Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks

About a month ago my mom asked me to help her “freshen up” her office. She has a gorgeous space just off the entry of Bliss Barracks that is filled with lots of natural light. The room didn’t look bad at all but it did need a bit of tweaking. It’s definitely one of the hardest working rooms in the house and she wanted it to have a more calm and serene feel. We had a few priories we set out to fix that you might be able to relate to:

  • Address storage needs for paperwork and other household files.
  • Create a focal point in the desk area. The desk was catty-wompus aka catty-cornered aka askew and it made the entire room appear just a bit off.
  • Buy a larger rug to go under the desk.
  • Update artwork. My mom had tired of her framed Sally Dick and Jane art and wanted a more consistent color palette.
  • Reduce visual clutter. The entrance/exit is via two French doors and we needed to utilize the space without making it look furniture heavy on one end.
  • Restyle the library.

This may seem like a tall order but actually my mom and aunt had most of these tasks knocked out before I even arrived. The more you live in a space the more you realize what will best work for your needs, you know? I’ve seen friends change a dining room into a bedroom and another give up their master suite which allowed two little girls to bunk up and use all of the third bedroom as a playroom. I think that’s what happened in my mom’s office space. She knew what had been working for her and what had not and now she was on a mission. Here’s a look at the office refresh at Bliss Barracks…

Our first step was to create a focal point in the room, so we moved the formerly askew desk to just in front of the windows. It was a small detail that changed the entire look of the room.

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-1-683x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

We created a bigger work surface on the desk which I understand can sometimes be hard when you don’t have a lot of drawer space. It took a bit of imagination but we came up with a few storage ideas which you’ll see below. I told my mom to only leave on her desk what was most important or most useful. Not surprising she left out a mix of useful, vintage and sentimental.

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-2-683x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

We’ve had fresh flowers tucked here and there in all of our homes my entire life. Hydrangeas are among my Mom’s favorite flowers.

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-3-683x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

Switching out this new rug for the previous rug made a huge difference too. The size of this one fits the size of the desk much better.

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-4-683x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

I don’t know how long we’ve had this library but I remember being there when my mom bought this piece. I was actually shocked because she’s usually a “I should think about it or sleep on it” kind of shopper especially when it comes to big or expensive items. I’m pretty sure I gave her a high-five in the store for being able to make a decision on this library almost immediately.

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-5-683x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

It provides a great mix of storage and staging opportunities. It’s also a place we could be more consistent with her color palette which is a mix of granny smith apple green, black, creams and whites. Almost all of these pieces have been collected over time and through various travels.

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-6-683x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

We traded out the Sally, Dick and Jane art for black and white pieces she’s picked up from major retailers and thrift stores,

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-7-682x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

then added a few salvaged pieces and a plant.

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-8-683x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

My mom does a good portion of her Bible study and reading in this chair so it made sense to us to have most of her study materials in this area. This white table used to be behind the desk but putting it closer to the chair made her study materials more easily available.

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-9-683x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

She was already using the water hyacinth baskets in the library but we brought them out to add more texture and to make space in the library for office equipment that couldn’t be as easily covered up. Using burlap to cover up the study books is another way to help cut the visual clutter an entire basket of different colored books would create.

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-10-683x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

WAY before starting The Crowned Goat, I made this memo board for her laundry room. It’s made form an old mirror frame, chicken wire and scripted fabric found at Hobby Lobby. She pins special quotes, notes and scriptures up there to read each day.

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-11-683x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

This chair is really comfortable and the fabric is so soft. I’m not sure if you can tell from the photo but the blanket is super soft too.

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-12-683x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

I hauled this beast of a mirror home from Renninger’s as an Easter gift to my mom one year. Mirrors like these are a great way to bring in extra light.

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-13-683x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

We have a few other projects like these to work on at Bliss Barracks in the upcoming months. No major renovations or makeovers like at Loblolly Manor just little tweaks here and there. We met for a Christmas planning session early last week and I’m getting excited about putting up holiday decorations.

Bliss-Barracks-Office-Refresh-14-683x1024 Office Refresh at Bliss Barracks Decorating DIY

See you guys back here tomorrow, I’ll share my latest piece of painted furniture. Until then, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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      I appreciate it ladies! She’s so excited about the way everything came together. I think moving the furniture and adding a few key pieces really helped. Hugs, CoCo