An Early Christmas at the Cabin

Well, after almost an entire year of working nonstop weekends included Team Crowned Goat headed to the cabin for a two-week break to rest, relax and reflect.  It felt like Christmas came early for me this year.


 I had such a good time.

Christmas in the mountains

 The agenda was simple


 hike as much as nature would allow and


take time to enjoy the simple things. Can you believe these deer? I couldn’t get them all in the shot but there were 6 of them up on the ridge!

Deer in the woods

 Simple things like easy suppers,


 indulgent snacks,


 relaxing mornings,


 nothing on the to do list (like making the beds),


 catching up on favorite authors,


 quiet afternoons,


 stopping to smell the cedar,

Cedar Tree in the rain

 listening to the sound of rain on the roof,


 reflecting on this past year,


 making new goals for next year,


 swinging on the porch swing,


 and napping.


 Lots of napping.


 I’ll save the reality that Christmas is in 15 short days for the ride back!


Many blessings,


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  1. Renee @ The Refined Relic says:

    It looks like you enjoyed your time away and I hope you enjoyed every single second of it my friend. You deserve it. Love and prayers!

    1. Thank you bunches Renee! I hope you’re feeling better. I can’t wait to get caught up on your posts!

  2. Donna-Faded Velvet says:

    CoCo- wow! Everyone needs time away like that! You did it perfectly, the reading and porch swing sitting sounded the best to me. So glad you got to get away and relax! Now, back to reality.

    1. Oh reality, you drive me crazy sometimes! We should have a girls getaway there some time soon!

  3. CoCo- Thank you so much for the virtual vacation tour…I needed that this morning. You captured the essence and beauty of our beautiful mountains. I can breathe easier now 🙂

    1. It’s like a little piece of heaven on earth Vicki, you would love it!

  4. Coco! That looks so relaxing! I’m so jelous! What a great way to spend two weeks. Blessings!

    1. Thanks so much Nancy, we had a great time!

  5. Oh, how beautiful and refreshing! I think it’s great that you plan that break…especially right before Christmas. I hope you enjoyed every second. Much deserved! Hugs!!

    1. I really appreciate it, Angie! It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time 🙂 Sending you warm hugs from a cold Florida, Coco

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this Coco! I hope you still feel rested and restored from your lovely get-away. I know I will revisit this post over the next couple of weeks when things get too crazy. It’s a virtual retreat for a quick mental reset. But now, back to gift wrapping! Bwg ~~~

    1. I feel the same way about all of your travel posts too Bobbi! It’s like a virtual getaway. Hope you get your presents wrapped!

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