Spring Wreath Centerpiece

We’re sharing a quick and easy Spring Wreath Centerpiece as we team up with some of our favorite ladies for the Easter Celebrations blog hop hosted by the always fabulous, Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home!

If you’re coming over from Emily’s blog, Le Cultivateur, welcome, we’re happy to have you here! Didn’t you love her silk-dyed Easter eggs? Talk about gorgeous!

Hanging on to Spring…

It’s hard to believe Easter is right around the corner, isn’t it?

Spring always feels like one of the shortest seasons of the entire year, yet it’s the one I treasure most and find myself wanting to hold onto the longest.

This year, we had the opportunity to redo our laundry room. While I had no plans to be living in a construction zone during one of our most beloved seasons, I know having a new laundry room is a huge blessing. So we’ve been making the most of it!

Instead of decking the whole house out with lots of blooms and Easter décor, we’ve chosen a few of our favorite places to create quick, easy, and festive vignettes.

One of those places is our breakfast nook where we have coffee and tea nearly every day.

Our coffee station sits right in between the breakfast nook and the kitchen. It’s such a fun little spot to dress up or down no matter what the season.

This spring wreath centerpiece is one of those ideas that is so easy it almost doesn’t even need a step-by-step tutorial. That said, if there is anything we need this close to the holidays, it’s quick and easy!


Here’s a look at how to create a festive spring wreath centerpiece in no time…

Spring Wreath Centerpiece Supplies:

  • Spring Wreath (We found this one at Joann’s)
  • Large Bowl, Box, or Basket (We’re using an ironstone basin)
  • Variety of Faux Flowers, Floral Picks (We found these Joanns and Michaels)
  • Bunny (We found this one at Hobby Lobby)
  • Floral Foam, Flower Frog (I’m using a plastic bin that was in the organizing section of the dollar store as a DIY Flower Frog)
  • Wreath Stand, optional
  • Ribbon, optional

Spring Wreath Centerpiece Steps:

Gather your supplies.

Make sure your bowl, box, or basket is free from dirt and debris.

Next, place your floral foam or flower frog in the middle.

We found these plastic bins in the organizing section of the dollar store. If you flip them over, you can use the slats to help secure your faux flower stems.

Place your spring wreath between the flower frog and the edge of the bowl, box, or basket you’re using.

Our wreath can be used in two different ways. Here’s a look with the greenery on top…

And here is what the wreath looks like with the flowers on top…

Given our spring wreath centerpiece will be used on our coffee bar, we gently secured our wreath into the basin and then allowed it to rest against the wall.

If you’re not able to rest your wreath against the wall, you’ll need to use a wreath stand.

No matter where you place it, you’ll need to make sure all your materials are secure. That way, they don’t come tumbling out of your bow, box, or basket.

Once you have your wreath stable, begin placing your faux flower stems in your flower frog.

I usually finish ¾ of my flowers, then fluff the rest at the end.

We found all of these faux flowers and flower picks at Joanns and Michaels on sale.

After your flowers are in place, add your bunny to the top of the plastic bin.

Then add a ribbon to your bunny if you like.

Quick and Easy Spring Wreath Centerpiece with Wooden Bunny-The Crowned Goat

Continue to add picks and flowers around the base of your spring wreath centerpiece until you can no longer see the DIY flower frog or base of the bunny.

Step back and enjoy!

How to Create a Simple Quick and Easy Spring Centerpiece-The Crowned Goat

A Last Minute Easter Decorating Idea…

I think this entire project took maybe 15 minutes so it’s definitely something you can put together at the last minute as long as you have all the supplies.

We love this spring wreath centerpiece because it was quick and easy yet feels festive all at the same time!


Plus, you can use any wreath you have on hand which makes this project super convenient.  

In fact, we chose to use the greenery side of our wreath, so we made sure the greenery was placed at the top. But had we placed the flowers at the top – our spring wreath centerpiece would look like this…

Total Bridgerton vibes, right?


