separate laundry closet inside. And since there is no storage or furniture in this room it frequently ends up looking like a storage closet. Let me show you the current set up…

the air conditioning return

the space next to the return

the door leading out to the garage is next to this wall.

the water heater, washer and dryer are opposite the air conditioning return. Again, lack of storage is a huge issue.

laundry room

Even when we cleaned out the room to get some sort of game plan together, we realized there were all sorts weird angles and not one wall that doesn’t have a door or a piece of machinery on it. I’m sure I don’t even have to mention the fact it’s tiny (maybe 5×8 with all appliances in it). I’m literally standing in the living room to get this shot which is going to be our biggest challenge.

The exciting thing is that Team Crowned Goat is totally up for it. Here’s a look at our laundry room makeover design plans and a few of the products we might be using…(Affiliate links have been provided for your convenience. You can read our full disclosure policy here)

Barn Door Cabinet



Glass Jars

Dryer Balls

Lavender Linen Water


Black Accent Table

French Laundry Wall Art

Rattan Trunk




As you can imagine we have a TON of work to do. Here’s a look at our to-do list if you want to follow along…

Laundry Room Makeover To-Do List:

  • Build/paint/install cabinet around the air conditioning return (You’re the best, Dad!)
  • Build/paint/source closed storage cabinet/credenza to the right of the return
  • Hang shelves with corbels over the cabinet
  • Use clear jars to hold laundry supplies
  • Use baskets to keep things better organized
  • Add extra lighting via a new chandelier
  • Build/paint/source a square table to use as folding station
  • Add rug, artwork and accessories that are both pretty and functional
  • Hang shelf over washing machine, dryer, water heater and electrical box in laundry closet
  • Add baskets on top of laundry closet shelf to keep things better organized

Our game plan right now is to have my dad start building the surround for the air conditioning unit so once he’s finished I’ll be able to start painting and “aging” it. My mom will be working to source the buffet that will provide storage for laundry and cleaning supplies. She will also be sourcing the European oak for the shelves that will be installed above the buffet.  Loblolly Manor is a few hours away from both of our primary homes which means this project is going to take a lot of extra planning. We’re up for it though!

That’s all I have for now. I hope you all have a peace filled and happy weekend. We have a great week coming up next week. On Monday, I’ll share how to create a mood board with the fabulous ladies of the Back to Basics Series. Tuesday, I’ll share a how we gave the chairs in the living room a quick update. On Wednesday, I’ll show you a desk makeover we thought we were going to be able to use in the laundry room that wound up to be a better fit as a desk in one of the bedrooms. Finally, on Thursday, I’ll share an update on the cabinet my dad will be building to surround the air conditioning unit.

It’s going to be a busy weekend as we’re going to need every spare minute for this project. Whatever you have planned I hope it’s something you’re excited about too. I can’t wait to see you back here on Monday. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. I cant wait to see how all of this comes together Coco. My laundry room has a similar set up including the mess from lack of storage. We have no idea how to fix this problem and are excited to follow along.

    1. So sweet of you to say, Sarah, thank you so much! We’re definitely getting so excited about all the ideas and plans we have. I know it’s going to be a lot of work but we are ready and up for the challenge and ready to solve the problems that can accompany a tiny laundry room. Hugs, CoCo

  2. CoCo, this is going to be amazing! I love that your parents are both chipping and helping to create what I know is going to be a gorgeous and functional space. I can’t wait to see how you bring it all together!

    1. I appreciate it, Jenny! It’s definitely been so much fun to work a long side of both of my parents on my childhood home. We’ve been waiting to bring these ideas to life for a long time so we are all excited. Sending you big hugs, CoCo

  3. Oh my gosh CoCo – this is so exciting! We just know that you and TCG are going to knock this space out of the park! Working in dark and cramped spaces is but y’all are smart and organized. No doubt that you will pull this off without a hitch. Can’t wait to follow along and cheer from the sidelines.

    1. We are so up for this challenge ladies! Can you guys believe how super tiny this space is? It’s definitely going to be fun if/when all of ideas come together. I can’t wait to see it come to life too. Big hugs, CoCo

  4. This laundry room is going to be so pretty CoCo. I can’t wait to see how all of your plans come together. Every detail is beautiful. It’s so sweet that you are doing this challenge with your parents. I know you guys are going to make some great memories along the way.

    1. Thanks so much, Ashley! We always have such a great time together and I couldn’t be happier my parents will be doing to challenge with me. It’s going to be an all hands on deck situation so I’m excited they’re on board. I appreciate you following our progess each week. Hugs, CoCo

  5. Wow this is going to be a lot of work. Excited to follow your progress too Coco

    1. ha ha we were thinking something very similar Casey! I have to stop myself from panicking every time I look at our to do list. So exited to have you following along, CoCo

  6. You guys have your work cut out for you no doubt about that. Excited to follow your progress and see how this space comes together over the next few weeks.

    1. ha ha we feel the same way Samantha! Thanks so much for following along. We’re definitely excited about this process. Hugs, CoCo

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