Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop

I’m so excited to share this thrifted ottoman makeover with you guys today. Let me just tell ya, it was a total DOOZIE! A big thank you to my sweet friend and fellow creative, Kendra of Joy in Our Home for putting together this blog hop.

This ottoman has been hanging out in my garage for about 2 years waiting to be worked on. That’s right, 2 years! It was a great price when I scooped it up. At the time, I thought it would be a fun upholstery project. I’ve worked to upholster dining room chairs over the years but this was the first ottoman I’ve ever completed. As soon as Kendra asked me to join this blog hop, I knew it would be the perfect nudge to actually finish the makeover. It’s been so long I couldn’t find a picture but here’s a look at the fabric the day I brought it home…sort of redish/burgundy-ish with goldish embroidery.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-1 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

You see, I thought I could paint over the existing fabric and oh my word that was an epic fail. I can’t even talk about it, you guys, what can I say…take 2.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-2-682x1024 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

The first step was to remove about 200 individual upholstery tacks. It took hours! I was seriously like what in the world have I gotten myself into! Seriously, if you guys decide to do this use caution and care as tacks are sharp.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-3 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

Then I took out the buttons and tufting. If we didn’t have multiple pets and frequently visiting littles, I probably could have made the tufting work. I just know from experience tufted furniture can be hard to keep clean.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-4-682x1024 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

Once the old fabric was removed, I decided to use a medium-weight quilt to help cover the tufting holes and to provide a bit more cushion/stability to the ottoman in addition to keeping the existing batting.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-5 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

We used an upholstery stapler and staples to secure the quilt in place.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-6 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

Here’s a look at the ottoman once the quilt had been completely secured.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-7 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

For the top of the ottoman, I chose a pale gray/linen colored nubby fabric I picked up at a church tag sale a few months ago. The fabric is both neutral and textured which makes it easy to use in almost any room.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-8 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

We also used an upholstery stapler to secure this piece into place too.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-9-682x1024 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

The corners took a bit of finessing…

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-10-682x1024 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

so did the legs.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-11-682x1024 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

Here’s a look at the ottoman once we finished the nubby fabric layer.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-12 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

There was NO WAY I was going to replace all of those upholstery tacks again so I was elated to find gray trim and Liquid Stitch at Hobby Lobby.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-13-682x1024 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-14 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

I love the way the neutrals pair together.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-15-682x1024 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

At this point, I was thinking “woo hoo, I finally finished this thing!” but I don’t know…there was something about those legs…they just looked too new to me.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-16-682x1024 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

So, I haphazardly painted the legs with General Finished Milk Paint in Snow White

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-17-682x1024 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

then used wet sand paper to rough them up a bit.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-18-682x1024 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

This ottoman is about a little over 9 square feet which is bigger than our coffee table.

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-19 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

I haven’t decided if I’m going to put this in the store or not. I’m definitely attached to it…

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-20 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-21-682x1024 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-22 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

and I totally can’t believe I left this thing in the garage for 2 years!

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-23 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

Thrifted-Ottoman-Makeover-080316-24 Thrifted Item Makeover Blog Hop  DIY

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I’m always excited to hear from you guys so let’s keep in touch. For more of life behind the blog, I’ll see you on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Until then, I’ll see you back here tomorrow with another fun post!

Many blessings,



    • says

      You guys are the best cheerleaders, thank you! I’m glad we were able to pull this one off. As you know it gave us a fit and someone else a hissy fit he he. Sending you both big hugs for the best day, CoCo

    • says

      You’re sweet, Andrea, thank you! I was so ready to throw this thing in the garbage can like a hundred times ha ha. I’m glad I stuck with it too though. Thanks for your sweet comments on my rug. It was a thrift store find that I treasure for $20. Hope your day is a happy one, CoCo

  1. says

    Oh Coco… I have 3 smaller ones sitting in my spare room for the exact same reason… I picked them up but they just keep getting put off and put off. I feel your pain 😉 I love how it turned out though! What a difference and you’re right, the legs look terrific with just a little bit of paint on them. Perfection <3 Hope you are having a great week! Hugs, Lisa

    • says

      Thanks so much, Lisa! I swear it was all those tacks that kept me putting this piece off ha ha 🙂 I can’t wait to see how great yours turn out too. Sending you hugs, CoCo

  2. Kendra @ says

    What a beautiful makeover CoCo!!! A ton of work but so worth it! I have a weakness for ottomans and would love one this big! Soo glad to have you as a part of this blog hop, friend! xo

    • says

      I appreciate you inviting me to be a part of this blog hop, Kendra! It was just what I needed to get this ottoman finished. I’m looking all over the house for the perfect spot for it. Sending you hugs, CoCo

  3. says

    WOW, CoCo! I would have left it in the garage for two years too (along with everything else of mine that’s been sitting in there for too long) – because that sure was a project!! Now, after all of that hard work, you have a beautiful piece of furniture. I LOVE that fabric and the legs look perfect now with the technique you used. BEAUTIFUL!

    • says

      ha ha I’m so glad you get me Jenny! It’s definitely one of those piece I knew could be amazing but those tacks…I just couldn’t even think about those things! I’m glad I finished it though. It’s always good to stretch your skills. Sending you big hugs for a happy day, CoCo