If you’re trying to decide if you should even bother decorating for Spring, remember you don’t have to do it all up. Just add a few spring vignettes to your favorite places and call it good to go!

Up next on the Easter Celebrations blog hop is my dear friend, Michelle from Thistle Key Lane. She’s also super talented and could no playing make a paper bag look amazing!

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Many blessings,


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  1. That bunny is adorable, I just love this gorgeous centre piece it’s delightful.x

    1. Thank you, Janette! I can hardly believe Easter weekend is here already. It was definitely fun to make and thankfully super easy too. Big hugs, CoCo

  2. Your wreath is amazing and such a great tutorial too.

    1. Thank you bunches, Marty! I really appreciate it. Hope your Easter weekend is a blessed one, CoCo

  3. CoCo…your centerpiece is beautiful! Perfect for spring. I’d love to share a photo and link to your post in my weekly round-up this weekend.

    1. That would be so sweet of you, Jen, thank you so much for thinking of me. I really appreciate it! Sending you lots of hugs and thank yous, CoCo

  4. Well, my friend, you are so creative! I love the look of this wreath and bunny! The thought has never crossed my mind to stand a wreath up in a bowl like that! It looks amazing and I am pinning this for future reference!! Hope you have a great week and Happy Easter! Hugs, Donna

    1. Aww thank you, Donna! I wanted to do a grapevine wreath but I realized at the last minute my wreath was way too big for the container and we live too far from town to make the drive so it was fun to put this centerpiece together and shop my stash. Every year I say I’m going to be ruthless and go through it all but I can honestly say having a few extra things lying around this year saved me! Sending you lots of hugs for a happy week too. I can’t believe Easter is already here! Hugs, CoCo

  5. It’s SO pretty, CoCo!! How easy is that?! It is so festive for Spring. Beautiful job! Wishing you a very Happy Easter!!

    1. I really appreciate it, Rachel, thank you! It was definitely fun to make. Especially, since we’re having to embrace all things last minute this week. Sending you hugs, CoCo PS: I got your email and hope to reply later today. I’ll do anything I can to help!

  6. CoCo, your wreath centerpiece is absolutely stunning! I love this idea and that darling bunny, too! Pinned and tweeted and will be sharing on IG later today. Have a blessed Easter week! Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. That’s so sweet of you to say, Cecilia, thank you so much! And I appreciate you sharing too. Big hugs, CoCo

  7. What a great idea to stand your wreath up to make a centerpiece CoCo. I would have never thought of it. Thank you for the great tutorial. Happy Easter sweet friend.

    1. Thank you! I was slightly panicked when I realized my original idea was not going to work out! We have such a fabulous group of ladies, I knew I had to shop the house ASAP so I could still be part of the hop, and honestly, it worked out better than I expected. I’m so thankful for small and happy gifts of grace! Wishing you so much love and light this holiday weekend, CoCo

  8. This is so pretty CoCo. I love how you shared two ways to style it! Have fun with your laundry room project! Love how you adjusted so you could savor your favorite season! Easter Blessings!

    1. Thank you so much, Kristin, I really appreciate it! We were going to wait until the summer to start on the laundry room but found a deal on a washer and dryer we just couldn’t say no to. Then one thing led to another and I’m pretty sure the Easter Bunny will be hopping over 3 sets of cabinets and waterproof tile this year but he’ll come with gifts 🤣 Sending you lots of hugs for a happy and healthy Holy Week, CoCo

  9. Calypso in the Country says:

    What a beautiful wreath – and I love the bunny! Great tutorial as well – quick and easy is my kind of craft! Happy Easter to you!

    1. Thank you, Shelley! I know, right? We all need a little quick and easy in our lives. Especially, this year! Hope your Spring season has been a blessed one and your Easter is filled with all good things, CoCo

  10. I haven’t seen Bridgerton but I guess that’s next on the list. Your wreath and bunny vignette is so adorable and what a good idea to put it in a bowl! I could use this as another way to show off my pottery skills (lol) without looking like I’m a bragger. 😉 Hope your Easter is amazing and filled with some good Jesus celebrating!

