An Inexpensive Way to Frame a Poster or Print

Today, we’re sharing an inexpensive way to frame a poster or print you want to use as wall art.

To be perfectly honest, if I had my way I would definitely have an entire house full of original artwork.

Yet after searching for the perfect piece of art to use in both the breakfast nook and the entry for months, I realize it’s not always possible.

Most of the time, the best pieces of art find their way into your heart and home when you’re not even looking for them.

Until then, you might have to go with Plan B which can still be a really good option.

Choosing the Right Frame 

One of the easiest ways to elevate a mass-produced poster, print or even a photograph you love is to put it in a vintage or an antique style frame.

Thrift stores, charity shops and estate sales are the perfect places to look for vintage or antique style frames because the prices can’t be beat.

We usually find frames we love for less than $20 and most of the time we can find a fabulous vintage or antique style frame for less than $10.

You guys may remember the picture of Queen Elizabeth II that hangs in our breakfast nook.

We ordered the picture, a laminated poster, online. Then we found a frame at the thrift store for $10 that had the prettiest details.

An Easy Frame Makeover

If you find a frame you love but don’t like the color, buy it anyway! Frames can usually be painted to complement your home’s color palette.

Cutting a Poster or Print to Size

Depending on the size of your poster and frame, you might need to cut the print down just a bit.

If that’s the case, consider using a self-healing cutting mat. I’ve had this one for years and it’s one of my favorite craft tools.

You might want to also consider using a rotary cutting tool, as it will help you make a more precise cut.

While rotary cutting tools are simple to use, as always use caution and care as tools will be sharp.

Make sure to also use a ruler and straight edge to cut a poster, print, or picture for a crisp and clean cut.

How to Frame a Poster or Print

Once you have your poster ready to go and your frame is completely dry, use caution and care as tools and objects will be sharp to remove and lift any old or loose staples or picture finishing nails.

Then using caution and care as glass will be sharp, carefully slide the glass back into the picture frame.

Carefully lay your poster or print on top of the glass, image side down. Don’t forget to make sure your image is straight and aligned properly.

If you’re using a vintage or antique style picture frame that was already holding a print, it will likely come with a piece of sturdy cardboard.

Slide the cardboard over the poster or pint.

If your picture frame did not come with a piece of cardboard you can use as a backing, you’ll need to make one.

After you have the cardboard in place, using caution and care secure in place with staples, picture nails or heavy-duty tape.

You could also add a piece of brown craft paper to the back of the picture for a clean more professional finish.

Finally, make sure your picture is safe, secure and ready to hang!

Hanging a Framed Poster or Print

Using posters as wall art is an inexpensive way to easily change up your home décor.

Especially, if you change your mind a lot or if you’re looking for that special piece of art you haven’t been able to find or afford yet.

Similarly, adding a favorite poster to vintage or antique style frames can help elevate mass produced prints. And create a custom feel for spaces you’re excited to makeover.

We recently picked up and frame this poster for the entry.

Speaking of the entry, my parents came over to deliver the planks for the kitchen makeover and after trying multiple rugs and pillows I decided to repaint the entry bench.

I know! It does look a lot better now – I promise – I’m leaving it!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. This makes me want to give framed posters another chance. I’ll probably find vintage ones though because I really dont care for mass produced art.

  2. CoCo – thanks for sharing your smart and practical ways for framing and elevating the look of everyday art into a masterpiece. The Queen looks even more regal – if that’s possible. Frames are some of our favorite items to shop for at the thrift store and they are typically so inexpensive. Love your style…and you.

  3. Thank u. I was googling what to do about a poster to make it look elegant. Thank u. Looks beautiful

    1. You are very welcome, Theresa, happy to help!

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