Winter Nesting

I don’t know if it’s the chilly weather at night or the lack of household clutter that has inspired me but somewhere along the way I’ve totally embraced winter nesting. Maybe it’s a combination of both. Whatever the reason, this inspiration has been really good for my soul. I couldn’t be more grateful for the slower pace of winter.

I know spring will be here in a few short weeks and while I’m ready for warmer weather, I plan to savor every last bit of winter that’s left. As I shared with you guys in January, there were parts of Christmas I felt like I completely rushed through. Celebrating Christmas in four different cities was a lot of fun but it was also… exhausting.

022516-1 Winter Nesting Decorating DIY

These past few weeks we’ve had a chance to slow down and make a few decorative changes to the house. You guys already know my heart speaks in neutrals so we’ve added even more neutrals to each space. We have a lot of home goals on our plate this year and one of the biggest things I’m trying to convey with each decision is how I want my home to feel. I want it to feel warm and welcoming for all who enter. I want our home to provide respite and comfort from our crazy schedules. I want a place to laugh and make memories with family and friends. On my most vulnerable days, I want a home that shelters my heart and replenishes my soul.

022516-2 Winter Nesting Decorating DIY

So far, we’ve made a few changes to the dining room,

022516-3-Stenciled-Curtains Winter Nesting Decorating DIY

the breakfast area,

022516-4-Decorating-with-Neutrals Winter Nesting Decorating DIY

the kitchen,

022516-5-Winter-Kitchen-Refresh Winter Nesting Decorating DIY

and here’s a few shots from around the living room. My parents gave me the picture as one of my Christmas gifts. I don’t know a single person in the photo but I’ve been looking for something like this forever. We spotted this one in November at Renningers and my parents surprised me with it.

022516-6-How-to-Decorate-a-Winter-Mantel Winter Nesting Decorating DIY
022516-7-Winter-Mantel-Decorating Winter Nesting Decorating DIY
022516-8 Winter Nesting Decorating DIY

I still have a few ideas of things I want to change out in the living room. It seems like the list gets longer and longer as each day passes but I know we’ll get there. Things come up at the last minute and our plans get pushed back a weekend or two.

Donuts on a random weekend in our jammers? Totally worth putting off sewing couch pillows even if it’s for just one more day.

022516-9 Winter Nesting Decorating DIY

See you guys back here tomorrow. It’s time to say Goodbye February, Hello March and I’m excited to share the progress we’ve made this month.

Many blessings,



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    Your family room looks so pretty and cozy. When you have kids, dogs, and a blanket it has to be cozy! Love your mantel and the artwork. That’s a pretty smart way to feature a piece of art that is smallish. I’m going to remember that. 🙂

    We’d love for you to link with us at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

    • says

      Thanks so much Stacey! Even in Florida we’re always looking for a way to snuggle up. Things have been totally crazy here so I’m hoping they settle down long enough for me to link up to your party. It’s always fun to see what people have been up to. Sending you hugs, Coco