Wishing you a Happy Easter

Does anyone else feel like Easter snuck up on them this year? In the midst of running around to find new inventory, painting multiple pieces of furniture, restocking the booth with fresh finds and taking necessary counsel from my tax advisor, I’ve almost forgotten to prepare for one of the most important seasons of the year.

040215-1 Wishing you a Happy Easter Decorating Holidays

Easter has always been a big deal in our family. I can remember shopping my aunt’s store in our tiny little town searching for a dress that had the perfect mix of ruffles and lace. Of course, said dress had to have at least one crinoline, matching socks and a purse that carried my gift for the offering plate, which back then was about $2.

040215-2 Wishing you a Happy Easter Decorating Holidays

We slept in pink foam rollers (even the curly haired girls, what gives Mom) and woke up the next morning to kinks in our necks and a big basket from Peter Cottontail. Every year without fail my parents would line all of us up next to the bright pink azalea bushes for family photos. After church we could eat as much candy as we wanted as long as we were in our play clothes (thanks Dad). We headed to our grandparents houses for an afternoon filled with a family egg hunt and lots of home cooked goodies.

040215-3 Wishing you a Happy Easter Decorating Holidays

As our family has grown and my sisters have had kids, we’re still celebrating each year together. We spend the day laughing and creating memories with each other. What’s so funny LiLi?

040215-4 Wishing you a Happy Easter Decorating Holidays

My Mom always sets a beautiful table.

040215-5 Wishing you a Happy Easter Decorating Holidays

I bought her these cabbage place mats as a surprise. She found them while we were out shopping one day but she passed them up. At the end of the day she regretted not buying them. I went back to the store the very next day because I knew she should have them. The look on her face when she opened up the placemats was priceless.

040215-6 Wishing you a Happy Easter Decorating Holidays

And even though we celebrate in different towns and houses each year, she still makes a special effort to add really pretty touches of Easter around her house.

040215-7 Wishing you a Happy Easter Decorating Holidays

I have no idea how she makes it all work. I thought my schedule was crazy until I took a moment to appreciate hers.

040215-8 Wishing you a Happy Easter Decorating Holidays

Team Crowned Goat is taking a long weekend to enjoy all the gifts that this season of Hope brings. I wish each of you a warm and loving days filled with His goodness.

040215-9 Wishing you a Happy Easter Decorating Holidays

Many blessings,



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    Hi Coco, I love your mom’s table and the story of growing up curlers in your hair and the excitement around Easter. I’m so glad you’re taking the long weekend and was thinking about doing that too. Have a beautiful holiday xo Lisa
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      Thank you, Lisa! I only have sisters so you can imagine how much fun our house was ha ha! It was definitely worth taking the extra time off. We laughed and visted and ate way too much, Hugs, CoCo

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    Love your Easter memories Coco 🙂 Oh, those pink foam rollers ~ my stick straight hair remembers them well! Love your mom’s table with the collected plates, and the special placemats. It’s so fun to gift something they want but did not get for themselves. Hope you enjoy the weekend making more memories! Bwg ~~~
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      Thanks so much, Amy, they look just like cabbage leaves right? It must be in my blood, she finds really unique things too 🙂 Hope you had an awesome weekend with your family. Hugs, CoCo

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    Those memories remind me of good times with family as well. I’m thankful to continue the traditions with my family, too.
    Gorgeous table! Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter.