Progress Update: ORC Week 3

We’re sharing our One Room Challenge Week 3 progress update today!

As always, a big shout out and thank you to the One Room Challenge and media partner Better Homes and Gardens for hosting this bi-annual event.

If you’re new to the One Room Challenge, each week for the next 8 weeks, guest participants and featured designers will work to makeover their spaces from top to bottom.

So far, we’ve completed:

Week 1: Guest Bedroom Makeover Plans

Week 2: How to Add Patina to a Metal Bed Frame

Out of Stock…

I’m going to be completely honest this Week 3 progress update post was a tough one to pull together.

Late Sunday night, I went to place my order for the bed crown, and it was sold out.

While that might not seem like a big deal, it was a huge deal.

Especially since, the bookcase, I had planned on using wound up to be too big.

And because nearly everything on our original design board revolved around the bed and the bed crown.

I’ve spent this entire week looking for another one and just can’t find anything I love.

My backup plan is to use this window pediment I was saving for the guest bathroom as a jumping-off point for a DIY bed crown version. Fingers crossed it works!

Using a window pediment as a DIY bed crown - The Crowned Goat

Week 3 Progress Update: Pink Paint…

After the bookcase and bed crown setback, I could not pick out a paint color to save my life.  Truthfully, I love all 3 colors and the shades are so similar too. 

Finding the Right Shade of Pale Pink - The Crowned Goat

My original inspiration swatch came from the top of an IKEA storage container. You can see how it lines up with the paint swatches next to the window below.

Pink Paint Inspiration - The Crowned Goat

Part of me thinks I should wait until the linens come in. But after the bed crown was out of stock, I’m too scared to wait!

Speaking of which…

The Big Furniture Pivot I Never Saw Coming…

Because budget-friendly furniture pieces and other materials have been so hard to come by lately, I’ve also been simultaneously working on the breakfast nook makeover.

The only reason I bring this up is that the furniture piece I thought I would be using in the breakfast nook, will have to stay put in the guest bedroom which I didn’t plan on at all.  

While it would definitely solve the bookcase problem mentioned above, it’s creating a major issue with some of the other pieces in the room. Specifically, my beloved horse barn door.  

Here’s a mockup idea of what the big furniture pivot will look like. 

Dresser and Hutch Mock Up - The Crowned Goat

I still need to decide on what color to paint the pieces. Until I decide on a pink paint color though, it’s yet another decision currently on hold…

Pairing Gray with Pink - The Crowned Goat

Week 3 Progress Update: Organization…

Given the week has already been a bit of a rollercoaster, I definitely want to try and leave this Week 3 progress update post on a high note.

I still have a ton of work to do but a good portion of the inventory closet has been relocated to the garage.  It will still require a few weekends of extra work. But the progress made to this point feels nice.

Inventory Closet Organization - The Crowned Goat

Guest Bathroom Update…

While I haven’t put together a design board for it yet, I’m hoping we’ll be to be able to pull off the bathroom makeover during the One Room Challenge as well.

It won’t be anything fancy, mostly cosmetic, but the progress in this area feels good too. I know little by little things will come together so I’m trying not to panic just yet.

Board and Batten - Bathroom Progress Update - The Crowned Goat

There is still so. much. work. to. do. and I know we will need to step it up in a massive, massive way as we head into Week 4!

It blows my mind to think that next week, we’ll be at the halfway point.

As always thanks so much for cheering us on, it means so much!  Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Oh Coco, I feel your pain. I remember a crown I wanted was backordered and it threw my brain and plan into a tale spin. You will figure things out. Hopefully something unexpected will appear and give you what you truly want. No matter what I know this room will be beautiful.



    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Cindy! I’m hoping to step away from this room for the long weekend so hopefully, inspiration will strike and I’ll be back on track. Honestly, at this point I’m just happy this happened in Week 3 instead of Week 7 ?. Big hugs and thanks for being such a fabulous cheerleader, CoCo

  2. The sold out crown is so pretty! But I really like your alternative and it will be a fun tutorial to post. Loving the wall color samples. You have lots of projects happening!

    1. I know, Marie! I was so bummed but I’m hoping the window pediment we’ve picked out will be a good second best choice. We’ll be treasure hunting over the weekend so I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled just in case. The pink paint finally panned out and we found the perfect shade. Can’t wait to catch up on all the progress you’ve made this week too. The challenge is so much work but also so much fun. Cheering you and big hugs, CoCo

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