Workbench to Outdoor Serving Station

We’ve had this outdoor serving station set up on the patio for so long, I almost forgot I haven’t had a chance to share how you can create one too. It really all came together when I decided to marry random bits of salvaged pieces I had picked up over the course of a few weeks.

The serving station is actually an old workbench. I originally bought one to sell in my booth. You may remember it looked like this…


until I gave it a makeover and then it looked like this…


As soon as I sold it I kept wishing I had another one for the back patio to use as an outdoor serving station. A few days later the owner of one of my favorite shopping places called to say they had received a second workbench and she would hold it for me. I was totally excited! Once I got it home I gave it a similar makeover to the previous workbench and we’ve been using it on the patio ever since.


When we’re entertaining we have a lot of people come over early afternoon and they usually linger until way past my bedtime. During the summer months it works out great because it stays lighter longer but once we “fall back” and lose an hour it gets tough to see unless you have a lot of candles and a good fire going.


Shortly after I acquired the second workbench I found an old shutter style door that had a wide top, which made the perfect spot to hang a few lights. I picked up these lights from Lowes and spray painted them in Rust-oleum’s Hammered Bronze.


And we attached the light fixtures to the old shutter style door. Remember to use caution and care when working with wires, lights and electricity. Seek professional help if you are not comfortable with this step.


Once we got the lights in place, we used an old chalkboard to cover the upper slats of the shutter style door.


Then we used tobacco sticks to frame around the chalkboard in order to give it a more finished look.


Marrying these two pieces not only gave us space to set up a food and drink area on the back patio, it also gave us a place for the menu board too.


It’s been so nice to use it for Fall gatherings,

Outdoor Entertaining

Winter dinners with friends,


and early Spring.

Workbench to Outdoor Serving Station

See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ll share a few ways you can celebrate Spring indoors with vintage and salvaged finds!

Many blessings,



  1. says

    Oh my, Coco! This is amazing!!! Please come make one of these at my house! I already have a mint condition cast iron vintage sink you can use for the project!!!! I just love this project and the styling is perfect! JEALOUS (in a nice way)

    • says

      I appreciate it, Marsha, thank you so much. I can’t believe you have a mint condition cast iron sink – I’m so excited for you! We’ve definitely gotten a lot of use out of this space which is fun 🙂 I wish we lived closer, I would totally help you with your sink. Hugs, CoCo

    • says

      I appreciate that Mary, thank you! It’s been nice to have the extra space especially when we have family and friends over. I love eating outside 🙂 Sending you hugs for a happy day, CoCo

    • says

      ha ha thank you Cynthia! I’m totally with you – August in Florida is a total bear but I wouldn’t trade it for any day spent in the snow. I hate to be cold too! Thanks so much for your sweet words, CoCo

  2. Shari says

    I am coming from the painted drawer and I have to say I was very excited to see your outdoor serving station. Love at first sight! So so beautiful. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Great piece!

    • says

      Thank you so much, Shari, I appreciate your kind words! We use that space all of the time which makes it really nice not having to make so many trips to the kitchen 🙂 Hope your day is a happy one, CoCo