Loblolly Manor: Changes in the Entry

Today, I’m excited to share a few changes we’ve made in the entry at Loblolly Manor. As some of you may know I’ve been working alongside my parents to make my childhood home a retreat space for our entire family to enjoy.

Loblolly is a few hours from our primary homes so we’ve had to be really intentional about everything we’ve completed from the shopping trips we’ve planned to the furniture we’ve painted to the projects we’ve decided to tackle.

Every room is getting a refresh so we’ve taken extra care to make our work trips are as efficient as possible. We’ve also tried really hard to use a good amount of the furniture, art, and accessories already at Loblolly. We’ve chosen to repurpose the existing artwork or accessories in a different room or to repaint pieces of furniture in order to give each space a fresh feel.

The reason I’m so passionate about hammering this point home is because so many people think you have to have a huge budget to create a home you love. While it’s true you’ll need to invest some money into projects like these you probably already have the makings of your own refresh at home right now!

We’re really close to finishing the dining room area at Loblolly so I thought I would share a few of the changes and the progress we’ve made in this space so far before and after style.

The entry opens up to the dining room and this a picture of what the entry looked like on the right-hand side before the refresh…

Not bad, just not the “light, bright and airy,” feeling my mom was after. So, we moved this buffet that was once in one of the guest bedrooms

and paired it with a set of pictures we reframed that were in another guest bedroom

in an effort to create a fresh take on the entry at Loblolly Manor.

We added the basket tray for a bit of texture and bought a few bottles of lemonade as this will become our new drink station in the dining room.

We found this thrifted container while out on one of our many shopping trips and reimagined this moss ball topiary we already had on hand.

We kept the farmhouse style dresser that was on the left-hand side of the entry and changed out the artwork and accessories.

I repainted the top with a French Linen wash but I’m actually itching to repaint the entire dresser in Pure White. It feels a little too rustic for the rest of the room. My mom says it doesn’t really bother her though…so, we’ll see.

My mom created the floral arrangement nestled in this vintage basket. All of the flowers have varying shades of creams and creamy white.

It’s so pretty, I’m hoping she makes more for the guest rooms too.

Several years ago, we found these fun French print/posters at IKEA. We reframed them with vintage style frames so they would feel a little more customized and a little less mass produced. Changing out new picture frames for vintage frames is an easy and inexpensive way to update basic artwork.

We’re really excited about the changes happening in the entry as well as in the rest of Loblolly. You can read all about the progress we’ve been making in the master bedroom here if you need to catch up.

See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ll share the folding station we decided to use in the laundry room makeover as we end Week 4 of the One Room Challenge. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Y’all should be excited with these changes! The entry looks so very different and amazing! Love that you changed out the furniture and artwork and you have a completely different look and feel as soon as you walk into the house. The French posters are fabulous – and we love you tip about changing the frames! Everything is coming together so well!

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