Christmas to Winter Decorating Ideas

We’re sharing Christmas to Winter Decorating Ideas as part of the Warm Winter Transitions Mini Blog Hop hosted by the always sweet and creative, Cecilia of My Thrift Store Addiction.

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As some of you know we recently returned home after spending several weeks celebrating the holidays at the cabin.

It’s a trip I look forward to every year.

Word of the Year-Winter on the Ellijay River-The Crowned Goat

Every inch of the cabin is perfectly cozy from the wide pine boards that make up the interiors to the gas fireplace that’s lit with a click of a button to the peaceful porch swing on the back porch to the rushing river down below.

Christmas to Winter Decor Ideas-Entry with Greenery-The Crowned Goat

A place we frequently visit to think, find clarity, and rest from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives.

It’s also the place, I was 98% sure I would receive all the confirmation I needed to stop blogging and to gather the confidence needed to embark on a new adventure I had been praying about for months.

One chilly afternoon while on the porch swing contemplating the options at hand, a series of serendipitous events took place that set me on a completely different course than I expected.  

You can read the entire story from our Word of the Year post here if you need to catch up.

Christmas to Winter Decor Ideas-Dining Room-The Crowned Goat

One of those events was receiving a text message from a dear friend who was standing outside the ICU awaiting news from a loved one who had been admitted to the hospital on Christmas Day.

I won’t go into all the details, but heart-related issues are scary any time of the year. When they affect a healthy father of littles in his early 40s on Christmas though, it seems next level.

Day after day his family waited on one specialist after another to make a medical assessment.

Once a treatment plan was finally agreed upon, surgery would be scheduled only to be scrubbed a few hours later because the surgeons were held up with other patients.

Hour to hour, minute to minute started to feel like an emotional roller coaster.

And while I wouldn’t say the family ever lost hope, you could tell they were growing weary by the day.

Christmas to Winter Decor Ideas-Pinecone Greenery Swag-The Crowned Goat

As we marched closer to the New Year, I was beginning to wonder if he’d ever get the life-giving procedure he needed.

I wondered countless times why the answers were coming so slow, why they were being made to wait, and why this family full of kindness and generosity was having to go through this experience at all.

“Isn’t there anything else they can do to keep him stable or to start the recovery process?” I texted impatiently.

Thinking my friend would respond back with all the options they were considering her answer caught me completely off guard.

“…Everything happens for a reason and either we needed a day to wait or someone else needed more help today…they are taking good care of him in the ICU…we’re truly blessed at this point…” it read in part.

She was right.

It was a blessing he was still alive.

Her words, “We either needed another day to wait or someone else needed more help today…” have been with me nearly every day since she wrote them.

They made me realize hope can still be found in the wait if we’re patient enough to look for it and even when things seem incredibly messy, there is always a message in the mess.

Christmas to Winter Decor Ideas-Winter Mantel-The Crowned Goat

Sometimes the message is meant for you.

Other times the message is meant for someone around you.  

The courage and strength it took to handle such a difficult period of waiting with grace still inspires me and I hope it inspires you too.

Christmas to Winter Decor Ideas-Winter Coffee Table Centerpeice-The Crowned Goat

Every January, I place “Create a Cozy Winter Home” on my bucket list. I’m usually more than excited to pack away all the holiday décor and embrace a fresh start.

But this year, renewed by our time at the cabin and a text message of hope, I decided to leave a little extra sparkle around the house. Including leaving our Christmas tree up to celebrate my half milestone birthday.

Small, gentle reminders of what the winter season is really all about…rest, reflection, recovery, transitions, change and hope in waiting.

I know home means something different to all of us.

Christmas to Winter Decor Ideas-Breakfast Nook Hutch-The Crowned Goat

My experience in a military family is not the same as someone who lives in the inner city, on a farm, or behind the gates of a golf community.

No matter where we live though I hope our sense of home will always be a place where we can love, support, encourage and nourish each other.

Christmas to Winter Decor Ideas-Soup Vignette-The Crowned Goat

Even when life doesn’t quite go as planned and feels messy.

Christmas to Winter Decor Ideas-Breakfast Nook and Coffee Bar Ideas-The Crowned Goat

Most importantly, when we’re waiting on answers with courage, and strength, as we transition from one season to the next with grace.  

Christmas to Winter Decor Ideas-Coffee Bar-The Crowned Goat

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Many blessings,


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  1. Coco, I love your assessment today. There definitely is always a message in the mess, we just have to be patient to learn. Patience is not a virtue I was gifted with, but 2021 taught me a few lessons in it. Buying, [trying] selling homes, birth of a grandchild, death of a brother-in-law…Apparently it was just a remedial course because I seem to be repeating lessons already in 2022…Covid with family members, mostly. Home, however we define it, is our safe haven. Your home is lovely. Sparkle on with courage!

    1. That is so much to deal with at one time, Rita. Especially, when times get tough and then really, really tough. I pray your family is on the mend from Covid and your memories of loved ones will be a warm blessing as each day passes. I’m so thankful we all have each other to lean on and can create a home that helps to comfort us from all life’s ups and downs. Enjoy your new grandbaby. They are such a joy. Big hugs and hang in there – I can’t believe you got so much snow and we’re wearing flip flops in Florida, CoCo

    2. My dear friend this is a beautiful post.

      I can feel your emotions through your writing as always.

