Country French Fall Porch Tour

When I first set out to create a Country French Fall Porch Tour, the only thing I could think about was capturing the essence of Fall.

If you’re new here, I live on a tiny island in Florida, and truth be told, we have to create our own Fall season every year.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with Pink Hydrangeas and Apple Pie-The Crowned Goat

Sometimes the weather dictates what kind of Fall we have because we’re still in the middle of hurricane season.

Other times, we’re able to find a tiny spark of Fall inspiration and make the season our own.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with Pink Hydrangeas and Apple Pie-The Crowned Goat

This year, I was bound and determined to create a Country French Fall Porch Tour inspired by that feeling you get on a lazy Saturday when the sun warms your face on a chilly morning, a cozy cable knit sweater with a cross-body bag and a scarf around your neck, antique brown and white transferware treasures in one hand and a pumpkin spice latte in the other.

The only things in front of you are wide open spaces of vintage goodies, the sweet smell of apple donuts, gobs of mums, bales of hay, heirloom pumpkins, and friendly vendors.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with Vintage Silverware and Pink Ribbon-The Crowned Goat

And while we’re dreaming, there’s nothing to do at home.

Everyone is safe and taken care of which means your only goal for the day is to relax, slow down, and enjoy the essence of Fall.

Just writing those words makes me all kinds of excited for the good things coming our way this season!

Country French Fall Porch Tour with Caramel Apple Pie-The Crowned Goat

So, armed with a fabulous game plan, and lots of ideas from our Country French Fall Home Tour, I asked my bestie S who also helps run the TCG website if she could tag along to the garden center.

“THIS is the year I’m going to have lots of white mums, S. I’m going to have so many white mums on the Country French Fall porch, it’s going to look like white mums exploded,” I giggled as we waited in line for coffee.

Ever the realist she said, “You say that EVERY YEAR. And every year you have a hard time finding white mums. I don’t want to rain on your parade but don’t get your hopes up, ok? It’s been years since we’ve seen the kind of white mums you’re talking about.”

Pink Hydreangeas and Caramel Apples-The Crowned Goat

Truthfully, she didn’t have to worry about raining on my mum parade because deep down, I knew it was a long shot.

Besides, we were already running against the clock.  

Country French Fall Porch Tour with DIY Monogrammed Pillow-The Crowned Goat

The first night we drove across town to 3 different stores. There were some pretty options and even a few mums.

But it’s still relatively warm here which means summer flowers and colors were everywhere.

We planned to drive across town in the other direction the following morning with one difficult caveat.

It would be the only day for nearly two weeks we’d have enough room in our schedule to ride around town finding mums.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with DIY Pink Pumpkins-The Crowned Goat

The next morning it was pouring buckets of rain and I knew immediately we’d have one shot at finding the elusive white mums.

It was just too nasty to be out and about.

Feeling the pressure, we pulled up to what would be our fifth and final garden center.

And as the glass doors opened, my heart sank.

No white mums.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with Colorful Flowers and White Pumpkins-The Crowned Goat

In fact, there weren’t any mums even blooming yet.

It basically looked like our front lawn – everything was green.

Colorful Country French Fall Porch Door Decor-The Crowned Goat

As an introvert and a recovering perfectionist with an anxiety disorder, I freely admit, that it’s hard for me to make decisions on the fly.

My hands get clammy, and I struggle with racing thoughts almost instantly.

Learning how to pivot is something I have to work on constantly.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with White Pumpkin and Pinecone Wreath-The Crowned Goat

Up for the challenge, I scanned the racks of mums willing myself to let the vision of a Country French Fall Porch with gobs of white mums go.

Then I spotted a tiny pink mum.

I called S over to the rack and asked her to help me find more pots of pink mums.

They mostly looked like white mums with a few pink mums mixed in between but it was the closest we’d found to white mums in two days, so I took them all.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with Pink and White-The Crowned Goat

To complement the yellow centers in the pink mums, we bought yellow celosia that reminded us of wheat growing in the fields.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with Yellow Celosia-The Crowned Goat

Because there weren’t enough pink mums to fill all the pots on the front porch, we also had to buy purple mums and Raspberry Angelonia as well.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with Purple Mums-The Crowned Goat

It was all extremely colorful and nothing like I had originally envisioned.