    1. I LOVE that you throw pottery and make pretty things, Cindy! It’s just the coolest thing ever! You can use this idea any time you like sweet friend. I can’t wait to see all the gorgeous pieces you come up with. No doubt with your talent they will be fabulous. Sending you TONS of hugs for a happy celebration. May you find His love everywhere you go this week, CoCo PS: Happy Birthday to Will! Every time I see his name in my blessings/answered prayers book I’m reminded of what a true miracle he is!

  11. Gorgeous CoCo. This is such a wonderful idea and thanks so much for sharing how you put this together. So many times I find myself needing something to lean a vignette against. The ironstone bowl is such a great piece and the perfect base for this oh-so-pretty wreath. I always love your use of blush pink. so pretty and springy. Have a wonderful week and a blessed Easter Day!

    1. Thank you bunches, Debra! You know pink has my heart no matter what the season. This wreath centerpiece was SUPER easy to put together so I know as talented as you are you could put your own spin on it in no time! I hope you and your family have a fabulous Easter weekend. I swear I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by already! Big hugs, CoCo

    1. Thanks so much, Laura, I really appreciate it! Happy Easter to you and your family, CoCo

  12. I’m excited about your new laundry room and certainly understand what’s it like dealing with the mess. Your spring wreath centerpiece is just perfect, and I like seeing how it comes together. I need to learn how to mix flowers like you do, your arrangements always look so beautiful! Happy Spring and Easter CoCo!

    1. Thank you so much for all your sweet and kind words, Michelle, I really appreciate it! I swear if we lived closer we could get into all kinds of good trouble and would be diy-ing up a storm! Fingers crossed the last of the cabinets arrives next Friday – the delays have been kind of bananas but I know it will be worth it in the end. Big hugs and Happy Easter, CoCo

  13. Coco, what a beautiful vignette. The wreath is lovely. I’ve never heard of a wreath stand. Have to check that out. Love the bunny, too. Happy Easter.

    1. Thank you so much, Carol. My Mom uses a wreath stand at her home a lot. Especially, during the Christmas season. It basically allows you to place a wreath on any countertop or tabletop which makes seasonal decorating super simple. Plus, they’re budget-friendly too! Hope your Easter weekend is filled with all good things, CoCo

    1. Thank you so much, Denise, I really appreciate it! I found that sweet bunny on sale at Hobby Lobby last year. It’s such a neutral color I look forward to pulling it out each year. Hope your spring season has been a special one so far, CoCo

  14. Oh my I love this so much! You find the best statues. I want this rabbit. I love it.!


    Happy Easter my friend!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! I found the bunny at Hobby Lobby last year. It’s a really neutral color so I wish I had gotten more of them. I could have sprinkled bunnies all over the house. Hugs, CoCo

  15. Your wreath is just lovely! I am always enamoured by your soft spring color choices. Your spring decor is so elegant with a feminine touch I just love! Such a pretty wreath and love that bunny!

    Thanks so much for joining the hop. Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks so much for all your sweet comments and kind words, Amber, I really appreciate it. It’s always fun to see what you guys are up to no matter what the season. It is such a blessing to have such a great group of ladies to create with and I’m thankful every day I get to be part of hops like these. Big hugs and thank you for putting this hop together, CoCo

  16. This is just gorgeous CoCo. I am impressed how you lifted the little bunny for your wreath. I don’t make wreaths very often but this one is spectacular and I love it. Beautiful job.

  17. I love the use of the inexpensive plastic organizer, interesting twist into a flower frog. Your bunny is so cute, they always remind me of my mother when I see them. I find myself getting hung up thinking I need to buy something new, but using what you have makes you be more creative, and I love that part. Thank you for sharing your inspirations with us.

  18. CoCo
    This is such a clever idea. I love it. Can’t wait to share it on Sunday.

    1. That’s so sweet of you, Rachel, thank you. I really appreciate it! Hugs, CoCo

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