From the Front Porch

Happy Thursday from the front porch, you guys!

How has your week been?

We hope it’s been everything you’ve needed it to be as we have officially crossed the halfway point in July.  I swear, it’s bananas just to even write those words.

Thoughts from Our Week…

This week was an incredibly productive week for us and after the sadness of the past few weeks, I’m beyond thankful to feel more “me” again. We were able to channel our focus into several work projects and to cross some big things off our house to-do list like the garage. 

Of course, we still have moments where grief overcomes us.  I’m sure we will probably feel that way for a while though.

I’ve had a serious need to let go of a lot of things that have been cluttering up our spaces lately.  I’ve been purging and organizing up a storm.   I’m trying to knock out our major home projects and room makeovers before Labor Day. That way, we can fully focus on celebrating the Fall and Christmas season.  And snuggling up with this hairy beast too. 

I know it seems weird to talk about all that stuff now, but it will be here before we know it!

Scenes from Our Week…

This was recently delivered and it has tons of potential.

I stepped into these again for the first time in a long time and it felt so good.

As I shared last week, I’ve been transitioning what was my old inventory closet into a closet for clothes again.  It felt like it took forever to get all the shelves up and everything organized but for the most part it’s functional now.  There are still things I want to do to make the closet feel like a boutique closet but for now, most of the hard work is done!

One of my uncles and cousin was super thoughtful to send me these pictures of our beloved pear tree at the edge of our family’s pecan grove. I was going to have the tree cut down because the trunk was hulled out like a canoe and there was lots of Spanish Moss up in the branches. He swore we could save it though, so I decided to take a chance.   

I had been having an especially tough day on the day he sent me the photos and as soon as I saw them, I was immediately teary. I never imagined the tree would survive much less bear fruit again.  We all have the best memories of picking pears with my Granny and my uncle says we’ll be able to pick them in just a few weeks. We’re already over the moon excited about baking with them and the fact my uncle is on “pear watch” makes the whole experience even sweeter. I can’t wait to share the recipes with you guys.   

A Few of Our Favorite Posts from Around the Web this Week…

This Manhattan Beach House Tour has a relaxed and coastal vibe without being too theme-y.

Bre at Rooms for Rent always knows how to add the prettiest layers of texture into her home.  She has a beautiful summer home tour as well.

This peek inside the many homes of Ralph Lauren will have you swooning!

I’m pretty sure I’d lose my mind, if I discovered this curbside find.  Talk about beautiful!

There are so many beautiful garden spaces featured in this photographer’s portfolio.

Traveling to Savannah anytime soon? This post is a great comprehensive guide.

10 Things in Your Closet You Need to Get Rid of Right Now 

Love, love, love these totally doable 5 Steps to a Healthier Body Image 

8 Little Wake Up Calls You Need to Receive Before It’s Too Late is a great reminder if you need a little nudge.

This post, Human Anatomy According to my Dog gave me the giggles because it’s definitely true ?

**July 21 is  National Ice Cream Day (yeah) and these are the places you can get free and cheap ice cream

Quote of the Week and Free Printable…

On the Menu this Week…

**(Just as a sweet reminder the person that makes the menu doesn’t eat beef or pork so keep that in mind when you see this feature each week, wink wink)**

*Week of July 22 – July 28

Monday – Spanish Baked Rice with Chorizo and Chickpeas 

Tuesday – Chicken Taco Casserole (Weight Watchers Friendly) 

Wednesday – Cobb Salad 

Thursday – Maple Ginger Baked Salmon 

FridayFarmer’s Market Flatbread Pizza 

SaturdayGrilled Chicken & Peach Saltimbocca Skewers 

Sunday – Stovetop Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna 

Sweet Treat to Try this Week…

No Bake Gingersnap Turtle Icebox Cake 

 Here are a Few Summer Inspired Finds We Spotted on Amazon This Week…

**(Affiliate links have been provided for your convenience. You can read our full disclosure policy here) 

Boho Embroidered Shirt  



Set of 4 Seagrass Baskets with Lids 

Decorative Jar 

3-Piece Bistro Set 

Pillow Cover 




If You’ve Missed Anything on The Blog Lately, here’s a Peek at What We’ve Been Up To

Easily Paint and Age a Silver Tray 

Breakfast Nook Makeover Plans 

How to Clean and Condition Vintage Wooden Cutting Boards

5 Key Spaces to Organize Before School Starts (from the archives)

52 Weeks to a Simplified & Organized Home Challenge

If you’re part of our 52 Weeks to a Simplified and Organized Home Challenge,  we’re completing Week 29 Garage, Attic or Basement and looking forward to working on Week 30 Kid’s Room or Guest Room. 

*** Keep in mind, if you’re new to this challenge or have gotten behind for whatever reason, simply pick up on the current week and start again.  You don’t have to be perfect, just don’t stay stuck! This challenge is all about making progress no matter how big or small. ***

TCG Housekeeping Notes…

I’m headed to Mount Dora with my Mom this weekend and then to spend the rest of the week at Bliss Barracks.  We have a lot of fun things planned so I’m excited to have some uninterrupted time with her. 

S will also be out of town and as we were planning and coordinating TCG content for the week she said, “Enjoy your time at the spa,” which totally gave me the giggles.  My Mom really does have a special gift for hospitality so going home again always feels extra special.  

Our posts for next week have all been scheduled so fingers crossed they go out on time. As always, we’ll be checking in as often as we can. 

Whatever you have planned I hope it’s something you’re excited about too.  I can’t wait to see you back here next week.  Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Great blog today. I really enjoyed the Ralph Lauren pool home and the garden tour with the beautiful potting shed.

    1. I really appreciate it, Lizzy, thank you! Ralph Lauren has such a beautiful and classic style in every season. I know just what you mean about the potting shed. They were all gorgeous! Hugs, CoCo

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