      You often give me such hope snd promise

      Your home looks beautiful and Piper adorable.

  2. Hi CoCo! Thanks for sharing about your friend and leaning into God’s grace. I know many readers can relate during these trying times. As always, your home looks gorgeous, and I feel as though I could step right into one of your beautiful images and make myself at home! Love the beautiful greenery and cozy layers you’ve used and I’m so glad you could join us today! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. You always leave the sweetest comments, Cecilia, thank you! Learning to lean into His grace is something I’m constantly working on and I’m so thankful for being a part of a creative community who lifts each other up no matter what the season. Thank you for asking me to be a part of this blog hop. It’s always so much fun to see what you’re up to. I’m STILL not over those gorgeous snowflake ornaments – they’re stunning! Big hugs, CoCo

  3. It’s been a rough few years, that’s for sure, I think a lot of people have been reevaluating and pivoting. A little extra sparkle and comfort at home definitely helps. I’m glad that your friend was able to get the help he required, what a scary tale, and I wish you luck on whatever path your future holds.

    1. The past few years have definitely been a time to revaluate and pivot, Kim, I couldn’t agree more. In fact, “pivot” should have been my Word of the Year 😉 I’m thankful to be part of a community whose kindness and encouragement have helped me through all the ups and downs. There are a few details, I’m still praying through but each day brings more clarity which is a blessing in itself. I hope your New Year is filled with all good things, CoCo

  4. Bonnie Carter says:

    All I want to say is thank you-you always lift my heart when I need it the most.

    1. I appreciate that so much, Bonnie, thank you. I hope your day is a special one and your path is filled with extra blessings this week. Big hugs, CoCo

  5. Love the dog with the sweet bow!!
    Lovely home and beautiful post. Prayers for your friend’s husband.

    1. Thank you, Loretta! My Mom found the dog at a thrift store years ago. She has such a great eye for things because I had totally passed it by. Thanks so much for your prayers and your sweet words too. They are both greatly appreciated. Big hugs, CoCo

      1. You are right ! And today ,I was the one who needed to see that! Thanks for those words appearing today…although I know it was not a coincidence….. just a God wink.

  6. As much as I love Christmas I am always happy to transition my decor. Sending prayers for your friend, CoCo. Hugs, Laura

    1. I know just what you mean, Laura! Some years I’m like we have to pack this stuff up ASAP and other years I’m ready to sit back and let winter linger a bit. We have it for such a short time in Florida and this year is definitely one of those years to ease into it and enjoy. Hope your season is peace-filled, relaxing and everything you need it to be, CoCo

    1. Thank you so much, Renae, I really appreciate it. Hope your day is filled with all good things, CoCo

  7. Maryellen Belton says:

    Love your home so pretty!!

    1. Thanks so much, Maryellen, I really appreciate it! I hope your day is filled with all good things, CoCo

  8. Your home is absolutely gorgeous, CoCo! Sending prayers for your friends husband! This past year has been a challenge to say the least. Hoping 2022 is filled with blessings and much happiness! P.S. Piper looks adorable!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and prayers, Christine, they mean so much! It’s crazy to think of all the things we’ve all had to deal with these past few years going through the pandemic. I’ll definitely never look at the healthcare system or the hardworking medical personnel and support staff the same way again. They are total heroes! Sending you hugs for a happy and healthy year ahead. Big hugs, CoCo PS: Piper is currently sleeping at my feet so I plan to take full advantage of the 15-minute break 😂

  9. Coco! This post means more to me than you’ll probably ever know. I’m fighting back tears right now. Waiting, and holding on to hope, trying not to lose heart and maintain my courage… it’s been so very real for me the past few weeks. Thank you sweet friend!!! Thank you!! You’re home is beautiful, and your words hit my heart with such tenderness. ❤

  10. Your friends perspective in the midst of such a wild storm was truly inspired. Hope is so much bigger than anything found in this life!

  11. I have to tell you CoCo, this was my favorite winter decor blog post ever. It was so thoughtful and heartfelt and I still got to see pretty pictures on top of that! I’ve definitely been reevaluating a lot in my life and have been relying on many signs to guide me. Your style inspires me so much sweet friend.

  12. CoCo, I’ve been catching up on your posts, and I want you to know how touched I have been by your writing! One post is more inspiring than the next! I pray that God will continue to speak to you and offer direction for your life! You are such a blessing to your family, friends, and your readers! Oh yes, and your house looks beautiful dressed in Winter decor! Blessings and prayers for the new year, Donna

  13. What a truly inspiring message of hope this post is. Your beautiful pictures combined with your touching words really puts so much into perspective. I’m amazed by you!!

    1. Such sweet and thoughtful words, Rachel, thank you so much – I really appreciate it. I used to wish winter away all the time but the older I’ve gotten the more I appreciate each season. Especially the ones that invite us to slow down, rest and linger with a good book by the fire. There is truly no greater luxury! Hope you have the best day, CoCo

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