Fall Inspired Front Door Décor

Years ago when I was in graduate school, I lived in a small apartment. I would spend hours pouring over fall inspired home décor magazines dreaming of a big porch. What I had at the apartment looked more like a tiny stoop than an actual porch. But I was bound and determined that one day I would have a porch big enough to put out scarecrows, bales of straw, tons of pumpkins and mums… lots and lots of mums.

In retrospect I think I had those dreams because growing up, we never really had a front porch. We moved around from base housing to rental properties and hardly ever stayed in the same place very long due to my Dad’s extensive military career. While I’m so grateful my big porch dreams have come true, I can totally relate to not having a porch to decorate for the seasons. You don’t have to have a porch to make your home feel welcoming. Here are a few ways to give your front door a bit of fall pizzazz…

Consider making your own fall leaf wreath or buying one from a local store. The pop of saturated fall colors brings instant drama to your front door. No pumpkins or straw bales required.

Fall Inspired Front Door Décor - The Crowned Goat

Consider using two smaller wreaths on the same door. These fall inspired grapevine wreaths would be too small to use alone but together they make a statement. I love the mix of gourds, pumpkins and berry picks.

Fall Inspired Front Door Décor - The Crowned Goat

Consider using a flower basket filled with fall favorites like Indian corn or pumpkins. I bought these ears of corn at Fresh Market last year. You’ll want to put a coat of clear polyurethane on the corn to protect them if you plan to use them on your front porch.


This was my front porch last year and it’s still one of my favorites.

2014 Fall Porch Tour - 101415-4

Consider using something completely unexpected like this old bank bag. The magnolia leaves and goldenrod are from different places on the property. I wanted the door décor to be simple because I used so many mums around the base of the door. Obviously the mums are the star of the show but the bank bag shows my love of vintage finds. If you’re not able to find a bank bag try using a feed sack, flour sack or canvas mailbag.


2015 Fall Porch Tour - 101415-6

Finally, if you’re on a limited budget consider buying a fall inspired doormat and a few fall flowers. You don’t necessarily have to hang something on the door to make your entrance feel seasonal or welcoming.


I hope these tips have helped you see your seasonal front door decor in a different way. See you guys back here tomorrow. I painted dollar store pumpkins over the weekend and I’ll show you how to use one pumpkin in four different place settings.

Many blessings,



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    Great ideas! I remember in our first apartment, I was so excited to buy a seasonal door mat. About two days later it was gone with the wind or somebody’s sticky fingers. Oh well, just a good reason to buy another one. Sure didn’t slow me down. 🙂

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      ha ha those apartment days were something else, Stacey! I’ve had a few sticky finger moments like that myself…I have no idea why I thought leaving a scarecrow on my stoop unattended was a good idea 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

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      Thank you, Lisa! I went shopping with my Mom for a wreath the other day and she found one for $285! I had no idea wreaths even cost that much, we clearly need your mad wreath making skills in Florida. Hugs, CoCo