French Inspired Wall Plaque

Today, we’re sharing how we created a simple French Inspired Wall Plaque from a $10 thrifted find that probably started out as a piece of home décor in the 70s. Even crazier – it’s plastic!

I wish you could have seen my Mom in the store when I spotted this fabulous brown wall plaque complete with shiny brass planter and dusty silk ivy plant. She totally gave me “the eyebrow,” when I said, “That would be such a pretty piece of art over one of the nightstands in the guestroom!”

I don’t want to say she blew me off or anything, but she was not feeling it ha ha and so, we left the store without the plastic wall plaque, the brass planter and the ivy. I couldn’t let it go so later that night I called my Mom to make my case and to share a simple idea of how we could make it look like a fabulous piece of aged French wall art.

Thankfully, she trusts my judgement and called the following day to say she had gone first thing that morning to pick up the plastic plaque. In just a few steps we completely transformed the look of this $10 thrifted find. Let me show you how in case you come across something similar…

French Inspired Wall Plaque Supplies

Automotive primer

Nail filler (if needed)

Screwdriver (if needed)

Tarp to protect surfaces from overspray

Dark furniture paste wax

Furniture paste wax brush


French Inspired Wall Plaque Steps

Using caution and care, remove any screws in the wall plaque as well as the brass planter, plastic ivy, etc. Next, fill in any nail or screw holes on the wall plaque as per the directions on the back of your choice of filler. Just on a side, I really like this one because it is so easy to use. It starts off pink and turns white once the filler is dry!

Again, using caution and care in a well-ventilated area spray paint the wall plaque with automotive primer spray paint as per the directions on the back of the spray paint can.

I used three coats total, allowing plenty of drying time in between each coat.

Using automotive paint may give a bit of texture or “age” to the wall plaque.

In fact, it seemed like I had additional texture with each coat so keep that in mind. I wasn’t sure how the automotive primer would stick to the plastic, so I allowed the French inspired wall plaque to dry completely overnight. It looks completely different, right?

The next day, I used a wax brush to apply dark furniture paste wax in all the nooks and crannies of the French inspired wall plaque.

It immediately gave the French inspired wall plaque another layer of patina!

These are the kinds of pieces that are left behind at thrift stores and charity shops all the time. I really think it’s because the wall plaque is plastic which is not considered fashionable but maybe it’s because the brass planter complete with dust covered ivy is super distracting. Whatever the reason, these are the pieces that are hidden gems!

We hung this French inspired wall plaque over one of the nightstands in one of the guest bedrooms at Loblolly and you would never even know we paid just $10 for what was once a brown plastic 70s wall planter. You can check out how we painted the nightstand also a thrifted find here and how we used automotive primer to add a bit of French inspiration to flower pots here.

There are so many fun projects I can’t wait to use this technique on and I hope you guys will try it too! It’s an inexpensive and quick way to give your favorite thrifted finds, a French feel!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.


Many blessings,


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  1. CoCo – This is our newest favorite project! And this is why we love what we do. Imagination, transformation and creativity becomes WOW! You really had a spark of amazing and worked wonders with this plaque! Way to go! Hopefully your mom is kissing your feet LOL – or at least serving you breakfast in bed!

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