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ORC Week 7 Progress Update

We’re sharing our Week 7 progress update today as we near the finish line of the One Room Challenge. 

As always, a special shout out and thank you to the One Room Challenge with media partner Better Homes and Gardens for sponsoring this bi-annual event!

If you’re new to the One Room Challenge, featured designers, guest bloggers and social media participants have been working to makeover their spaces from top to bottom in 8 weeks. 

So far, we’ve completed:

Truth be told, I had planned to share a completely different post today.

But I worked on 3 different projects last week that were kind of craft fails and this week, I’ll be honest, I’m scrambling a bit.

Finding the Right Shade of Pale Pink - The Crowned Goat

The good news is I’ve already managed to save one of them.

Another can be used as pillows in the living room or the front porch (fingers crossed) and the third can be placed in a closet and used as storage.

The bad news is thanks to those project fails, lots of shipping delays, and unbelievably difficult family news, I only have a quick update to share today. 

So, here goes…

Pink Paint Inspiration - The Crowned Goat

French Country Dresser vs Dresser and Hutch

After moving the French Country dresser and the DIY Anthropologie-inspired mirror back to their original spots, we were able to move the hutch and dresser into the breakfast nook and it looks really good.

I’ll share an update on those pieces soon because I’m still waiting on a few things to arrive! Until then, here is the mockup idea…

Dresser and Hutch Mock Up - The Crowned Goat

Bed Crown

Once the dresser was in place, we hung up the bed crown.  Yes, the original bed crown from my inspiration board!

I know.  I’m so excited. How did we get so lucky?

I was sketching the final draft of the bed crown we were set to build from the window pediment when my bestie S, suggested we check the website “one more time, just to make sure.”

I swear I’ve checked that website 100xs since getting the first “unavailable” and “sold out” notices. 

Using a window pediment as a DIY bed crown - The Crowned Goat

As serendipity would have it though, on this particular day, they had one final listing and we scooped it up immediately.

Bed Crown Curtains

We couldn’t put the antique iron bed together until the curtains for the bed crown were delivered and hung.

So, imagine my complete surprise and panic when the curtains were not only delayed by a few days, they were also a completely different color than I had ordered.

With time running out, we ran to IKEA hoping to find curtains or fabric that would be long enough (our ceilings are 9 feet). Thankfully, we found a solution (probably a short-term one) using twin duvet covers. 

I’ve never tried anything like this before…fingers crossed this idea works!


After dealing with the bed crown curtain drama, I set about painting the nightstand we already had on hand in a creamy white.  

But the minute we set it next to the bed, we knew immediately it was not going to work (#projectfailnumber2)

The size and style are just way too off to try and make it work.

I’m not gonna lie, I all but begged my Mom to let me have the small nightstand from one of the guest bedrooms at Bliss Barracks. Thankfully, she graciously agreed.

This desk/nightstand is a beautiful shade of green. It might have to be painted, I’m not entirely sure yet, we’ll see once everything else starts falling into place.


All this brings me to the desk. 

After WEEKS of searching nearly every thrift store, estate sale, charity shop, antique store, and big box store in my area (my Mom and her sisters searched in their areas too) I didn’t find a single desk I liked more than the one I was already using in The Crowned Goat Cottage.

So, I brought the desk into the guest bedroom to try it out and bought a possible table for The Crowned Goat Cottage.

It’s currently black but it has great lines and I know we can make it work with a fresh coat of paint. 

I thought about using it in the guest bedroom but I’m worried all the curvy lines are going to look too theme-y.

Wall Art

As far as the artwork on the desk goes, it’s not set to arrive until late next week. 

I know. 

Talk about cutting it close. 

I’m still not sure it’s going to make it in time. 

I’m running on hope and summer sangria at this point, so we’ll see.

As a possible backup plan, I could use the gray barn door or the horse jumping poster. Either one would work which helps take the pressure off a little bit.  

Bathroom Update

Other than painting the walls, the bathroom cabinet, and adding board and batten to the bathroom’s water closet we’ve made no significant progress on the bathroom.

We still need to add molding to the top of the board and batten, caulk all the seams, trim out the window, and address the mirror and lighting situation.

Board and Batten - Bathroom Progress Update - The Crowned Goat

Even though the bathroom was just supposed to get a simple refresh, the shower curtain and wall art still have not arrived.

I’ve come to the realization, despite our very best efforts, there is a good chance we will not finish this room in time.

Guest Bedroom Lighting Update

Throughout this process, I’ve been on the fence about replacing the chandelier in the guest bedroom. It’s really neutral so it never bothered me one way or the other. 

As we begin incorporating more and more metal into the space though,  I’m starting to wonder if there aren’t too many shades of metal. 

I’ve thought about spray painting it, but I don’t know if we’ll have time to pull that project off either.

So. much. to. think. about. 

Keeping Hope Alive

While there are still a lot of things up in the air, I’m trying to stay calm and remind myself we’ve been in this position before. 

My Dad had a mild heart attack during our last ORC bedroom makeover and S had a really bad accident in the middle of the ORC kitchen and pantry makeover.

We seem to be experts in resiliency and perseverance lately which is not necessarily a bad thing, I guess.

My Mom will be here for the next few days helping me reign in all the details.  S has offered to help work on the bathroom this weekend.  Both of which are huge blessings!

As always thank you for taking the time to support us and cheer us on! Be sure to check out the Week 7 Progress Update in these creative spaces too!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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