How to Hang Large Pictures Without Using Nails

Today, I’m going to share with you how we hang large pictures without using nails.  A few weeks ago, I found a pair of large botanical prints for $7.99 each while I was out thrifting with my mom. I had planned to use them on the mantel in the living room for the summer but they were way too big (think scraping the ceiling too big.) I tried the prints in a few different rooms before finally settling on the dining room and that’s when I heard these words…” You’re not going to put another hole in the wall, are you?”

Hang Large Art Without Nails-1

I totally get it, nail holes in the walls can definitely be controversial and even a sore subject depending on who you live with. I’ve put my fair share of holes in the walls of our island cottage, Journey’s End, over the years because nail hole filler dries in no time and those tiny holes can easily be touched up with paint. I know not everyone feels that way though, so it’s always good to find a compromise and I’m excited to share we’ve found one.

We’ve been using Command Strips for almost a year now and they’ve been working out really well. I was totally skeptical at first because they seemed, I don’t know, kind of flimsy and we have textured walls. But over time I’ve grown to love them and we’ve used them in different places around the house…

Hang Large Art Without Nails-2

We use them to hang the chalkboard in the pantry…

Hang Large Art Without Nails-3

and above the desk in the master bedroom.

Hang Large Art Without Nails-4

I was finally sold when they held the silver platters on the walls of our dining room…

Hang Large Art Without Nails-5

So, when I heard those words, “You’re not going to put another hole in the wall, are you?” I knew the answer was a confident, “No.” Here’s a look at how we hung these large botanical prints in the dining room without putting a single nail hole in the wall.

Hang Large Art Without Nails-6

The most important thing I’ve learned about using Command Strips is to make sure you’re using the right strips for the right project. They come in different sizes for different weights so make sure you’re getting the appropriate strips for your specific project. Also, you’ll need to use all of the strips that come in the box.  For this project, we used one set of strips on each corner.

Hang Large Art Without Nails-7

After you take them out of the box you,

Hang Large Art Without Nails-8

place the Command Strips together

Hang Large Art Without Nails-9

and determine where you will place the Command Strips on the artwork using a level or ruler.

Hang Large Art Without Nails-10

Take the sticker tab off the back of one side of the Command Strip

Hang Large Art Without Nails-11

and secure to the piece of art you want to hang.

Hang Large Art Without Nails-12

Next, decide where your pictures will be placed on the wall using a ruler and be sure to mark the area with a pencil. Then peel off the other side of the Command Strip and place the picture on the wall making sure to press firmly on the wall so the artwork is secure.

Hang Large Art Without Nails-13

Use a level to make sure the picture is straight.

Hang Large Art Without Nails-14

Stand back and admire how awesome you are…you’re all done!

Hang Large Art Without Nails-15

I’m so excited to have these botanical prints up in the dining room. They make the room seem so much bigger now. We still need to raise the curtain rod, get some new pillow covers and trim out the window but we’re definitely making progress on our summer decorating goals and the last 5%.

Hang Large Art Without Nails-16

Keep in mind Command Strips may act differently based on the surface, prep, weight and materials you’re using for each project. For example, we haven’t been able to find strips (yet) to use on my parent’s backsplash which is uneven in parts because it’s made from natural stone. We’re still on the hunt though so I’ll keep you posted.

Do you guys use Command Strips in your home? I would love to know how they’re working out for you too!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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  1. What a great tip Coco! I always see those M.C. Hammer commercials and have thought about using them but this makes it a must do for me. The thing I’m most excited about? I would think picture placement would be easier. Have a great Wednesday!


    1. ha ha those commercials are so funny! They’ve definitely helped to solve a few problems around the house especially with the pantry door and the board and batten. Hope you have a great day too, CoCo

  2. Hey CoCo – this is a great post! We too love command Strips and have had great success. The only time that we remember having an issue was when we tried to hang Christmas wreaths on windows. It wasn’t even cool temps or anything…the strips just wouldn’t hold. Other than that we highly recommend!

    1. Thanks so much for letting us know about this tip ladies. We appreciate it. I’ve never used them to hang wreaths or on windows either. This definitely lets me know I need to take extra caution and care with regards to both mediums. I know this is going to help others too. Hugs, CoCo

  3. What beautiful prints Coco! Gorgeous find. I’m like you and usually don’t care one bit about holes but that being said I move stuff so often that I have been trying these too lately. I am a little skeptical still but so far everywhere I have used them they have worked like a charm!

    1. ha ha Lisa, I can totally relate to this! I seem to change my mind about something “decorative” every few months and of course the nail hole is never in the spot I need it 🙂 Glad you’ve found these helpful so far. Keep us posted on how you like them as you use them more and more. Hugs, CoCo

  4. Gaye Ellison says:

    We have had no luck except bad luck using command strips on the dorm room walls. Not allowed to use nails or damage walls. Favorite Beatles collage fell and frame broke. Any suggestions?

    1. Have you thought about peel-and-stick wallpaper, wall decals, or stenciling a design on the walls with paint, Gaye? I’m not sure if any of those meet the dorm room criteria or not but I just thought I would pass it along just in case. College is such a special time and a cozy door room definitely helps when you’re feeling homesick. All the best, CoCo

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