In fact, I’ll just be perfectly honest, I second-guessed everything we bought on the way home.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with Pink, Yellow and Purple Flowers-The Crowned Goat

But as I carefully dug each plant out of its plastic container and placed them into their pots, I realized it’s a true gift to know how to pivot and compromise.

I can’t tell you how many times the “all or nothing” mentality soundtrack has threatened to hold me back.

Maybe it’s holding you back too.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with Colorful Plants-The Crowned Goat

Have you ever realized you didn’t have time for a full workout, so you skipped it completely instead of fitting in the 20 minutes you had available?

Ever woke up planning to clean out your closet, the garage, bedroom, or office only to be interrupted all day then wind-up doom scrolling Insta or Pinterest instead of getting started on one small task because the day didn’t work out as planned?

Simple Morning Breakfast Idea and Country French Fall Porch Tour-The Crowned Goat

What about inviting a big group of friends over for a dinner party only to receive a smaller than expected number of RSVPs, and instead of enjoying a more intimate group, you decide to just cancel the whole thing?

Perhaps you want to give your living room a full makeover, but an unexpected bill or life change came up so instead of shopping your house to give the space a quick refresh, you scrap your plans completely.

Were you excited about creating an amazing Fall inspired tablescape only to walk away when it didn’t turn out in real life like you thought it would in your head?

Fruit and Quiche Trays and Country French Fall Porch Tour-The Crowned Goat

If I’ve learned anything this year, it’s that the art of compromise and learning how to pivot with grace might be one of the most important life skills we ever learn.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with Pink Roses and Pumpkins-The Crowned Goat

After all, progress no matter how big or small paves the path for a growth mindset instead of keeping us stuck in a fixed one.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with Windorware-The Crowned Goat

While our Country French Fall Porch Tour might not be exactly like I had originally envisioned, every morning when I walk out here with my generous mug of pumpkin spice coffee and watch our sweet rescue Piper hunt for lizards and play in the grass, I’m reminded sometimes we don’t get want we want, we simply get what we need instead.

And that my friends, just might be the truest essence of Fall.

Country French Fall Porch Tour with White Rocking Chairs and Colorful Plants-The Crowned Goat
Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. I enjoy your posts so much, and can really relate to them. You always give such great advice in such a calming way. Thanks for everything ~ Tami

    1. Such sweet and thoughtful words, Tami, thank you so much. I really appreciate it and definitely needed to hear/read them today. Hope your week is filled with all good things, CoCo

  2. Please b safe I hope the storm is not as bad as expected your porch is beautiful

    1. I really appreciate it, Debbie, thank you! All of our services have been restored now which is such a gift. We still have lots of clean up and my goal is to put our porch back together again this week. My cousins in Fort Myers and just outside of Tampa have shared some heartbreaking images as you can imagine. It’s going to take a while for them to rebuild but we’re thankful they’re alive and plan to be with them every step of the way for as long as they need. Please keep them and fellow Floridians in your heart, CoCo

  3. This: As an introvert and a recovering perfectionist with an anxiety disorder, I freely admit, that it’s hard for me to make decisions on the fly. (Much of your post was copied into my journal today.)
    This sums me up nicely. Thank you for giving me the words that explain why I struggle with decision making, especially whilst shopping. Somehow, I am always encouraged to keep moving forward after reading one of your posts.

    1. What an incredibly kind thing to say, Ange, thank you so much. It can be hard to make decisions under the best of circumstances sometimes but to have to make them on the fly or when you have to pivot because things are not what you had originally expected or planned can feel like climbing a mountain. Recently I’ve been able to take a breath and pause long enough to ask myself, “What do you really want?” or “What do you really need in this moment?” Just taking that tiny pause makes me feel less rushed and pressured, not always, but most of the time it’s enough to help me regroup. Dealing with anxiety is not an easy journey. So, make sure you celebrate each day you show up and give your best no matter how big or small. Cheering you on and hoping your week is a happy one, CoCo

  4. I understand second guessing your decisions like no one else friend! It’s a daily ritual with me. But instead of having anxiety over it, I have the problem of saying “oh well, good enough” leaving everything lacking in some way. I love your French country porch. Everything is so happy and unique. I imagine, once all that color fully blooms, you’ll want to be out there every single day. I do! Happy Fall CoCo. Stay safe.

