Outdoor Movie Night & Fall Popcorn Recipe

Today, we’re sharing how to create an outdoor movie night and a Fall popcorn recipe your friends and family can all enjoy!

I don’t know about you guys but the minute the weather turns even just the slightest bit cooler, we’re ready to be outdoors. Give us open windows, coastal breezes and a nip in the air any day of the week!

The night we were enjoying our Fall Inspired Outdoor Tablescape we also decided to set up an outdoor movie night. I’ll be perfectly honest, we tried unsuccessfully several times over the summer to watch an entire movie outside from start to finish. I’ll just go ahead and blame it on the mosquitoes and the sticky summer heat.

This time was completely different though. We had so much fun we’re already excited to host another one. We love this activity because it can be easily customized with a fun outdoor movie night theme and enjoyed by all ages. Of course, it does take a tiny bit of planning ahead, but the results are totally worth it.

Here’s a look at how you can create an outdoor movie night and a Fall popcorn recipe you can try too…

Find the Right Location

You’ll need enough space for everyone to see the movie, but you will also probably need room for equipment, cords, and/or outdoor speakers. If at all possible, you might want to do a trial run to make sure you have everything you need set up and in place prior to the movie starting. It was windier that we expected so our movie screen had to be readjusted several times.

Create a Viewing Zone

Creating a viewing zone can be as simple as laying an old rug, sheet, or bedspread down in the grass. Then you’ll need to add chairs, cozy blankets, pillows or poofs. We set up these bales of pine straw and burlap feed sacks to act as ottomans, but bales of hay would be super cute too!

Make it Comfortable 

There’s nothing that can ruin an outdoor movie night like flying bugs so be sure to prep your viewing space in advance. We use insect repelling lanterns and keep bug spray handy as well. Your local home improvement store will probably have lots of options to choose from just be sure to carefully read the product labels to ensure safe use around people and pets.

It’s also important to keep flashlights close by! They’re especially helpful when you’re getting ready to clean up and everything is really dark.

Make it Festive 

While you don’t have to necessarily, “go all out,” you’ll want it to look like you’ve made some sort of effort, even if it’s an impromptu outdoor movie night. Make it pretty with potted Fall plants and add pops of color with plaid blankets.

Make Snacks & Drinks Accessible

You can’t have an outdoor movie night without snacks! Well, I guess you technically could but who would want to do that – no one. Snacks are fabulous, right?You can find movie size boxes of candy at your local dollar store or a big box store too. We placed ours in an antique crate lined with burlap but honestly a basket would work well too.

To create a “side table” we stacked vintage suitcases on top of each other. Make sure they’re secure if you try this at your house because you don’t want your movie snacks or fall popcorn falling over. Another option is to use an end table or a small step ladder from inside if you have one handy.

Don’t forget to have plenty of drinks at the ready! We filled an old champagne bucket with Cheerwine but setting up a drink station with lots of other festive options for adults and littles would be fun as well.

Speaking of fun, here’s a super easy Fall Popcorn Recipe for you to try…

  • Popcorn (Make sure it’s been popped in advance and has cooled to warm)
  • Salty Snack Mix (We used Chex Mix)
  • Fall Candy (We used Ghoul’s M&Ms)

*Place ingredients in a separate bowls and let your family & friends make their favorite combinations! I know some people like more salty than sweet or prefer just popcorn and candy so setting up a popcorn station or a dessert buffet will make it super easy for everyone, including you.

Fall is a great time to get outdoors and cozy up! Even if you don’t have a place to host an outdoor movie night like this, you can still snack on our Fall popcorn recipe while hanging out around the firepit or on a hay ride.

There will always be something on your to-do list so make sure to take time for the Fall activities you enjoy most – you won’t be disappointed!

See you guys back here tomorrow! We’re teaming up with another fabulous group of bloggers for a Fall Porch Tour. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. This is pretty Coco. I like all the indoor stuff you used from inside and brought it outside. It makes an outdoor movie night feel doable. I’ve been thinking of setting a play tent up in the back for the girls. They will love this popcorn idea too.

  2. This is such a fun idea! We’ve never done an outdoor movie night and this will make it so much easier to plan. Thank you, CoCo!

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