Dining Room Refresh

It was a month ago this week my mom helped me refresh almost every space in the house. To be perfectly honest, the dining room needed the least amount of help. The china hutch and table take up most of the room so they’re definitely the stars of the show. But as soon as we took down the lace curtains to reuse them to one of the bedrooms the space just looked a little too empty. Here’s how we brought the elements of a dining room refresh together.

We kept the china hutch

Using-Vintage-Finds-to-Style-a-China-Hutch-The-Crowned-Goat-70915-1 Dining Room Refresh Decorating

and table as the anchor pieces.

Dining-Room-Refresh-The-Crowned-Goat-070915-2-2 Dining Room Refresh Decorating

As soon as my dad hung the tobacco basket, I knew the industrial style shelving unit I repurposed using wood old fencing from Loblolly Manor would be a perfect addition to the dining room. It not only gives me extra places to store favorite items but will also act as a serving station when we have company over for dinner.

Dining-Room-Refresh-The-Crowned-Goat-070915-3 Dining Room Refresh Decorating

After changing out the lace curtains, I tried the floral curtains from my office and even the drop cloth curtains we have in the living room, breakfast table area and one of the bedrooms. But in the end it was the crochet-trimmed curtains I had moved to one of the bathrooms a few weeks ago that won out. I need to lengthen these just a bit but I like that they don’t compete with all of the light and the view of the front of the property.

070915-4 Dining Room Refresh Decorating

We kept the pet friendly rug but the more it rains the more I wonder if we should just bring the one from the back porch inside again. I’m always on the lookout for rugs so we’ll see.

Pet-Friendly-Indoor-Outdoor-Rug-The-Crowned-Goat-070915-5 Dining Room Refresh Decorating

We moved the nest that was in the living room into the dining room. I’m not a 100% sold on it but I’m willing to try it out. I think it needs something green in there like an olive tree or even a lemon tree. I have no idea if either of those will even grow inside or not though. Do you guys have any suggestions for me?

070915-6 Dining Room Refresh Decorating

So, the only rooms that are left are a bedroom and my office. It feels like my office is going to take forever but the bedroom came together nicely. I’m hoping to share it with you next week. See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ve crossed “learn to make sun tea” off my summer bucket list and I’ll share my recipe.

Dining-Room-Refresh-The-Crowned-Goat-070915-7 Dining Room Refresh Decorating

Many blessings,



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    HI CoCo, your dining room looks so lovely and the shelving unit and tobacco basket are the perfect cherry on top. You styled it beautifully too. I’m inspired girlie. Hugs to you, Lisa

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      Misty, I really appreciate it, thank you! Discovering my style has been a long journey but I finally feel like my neutral loving heart has found a style home. Hope your weekend was fantastic, CoCo