A Christmas Inspired Bedroom

Do you guys decorate all the bedrooms in your home for the holidays or just decorate the main living areas? I’ll admit those sparkling lights get me every time which is why today, we’re sharing a Christmas Inspired Bedroom in case you’re still decking the halls at home or gathering inspiration for next year.

My Mom used to put up a vintage silver tinsel tree in my bedroom each year. And after it was assembled, she would let me go to town decorating it any way I wanted. I can still remember falling asleep to twinkling lights and singing Christmas carols with my sisters WAY past our bedtime thinking how magical it all was. Thankfully, my Dad checked on us each night before he went to bed and made sure to unplug the lights on the Christmas tree.

Now that I’m older though, decorating the bedrooms for Christmas always feels a bit like walking a fine line, you know what I mean? On one hand it’s like…I love these glittering lights and ornaments, Christmas is so awesome!

Yet on the other it’s…I’m going to have to clean all this up, why am I even decorating these rooms for a month with my crazy schedule?

While it takes a bit of extra work it does seem worth it in the end. Especially if you’re using pieces that will last throughout the winter season and not just the holidays.

This year, we decided to make the rooms my bestie S has been rehabbing in as festive as possible given her current non-weight bearing status for both legs after suffering a major fall in late October. All the other bedrooms have carpet which makes me even more thankful for these stenciled floors!

We’ve had to pull up the big area rug, the furniture has been crowded together a little more than normal on one side and I’ve draped a soft blanket over the wheelchair ramp for the sake of these photos. But honestly, I couldn’t let the holidays go by without doing everything I could to make this Christmas season merry and bright despite the surgery and setbacks.

The most important thing in adding a bit of Christmas cheer to this bedroom was keeping the wheelchair ramp and the room as open as possible for accessibility.

With that in mind, I decided to layer lots of linens on the bed and add soft textures with pillows to make everything feel warm and cozy.

It was a really inexpensive way to make the whole room feel more festive too.

Once that was all in place, I decided to add this rustic snowy garland I’ve had for a few years and some stockings to the armoire. We decided early on to give this Christmas inspired bedroom a snowy theme, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

On a side note, can I just make a quick confession? I was this close to photo shopping those wheelchair marks out of the armoire, but I decided against it. I mean, that’s just not real life right now, you know? I will say those marks are going to make for a fun makeover come spring though #silverlining

Other than having to remove the big rug underneath the seating area early on, we’ve kept “the lounge” completely intact.

I can’t even tell you how many bowls of popcorn or Christmas cookies we’ve eaten while watching cheesy holiday movies. It’s been fun but gosh, my pants are not going to appreciate it at all come January!

When my Mom came over to help me decorate the main living areas of the house for the holidays, the back of her SUV was filled with goodies galore. All these snowy branches belong to her and it made the dresser feel festive but still functional.

The Advent Calendar in honor of all of you guys as well as the first responders, surgical staff, transportation team, friends and family has definitely been something we look forward to each day.

The littles also made a few ornaments for the tree and were so excited to help decorate it too.

They’ve been pitching in when the rest of my family comes to visit by doing all sorts of stuff from “babysitting Filbie” to making cards to picking up pinecones and sticks to raking pine straw. They really have been so sweet and tenderhearted through it all.

S has told me repeatedly the only thing she really wants for Christmas this year is a pair of crutches to replace the wheelchair. We go back to the surgeon’s office later this week, so we’ll see.

We’re believing big for a Christmas miracle this year, are you?

See you guys back here tomorrow. We’ve added a little bit of Christmas cheer to the kitchen too! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. As usual with you, CoCo, the room is just so pretty!! I love that the “Littles” made ornaments and are helping in other ways, too – so sweet! We bought a small flocked tree last year and I placed feathered angel wings (from Pier 1) as the ornaments – so pretty with the lights glowing through the angel wings! I hate to remove it once Christmas is over! Praying S with get her Christmas wish this year. Thinking of you two and praying that the healing will continue and S will be back to her normal self before you know it!! Keep lovin’ on those sweet pups –

    1. Oh my gosh, Patty, I bet that tree was gorgeous! I think flocked trees are so beautiful and I bet the angel wings really made a statement. Thanks so much for your sweet words about, S. She is hanging in there as best she can but I know being in the wheelchair has been tough given she could easily be labeled as “fiercely independent” ha ha. Hopefully, we’ll have some good news tomorrow and if not, we’ll have lots of cookies on hand to help soften the blow 🙂 Sending you lots of love and hugs, CoCo

  2. This bed looks like a vacation bed Coco I could see myself taking Mom break here. Its beautiful

    1. ha ha that is so funny, Sarah! I never thought of it that way. I think all the pillows make it look super cozy which is what vacation is all about, right? You’re more than welcome to take a mom break over here if you’re ever in the area 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

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