    1. If you ever learn the secret to trusting your gut, Cindy, please share it with me. I can be a TOTAL ROCKSTAR when I have to give advice to someone else but when it comes to my own stuff, it’s a completely different story. Maybe that’s what adulting is all about, learning to trust your own instincts. My big goal for the week is to be able to put this porch back together after the storm. Even if it doesn’t look exactly the same just seeing all those jewel tones will surely put a pep in my step. Hope you find something amazing that puts a pep in your step too sweet friend, CoCo

  5. such a pretty fall porch tour, CoCo. I always love seeing how you use pinks throughout the seasons! Hope you’re not going to be effected by the hurricane this week! take care sweet friend.

    1. I appreciate you, Debra, thank you for your kind words. I’ve wondered a million times if I should move on from pink. But there’s just something about the color that is happy and calming all at the same time, you know? We’ll be cleaning up tree and yard debris all week and I’ll have to put the porch back together but all of our services have finally be restored and we’ve been able to get off the island. My family members in Fort Myers and just outside of Tampa did not fair as well so please keep them in your prayers. They will be rebuilding their lives for a long time. Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thank you, Heidi! I can’t tell you how many times I second-guessed all those different colors and plants for fall. Looking back though I’m thankful we got them because they remind me of all the rainbows we saw after the storm. Sending you tons of hugs and hoping your week is filled with all good things, CoCo

  6. Just reading through your post and as always enjoying each moment. But, I am concerned for you all there in Florida, we are getting news through how bad its been, I do hope your ok Coco, take care.xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words and prayers, Janette. All of our services have now been restored and we were able to get off the island which is a big blessing. While the east coast (the side I live on) had to deal with flooding, storm surge, and wind damage – it was truly nothing like what the west coast (the side that took a direct impact) had to deal with. It’s just utter devastation and heartbreak everywhere. Please keep everyone in your prayers. It’s going to take years to rebuild all the towns and lives that were affected by this storm. Hugs, CoCo

  7. CoCo,
    I just loved this porch tour. Once again you amaze me with your soft colors. I hope y’all are safe and sound.

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel, I really appreciate it. We’re ok, have been able to get off the island and our services have been restored. I’m looking forward to pulling these pots back out again and setting our porch up again after we clear up all the yard and tree debris. It’s going to be a big blessing just to be able to sit out there and enjoy the mums bloom. Big hugs and thank you for checking on us, CoCo

  8. Coco,
    Your porch looks so lovely and charming!! I can just imagine sitting there with a cup of coffee and chatting!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your very kind words about my Elegant Autumn Tree!! I do love decorating Trees for the different Holidays and Seasons!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

    1. Thank you, Deb! The minute we clean up all the yard and tree debris from the hurricane I’ll be out there with a generous mug of coffee. I’m hoping I can get the porch put back together later this week. Hugs, CoCo

  9. Kimberly Westby says:

    Just popping over from Thistlewood Farm, the pink is gutsy, and is perfectly complimented by the yellow. Isn’t white so overdone lately, glad you mixed it up!

    1. Thank you so much, Kimberly, I really appreciate it. The pink has been so much fun I think I’ll use it during the holidays too! Hope your day has been filled with all good things, CoCo

  10. CoCo, I’m loving the little updates on your porch like the ottoman. So chic for an outdoor space, and the variety of blooms you have this year are stunning. I love the change and want to give this a try on my porch next year. BTW I can totally relate to double guessing even little decisions, but I’m more of an introvert, want-a-be perfectionist with an anxiety disorder. Anyway I get you! Big hugs! 😊

    1. Gah – I know you get me in the best possible way – sweet friend! I have NO idea how I can be so confident making choices for everyone else and the entire 45-minute ride home from town I’m all in my head like “CoCo what were you thinking, yellow?” 😂 It’s slightly embarrassing but I deeply appreciate that you can relate. I wish we lived closer all the time. I’d host you out here in a heartbeat! Sending you so many hugs, CoCo

  11. I can totally relate to having a vision and then having to pivot! Thankfully, sometimes it turns out even better! Your porch looks gorgeous and I hope you will have lots of lovely fall days there now that the weather has improved! I love the table/ottoman that is sitting in front of your bench! The shape of it is perfect for that space! Blessings, Donna

    1. That is so sweet of you, Meagan! Thank you so much – I really appreciate it. Hope your week is filled with all good things, CoCo

  12. Beautiful photos CoCo and such meaningful words. I truly appreciate each and every post that you write!!

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