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Patriotic Summer Porch Tour

How’s it going you guys? I’m super exited you’re here today. It’s so nice to finally feel rested after spending time at Loblolly Manor. I swear there’s nothing like a holiday to give you an extra reason to work really hard during the week so you can enjoy every last drop of the long weekend.

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate today than to share the patriotic front porch with you. I normally stick to neutral colors throughout the house but on the porches it’s fun to add a little color. The Fourth of July weekend has always been a special holiday at our house. It makes me think about the different places we’ve traveled and lived as a military family. It didn’t matter if we were on base or off, the entire weekend was filled with festivities.

When I was working to put this year’s summer porch together, I was thinking about all of the fantastic people living in small towns across the country. As I shared last week, my hometown is so tiny there’s no Target, movie theater or even a bakery. It’s putting up corn in the summer, floating down the river in a canoe and hanging out with family and friends.

Patriotic Summer Porch - 2

My grandpa gave me this old chicken coop a few years ago. I need to put it on casters so it can be a mobile drink station. Has it been crazy hot where you guys are? It’s been nuts here. I swear I’m drinking gallons of Crystal Light with frozen berries every day. The glasses are from Kirkland’s and we use them all of the time.

Patriotic Summer Porch - 3

Patriotic Summer Porch - 4

I bought this scale in Mount Dora. It’s one of my favorite pieces. It’s big enough to use as an extra serving tray for different kinds of fruit to put in drinks. Just make sure you line it with paper towels or a cloth napkin first. The berries will stain so keep that in mind.

Patriotic Summer Porch - 5

Patriotic Summer Porch - 6

I also bought this wicker settee in Mount Dora. It’s holding up pretty well for a vintage piece. The red and white pillow cover was made from a quilt scrap I picked up at a thrift store.

Patriotic Summer Porch - 7

The blue chair pads set me back $2 each and the pillows are made from an old curtain panel.

Patriotic Summer Porch - 8

Patriotic Summer Porch - 9

My poor flowers are totally over this hot and humid weather. I keep thinking any day they’re going to spring back up. I’ve been trying to plant them container garden style to see if they’ll grow a bit better.

Patriotic Summer Porch - 10

Patriotic Summer Porch - 11

Patriotic Summer Porch - 12

I’ll share more about the wicker couch and old trunk with you later this week. They’ve both been given a little makeover. You can’t have a patriotic summer porch in the South without adding red velvet cupcakes. I’ve yet to meet a sweet old lady that didn’t have her own secret recipe. That cream cheese frosting is just so good.

Patriotic Summer Porch - 13

Patriotic Summer Porch - 14

The old milk bottles were a Mount Dora find too. My mom picked up the white cake pate for me at a yard sale in our hometown. It was $3. I don’t know why but I rarely see white cake plates back home. They’re mostly glass.

Patriotic Summer Porch - 15

This is such a great spot in the mornings specially to let the dogs play while we’re relaxing with a cup of coffee. You can’t see it but right behind this wicker couch is the makings of our salsa garden. We’re gearing up for a salsa making contest with my cousins. I can’t wait to see how they all turn out.

Patriotic Summer Porch - 16

I hope you guys have the happiest day. Rest, relax, enjoy your friends, family and the fireworks too. It’s the best way to celebrate! I’ll see you on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and back here on Wednesday to share how I gave the trunk a makeover.

Patriotic Summer Porch - 17

Patriotic Summer Porch - 18

Many blessings,


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  1. Fabulous porch CoCo – Love all of the red, white and blue with the patriotic touches. You already know how much we love that scale and chicken coop! Hope you got to enjoy some downtime and fireworks! Cheers to a fab week!

    1. I so appreciate it ladies, thank you. It was an awesome weekend….think rest filed, relaxing and brunch…lots of brunching 🙂 Hugs to you both, CoCo

  2. Hi, we met you Wednesday at Picker’s Market. I’m the Mama (who honeymooned 56 years ago at Amelia Island) of the two daughters, Mindy (who recognized the chair bench) and Amy. It was such a pleasure to talk with you. I look forward to following you.
    Mt Dora is very familiar to me. My sister and her family lived there. I still have relatives in that area.

    God bless! Betty

    1. Hey hey hey ladies – I was super excited to meet all of you at the store this week. It felt like such an honor and totally made my day. Family is so important and to know that you guys love each other enough to make vacation plans together each year warms my heart. I’m sending you big hugs and a shout out on Friday’s post. Safe travels home and keep in touch, CoCo PS: Have you guys ever been to the Renningers Extravaganza in Mount Dora? They have it 3 times a year and it’s crazy cool.

  3. That’s one awesome porch! I love the red and white touches.

    Happy Thoughts of Home! Pinning and sharing.

    1. Thank you so much, Stacey. I’m so excited to be back in town so I can participate this week 🙂 Sending you big hugs, CoCo

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