Old White and French Linen Painted Buffet

As I shared last Friday, we spent a long weekend back in my hometown celebrating my Granny’s 85th birthday.  She’s such a great lady and we had the best time “cuttin the crazy” which is my Aunt Gale’s slang for laughing so hard your stomach hurts.  It was nice to be able to find my abs again.

While we were there we worked on Loblolly Manor.  If you’re new here this is my childhood home that my parents are restoring.  If you’re a regular and feel like this process is taking FOREVER we feel the same way.  This tiny cottage has taught us more life and renovating lessons than we could have ever imagined.

Way back in October of last year, my mom found this buffet. She wanted to use it as a dresser because the home will be occupied intermittently and the rooms are small. We’ve been looking for pieces that will provide a good amount of storage but won’t take up a lot of space.


As soon as she saw this piece she wanted to paint the body in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old White and she wanted the top stained.  My dad is a huge lover of wood grain so this seemed like the perfect compromise.


I used Rust-oleum’s American Walnut on the top and they loved it.

old white painted buffet - the crowned goat - 073015-3

My parents continued working on the house when they found time.  Weeks went by and it seemed like there was no progress being made at all.  Then my sister LiLi got the chance to buy a new-to-her home.  But it was also a fixer upper and my Dad’s skills were needed at her home more than they were needed at Loblolly Manor.  So the buffet had nowhere to go and it sat in my garage for 9 months.

I’m happy to report the floors at Loblolly Manor were finally completed this month. My parents chose a carriage house style maple and they look really nice with the wall color, which is Valspar’s Bermuda Sand.  It really complements the baseboards and chunky moldings that are painted straight out of the can white.  When my Mom asked me to bring the buffet down this past weekend, I was so excited.  Finally, we’re making progress here!

But I took one look at the American Walnut stained top and the maple floors and thought no way this is ever going to work.  It’s not that it looked bad.  It just wasn’t the look my mom was going for and after all this time and tens of thousands of dollars they’ve put in sweat equity she’s getting the exact look she wants.  Case closed.


I made my case for painting the top in Annie Sloan’s French Linen.  I knew the color combination of the French Linen and Old White paired with the black hardware would be a home run.  But my Mom is not quick to make decisions.  She waffled.  My Dad was totally appalled we were going to “paint good wood.” But I brought my paints to town any way.


And it made all the difference.


She loves it and he does too.


We still have a few more elements to polish up in this room but we’re headed in the right direction. Thankfully, they let me style the buffet up for this post.   

old white and french linen buffet - the crowned goat - 073015-8

I don’t want to be dramatic or anything but this little cottage is like a phoenix rising from the ashes.  I can’t wait to get her finished.  Here’s a sneak peek at the rest of the room.

textured linens at loblolly manor - the crowned goat - 073015-9

Many blessings,


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  1. I’m chuckling at your dad’s comment about “painting good wood.” My husband feels the same way; if I ever want to paint any previously-unpainted wood furniture, I know I’m up for a fight. But this buffet/dresser really turned out perfectly. I especially love that hardware, and it stands out against the white that you used.

    1. Oh Jamie! I can’t even tell you how it grieves my dad that I paint furniture 🙂 I tell him all of the time we take pieces that are already battered and bruised and give them a new life but he just can’t understand it. We’re all secretly itching to paint the cabinets in this house. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Have an awesome day, CoCo

  2. OH my goodness, that bed is gorgeous! AND the buffet, the French Linen is perfect. AND the floors. Can’t wait to see more!!

    1. You’re sweet Kimm thank you! That bed has survived so many things. It’s a family heirloom and my aunt was kind enough to let us use it at the house. She and her twin brother were born in that bed so it’s definitely a special piece to us. Hope your day totally rocks, Coco

  3. CoCo – you made the absolute correct call by painting the buffet top! It looks fantastic and no longer competes with the beautiful floors. We can’t wait to see the rest of the room – the bed is so pretty!

    1. Thanks so much ladies! That bed is a family heirloom given my mom’s older brother and sister were born in that bed. We love it too and as you can tell the Queen Mum loves a layered look 🙂 Hugs to you two, CoCo

  4. The grey looks great on top! The whole piece is beautiful. Do your parents realize how many people are anxiously awaiting the final reveal of Loblolly?! Thanks for sharing her process with us! Hugs!

    1. ha ha oh my gosh Angie, is this project not taking FOREVER! I swear you’d think this house is 10, 000 sq feet when in actuality it’s more like a tiny cottage. We’ll get there girl, keep us in your prayers 🙂

  5. CoCo, I’m so glad you’re mom and dad saw your vision, it looks amazing and took it right to 2015. It looks amazing and I love the bedding in the new room. have a great Thursday xo Lisa

    1. Thank you, Lisa! It’s hard to get the parental units on board sometimes but when I do it’s usually magic 🙂 My mom loves layered bedding. I told her yesterday she needs to do a post about it. She just giggled. Hugs sweet friend, Coco

  6. Good your getting things finished, the floor and the table with cupboards are looking good… so you painted wood with grey, but its nice going with the white cupboard body… good luck with the rest of the restoration of your charming childhood home.

    1. Such sweet things to say, Maria, thank you so much! It feels like the process has taken forever but we are getting closer to being finished each week. Hope your day is awesome, Coco

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