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Happy Thursday from the front porch you guys! How was your week? We hope it finds you feeling peace filled, productive and celebrating summer as we near the halfway point of June.

I’ve spent most of the week working on my office and it feels so good to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Due to all the rain, the farm party was cancelled so we used a good portion of the weekend to install the trim on top of the board and batten and to also trim out the window.

Then once the trim was installed, we were able to caulk all the seams and put a fresh coast of paint on everything including the crown molding.  It does take a while and can definitely be messy (think piping a cake) it really did help to give the entire space a finished look.

I ran out of caulk mid-project and had to run to the store to pick up more.  At first, I was totally frustrated because we live so far from town, but it actually worked out well because one of my sisters happened to also be close by, so we were able to meet for an impromptu lunch.  I’m a very scheduled person, so it gave me the giggles we decided to mark the day I was “flexible.”

Once everything was dry, we started moving all the pieces of furniture we could lift back into the room and we repositioned the rug too.  I have been struggling with the layout because the space is 14 ft by 12 ft.  And while it would make sense to utilize the 14 feet for functionality, the room’s focal point is actually on the 12-foot wall and is marked with a small window.

My plan is to put the bookcases next to the wall, so we’ll see how it goes. My parents will be here this morning to help move them from the living room where they’ve been temporarily housed to the office.  After that we’ll be able to start decorating everything.

I’m hoping to get a new light and I definitely need to get an office chair.  I’m going to try and use the buffalo check curtains in here too but with the windowpane board and batten, it’s hard to visualize right now so I’m going to wait to see how the bookcases look first!

While there is a lot still to do, it is exciting to see everything come together. We’re trying to reuse an many pieces of our old furniture as we can in a fresh way and let me tell ya, it definitely forces you to quickly decide what you like vs what you truly love because there is just no way to keep everything.

A few of our favorite posts from around the web this week…

*If you follow Laura-Ann from All Thats Pretty, you already know what a HUGE deal this is but it was still exciting to read her recap of the day!

*I couldn’t remember if I’ve already shared this French Country chic home tour or not yet but it’s too pretty not to take the chance just in case you haven’t seen it.

*I’ve always thought traveling on a train would be so much fun until I nearly passed out on the Hogwarts Express ride at Universal Studios a few summers ago. That said, if I had the chance to travel on this train I would definitely change my mind.

*My sister’s and I have been talking about planning a girl’s trip and while this one would probably be too far for them because they both have young children, it still looks like relaxing getaway.

* This list 11 French Resolutions for Living Your Best Summer is totally doable.

*10 Secret Gardens to Discover in Paris 

*Speaking of Paris, I’m still not sure how I feel about this post but it definitely makes me think differently about the images and things we see on social media.

* Also, has anyone tried this 2-ingredient organic weed killer recipe?

* I’m a big believer we all have the ability to speak power into each other’s lives if we are willing to make a conscious effort to do so.  Here are 100 Positivity Boosting Compliments you can easily pass on today!

* This post, 7 Things Standing Between You and Joy was a great little nudge this week.

Quote of the week & Free Printable…

On the Menu this Week…

**(Just as a sweet reminder the person that makes the menu doesn’t eat beef or pork so keep that in mind when you see this feature each week, wink wink)**

*Week of June 17 – June 23

MondayBlackened Mahi with a side of Avocado Salad with Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Basil Pesto 

TuesdayEasy Shredded Chicken and Zucchini Tacos 

Wednesday  Cashew Crunch Salad with Sesame Dressing 

ThursdayMushroom Asparagus Crustless Quiche (Paleo)

FridaySpinach Artichoke White Cheese Pizza 

SaturdaySlow Cooker Root Beer Pulled Pork (we’ll be subbing with chicken) Sandwiches 

Sunday – Creamy Lemon Pepper Shrimp Spaghetti

Sweet Treat to Try this Week…

No Bake Key Lime Pie in a Jar 

Here are a few summer organization inspired finds we spotted on Amazon this week…

**(Affiliate links have been provided for your convenience. You can read our full disclosure policy here)

Leopard Print Tee 




The Home Edit 

Velvet Hangers (50-Pack) 

Vanity Storage Set 



If you’ve missed anything on the blog lately, here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to…

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How to Make a DIY Dry Board (from the archives)

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52 Weeks to a Simplified & Organized Home Challenge 

If you’re part of our 52 Weeks to a Simplified and Organized Home Challenge,  we’re completing Week 24 Digital Computer Files/Passwords/Photographs and looking forward to working on Week 25 Your Email Inbox.

*** Keep in mind, if you’re new to this challenge or have gotten behind for whatever reason, simply pick up on the current week and start again.  You don’t have to be perfect, just don’t stay stuck! This challenge is all about making progress no matter how big or small. ***

I hope you all have a peace filled and happy weekend. We’re headed out of town to visit and celebrate my Dad’s birthday and Father’s Day this weekend.  My Mom has a theme for each day (natch) and all of his favorite food and sweets planned so it should be a fun time.

Whatever you have planned I hope it’s something you’re excited about too.  I can’t wait to see you back here next week. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Vicki and Jenn says:

    CoCo – love your view from the front porch this week. So much inspiration! Enjoy your family time and celebrating the General! Memories in the making! Much love!

    1. There’s going to be a lot of family togetherness over the next few days but we’re all excited about it especially after the craziness of this year. If anyone deserves a Happy Birthday and Father’s Day it’s definitely Honey Bee and the General! Hope you guys have a fabulous celebration this weekend too. Big hugs to all, CoCo

  2. You’ve made a lot of progress on your office Coco. It’s really nice of your parents to help you out. I love the links from the week and the finds from amazon. I have the shirt in my cart now. Have a great weekend

    1. Speak to my heart, Sarah, I do have super sweet parents. They have to drive a long way to get here too and I just appreciate them so much. Glad you liked all the links from the week and leopard print shirt. We’re going to be twinsies! I’ll probably wear mine with white pants and red ballet flats:) Hugs, CoCo

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