Amazon Prime Day

Today is Amazon Prime Day and I’ve spent the morning combing through deals and ordering a few Christmas presents.

We’ve been Amazon Prime members for years now, and I can honestly say, having Amazon Prime during S’s accident and in the months following her recovering was invaluable. 

At the time, I didn’t really understand what all the hype was about.

But now that I’ve gone through a long season as a caregiver and dealt with the restrictions from the pandemic, Amazon Prime has been a game-changer for our home. 

We live just a little over 35 minutes one way from the nearest big box store, and the convenience of Prime services has been such a time saver too. 

While S has been released from the doctor’s care and the pandemic restrictions have started to loosen up a bit, we continue to utilize Amazon Prime services in some way nearly every week.  

If you’re not familiar with Prime Day, this will help answer some of your questions…

Amazon Prime Day is a 2-day epic event that includes deals on everything from electronics to fashion.  In fact, there are so many products on sale during Prime Day new deals are posted every few minutes.

In addition, Amazon also offers “Lightning Deals” which are available for a limited time or as the product is available. You can also watch for “Upcoming Deals” throughout the day as well. 

Shopping by categories like Amazon Devices, Amazon Brands and Small Business Deals,

When Is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day runs from Tuesday, October 13, and ends on Wednesday, October 14th. 

How Can I Become an Amazon Prime Member?

The price of Prime membership is $12.99 per month plus applicable taxes.

If you’re not signed up as an Amazon Prime Member just yet, you can try trial the service for one week for $1.99 and check out all the benefits of membership here. 

You can sign up to become an Amazon Prime Member here. 

Here’s a Look at a Few Favorite Finds to Keep in Mind If Your Shopping…

*This post was updated October 2020

**(Amazon Affiliate links have been provided for your convenience. Any sales made through such links will support us with a small commission at no extra cost for you. You can read our full disclosure policy here) 

Health and Beauty Products 

Makeup Brush Set  * Protein Powder * Retinol Cream 

Hydro Boost Gel Makeup Remover Cloths * Foot Mask 

Micellar WaterPillowcaseVital Protein Collagen Peptides

Tech, Electronics, and Random Household Goodies…

Airpods * Charger CablesDustbuster 

Thermometer * Canon Rebel Kit * External Hard Drive  

Apple Watch  * Cordless Stick Vac * Instant Pot 

Amazon Fashion Finds…

Striped Sweatshirt *  Blue Light Blocking Glasses * Tie Neck Blouse

Bag * Trench *Cableknit Sweater

Dalmation Print Blouse * Flats * Leopard Print Blouse  

I’ll update this page as we get more information on Amazon Prime Day deals but you’ll definitely want to start scoping things out if you haven’t already. 

There were a few things I wanted to include on this list that sold out within minutes so if you see something grab it!  

In the meantime, start getting your Christmas and birthday lists together so you can take advantage of all the great sales going on right now. 

No matter what you’re looking for it would be a great time to stock up on gifts! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. CoCo – such a fantastic list! It’s hard for us to believe that we have been Prime members since 2005. Now they have so much more to offer. We too have utilized Amazon for most of our shopping now. So convenient and we love it!

    1. I’m telling you, it’s a game changer when you live this far out of town 🙂 We don’t buy everything there but it’s super nice to have the option in case we need to. I can’t wait to see what you guys pick up this year. Hugs, CoCo

  2. Great finds Coco. I always try to get a good start on Christmas presents for the girls but I’ve found several things in this post for me. Thanks for the heads up

    1. You are so welcome, Sarah, I’m glad you found things you want to try. I’ve called the littles to see what’s on their Christmas list too. We have so many people to buy for and this time of year is always a great time to get started. Hugs, CoCo

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