Entry Makeover Reveal

After two long months we’re finally sharing the entry makeover reveal!

If you would have told us way back in August, it would take us this long to finish the entry makeover, I would have thought you were crazy. I literally thought this makeover would take us maybe a few weeks based solely on the fact that we had almost everything we needed to complete it already.

That being said, as with the breakfast nook makeover it was ultimately the artwork and my struggle with the pursuit of perfection that caused the biggest delay.

In fact, I was this close to putting the reveal off another week because I haven’t been able to find side tables and lamps – literally anywhere. After my parents dropped off the wood for the kitchen planks the week before last, my Mom just flat out said I should stop worrying about the pieces I didn’t have and focus on the projects we had finished.

And I gotta say, she was so right!

Can we all just agree Moms are total super heroes?

Just to refresh your memory, this is how the entry started out, not too bad but also not as good as we knew it could be.

We wanted the entry to feel like a more defined space, so we decided to add board and batten to both entry walls.

Once the board and batten was installed we painted the top of the walls in Valspar’s Bistro White and the bottom in Valspar’s Ultra White to match the rest of the trim in the house. Here’s a look at the long wall…

and the short wall.

We also repainted the inside of the front door in Valspar’s Cathedral Stone and I was pretty sure I had settled on a rug. Emphasis on the words, pretty sure, mind you.

Once the painting portion of the entry makeover had been completed, we replaced our old builder grade light…

with a new chandelier.

After all those pieces were in place, the rest was entry makeover was purely decorative. I repainted the entry bench twice

before finally settling on Valspar’s Faint Maple with a wash of Bistro White late last week.

That decision was mostly based on the fact the rug I originally chose was a bit too busy for the entry. So, I finally landed on this one which is has the threadbare look I was going for but couldn’t find until my Mom and I started moving around rugs from one room to the next. This rug used to be in one of the bathrooms and I just flipped it over for a faux threadbare look.

After the rug and bench were good to go, I added a bench cushion wrapped in a nubby and dyed drop cloth…

and these vintage monogrammed no sew pillows.

We rehung our antique quilt rack and I made a new sign for the top. If you had a chance to read Monday’s post, you already know how easy they are to make. Signs like this are always great to decorate with especially around the holidays. You don’t need any special equipment to make one this size either – a computer, at home printer and a few paint supplies will do!

I usually wouldn’t put up a sign (or really anything) that high but as with our kitchen cabinets, the space is pretty big and leaving it blank just feels super awkward. It’s also another reason why I’m on the hunt for small side tables and skinny lamps. I think it will just pull everything together so much better.

I actually wanted to use a larger version of this horse picture in the kitchen, but we started working on the entry first and I couldn’t really find anything else I loved to fill this space. As with the artwork in the breakfast nook there was an almost 2-week delay despite the “expedited shipping” charge. You can read all about our framing tips here.

Given we wanted to make the entry as functional as possible, we added a hook and mirror to the small wall. I didn’t want to clutter it up too much, so I just put up one hook for my purse. But my Dad said he’s going to need someplace to hang his coat when he comes to visit, so I guess I’ll be adding at least 2 more hooks ha ha. I also plan to add a different boot tray as well.

I’ll keep you posted on the items we still need to add to make this entry makeover 100% complete. For now though, we’re celebrating that done is better than perfect!

I still can’t believe how different everything looks. Here’s one more look at the entry before…

and after…

See you guys back here tomorrow. We’re excited to share another update on our kitchen and pantry project as part of Week 4 of the One Room Challenge. The French Bee Stencil made a huge difference in the pantry, so I’ll share all the details in case you want to do something similar in your house too. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Your guests will want to take their shoes off and have a little nap on that bench, you have made it so comfortable. Grins, lovely entry!

  2. So pretty!!! I love the lavender touches AND the equestrian print. Love anything horse related 🙂 You did another great job Coco!!!

  3. CoCo…you guys knocked it out of the ballpark. I’m thinking that the paint color. Cathedral Gold isn’t showing up true. Can you describe it? I need to get ideas for my front door. and I really like it. I absolutely love the rug and chandy. Wow, its all just welcoming and beautiful! And the pillows…sigh!

    Jane x

  4. Oh my gosh CoCo – the entry looks magnificent. There was no way that we thought that it could be improved from its former fabulousness – and then you do THIS! We really love all of the beautiful and thoughtful choices that you made. Adding board and batten to the walls really makes a dramatic yet understated impact. Your keen design, palette and DIY skills have really served you well. Fantastic makeover! Much love!

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