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Before reading this post, grab a drink and a snack. It’s a long one. I know you guys like my embarrassing stories and today I’m back with a tale I think we can all relate to. In mid to late summer we were having a major problem with wasps. I’m pretty sure they migrated right through this house as we were finding five or more inside each day. We tried a few over the counter solutions and they helped for a few days but sure enough the wasps would return with a vengeance. It was around 7:45 pm after a long day of painting and cleaning when I heard these words, “Hey, the pest guys will be out here tomorrow morning around 7:00 to check out the wasp problem and do our annual pest inspection.” Wait. What? I nearly choked on my pizza. “What do you mean tomorrow at 7 am!” “When were you planning on telling me this at 6:59!” “I don’t have time to get anything ready!” “This place is trashed!” You get the idea. It was not pleasant.


The next morning, our sweet pest control guy arrived right on time. Cue some major anxiety. He’s a great guy. We’ve had the same company for years. He made his usual chit chat as he walked around the house tapping walls and checking trim. As he slowly made his way down the hall, I could hear myself breathing out loud. “Steel yourself, he’s headed for the linen closet,” I thought. I heard a faint creaking as he opened the door. My guts were in knots as I waited for the blankets to topple onto his head.


Without hesitation his arm shot up like a rocket. He braced the falling debris and spared my further embarrassment. I wanted to crawl under a rock. My face was as red as a tomato. With slightly ruffed hair he turned around and said, “It’s pretty safe to say the wasps aren’t in here, I’ll keep looking.” I know. I’m starting to get sweaty palms just remembering this incident.


The rest of the inspection went smoothly. He discovered a wasp nest the size of his palm under one of the eaves of the house. It was fairly close to the door and he suspects that’s how the wasps were getting inside. All of the windows and doors were treated and I’m happy to report we haven’t had any problems since.


I’m also happy to report I’ve since cleaned out that dreaded linen closet and completely organized it. It took an entire day and around $50 in supplies from Dollar General but it was worth every penny.

Budget Friendly Linen Closet Organization - 102214-5

My first step was to clear out the clutter. What’s the point of keeping sheets that have holes in them anyway?


Sheets were tucked inside their pillowcase to help keep complete sets together.


Each sheet set was then placed in one of these cubes. I found them for $4 each, which seems super reasonable given the price of baskets.

Dollar Store  Linen Closet Organization-102214-8

Blankets were placed on lower shelves to allow for easier access during movie nights.


Labels were made from cardstock and tied with jute to help with content identification.

Cardstock Tags - 102214-10

Off-season pillows were gathered to a centralized location.


This project has not only cured my embarrassment but it’s spurred my excitement to get other home organization projects completed as well. In fact, I’ve already started working on the bathrooms.

Budget Friendly Linen Closet Ideas - 102214-12

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Many blessings,


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  1. Girl…What an amazing transformation! I love your basket choices and linen storage idea of the sheet set inside the pillowcase – genius! Thank you for sharing your embarrassing story – I can definitely relate 🙂

    1. I appreciate your sharing Vicki! Sometimes it’s hard to admit being a “Messy Marvin” when magazines make everything look so flawless!

  2. I have to laugh because I’ve experienced the same with our bug man except it was the master closet where the floor was so cluttered he couldn’t even spray the baseboards :/
    Love those cubes and your closet looks beautiful!!

    1. I really appreciate it Angie, thank you! It’s hard to realize I had let things go for that long so I’m really proud of myself for “getting it together” with this project!

  3. Looks great! That story was too funny! I love putting sheets inside their pillow cases to keep them together. I also turn my pillow case inside out and put a dryer sheet inside so they smell fresh when I pull them out of the closet. Nancy

    1. I do that too Nancy, great minds!

  4. What a difference a few baskets make? I love those and can use a few around my home as well. I can’t believe those came from the dollar general. Thank you for the story and make me smile. The closet looks great. Have a blessed day.

    1. I know, Renee, I was shocked too! It made me want to go back to the Dollar General and look for a few more things!

  5. Liz Bonin says:

    Lovely cleanup CoCo! Ive had that same “before” look in my linen closet and my clothes closet! I love when they get all cleaned out and organized. And after they are nice and neat, I like to periodically open the door and gaze upon their neatness!

    1. Ha ha! It was so much work Liz, I didn’t think I was going to make it through it but I’m really glad I stuck with it! Sending you hugs sweet friend!

  6. WOW Coco what a difference some organization makes!!! It looks fabulous!!

    1. Thank you bunches Lisa!

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