Behind the Scenes with “S”

What many of you may not know is that CoCo is a huge Wizard of Oz fan.   One of the great scenes in the movie is when Dorothy, the Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow see the wizard behind the curtain. The wizard announces, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”  Well, for The Crowned Goat, I am the one behind the curtain.

Yes, many of you may have heard of me before but let me formally introduce myself. I am “S”, the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CBOS (Chief Builder of Stuff), CGG (Chief Go Getter) and the CWDYTAT (Chief What Do You Think About This). I hold stuff, haul stuff and move stuff from one room to the other and then another.



By day I work for a large financial company and by night I work for CoCo. She is truly a Girl Boss with more plans and projects than I can ever keep up with.   I especially like it when she tells me about a project she’s thinking about and then when she’s done telling me about it she patiently waits for me to volunteer to help. So of course I do, maybe not right away, but that’s only because I’m afraid to ask her when she needs the project done. For sure I know the answer already because CoCo doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet, so naturally, she wants it done now or tomorrow. There are many days I go to work just to get a break. My day job requires me to use my brain but I see how hard CoCo works and it makes me appreciate my desk job. It’s exhausting watching all that it takes to be a Home Décor and DIY blogger.


Then between answering comments, emails and the projects there is social media. The social media aspect of blogging is life altering. I’m a techie and appreciate the power of social media but when my dinner gets cold in an effort to get the nightly Instagram pic, well lets just say the sacrifices I make for the daily contributions to the various social media platforms is truly heroic.   CoCo once had me watch a YouTube video about the Instagram husband.   I watched the video while laughing and crying at the same time. I was thinking to myself, “WOW! I’m not a husband but I could certainly have my own YouTube video or at least I could start an Instagram or Pinterest Anonymous group”.

This is the breakfast table that changes more than I change my shoes.  I never knew how important it was to have so many different types of dishes, glassware, table runners and cloth napkins that I’m afraid to use.  I do appreciate her focus on the details for all of the table presentations (in blog speak it’s a tablescape).

Entertaining outdoors is number one on Coco’s party list.  She originally had this door, but it didn’t have any lights on it.  She realized that she needed more light on the serving table so she had the idea to add these lights.  My job was to figure out how to put it all together.  When she presented the idea to me she finished by saying, “It should only take 5 minutes.”  Obviously 5 minutes in the blog world is much longer than it is in “S” world.  It wasn’t a hard project but it was 40 minutes just to get to the store and get the materials.  I guess she wasn’t counting travel time.  That being said, the idea was great and also solved the lighting issue at the serving table.

This front porch was beautiful and I especially love the custom pillow made just for me.  I did provide the font for the letter but the rest was all CoCo.


I have helped with many, many, projects for The Crowned Goat. I have to be real though, it has not all been easy or come at the best time. But when the project was finished I can honestly say I have always been amazed at the end result.  This project had to be my favorite and really challenged our skills.   Check out this checker board floor.  Yep, this was a job but so worth it.

2016 was a busy year for The Crowned Goat and I don’t expect 2017 to be any different.  I look forward to seeing what CoCo comes up with and what part I will play in helping her create the vast number of projects I know she is already envisioning.  2016 went by fast so stay close and see what 2017 will bring.

Guest post provided by the CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CBOS (Chief Builder of Stuff), CGG (Chief Go Getter) and the CWDYTAT (Chief What Do You Think About This),


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  1. This post is hilarious “S” that whole “the grass doesn’t grow under CoCo’s feet sounds just like her!”

  2. O – M- G !!!!! Tears are running down our chins we are laughing so hard! Being “behind the scenes” is hard work “S”, or so we are told by our silent partners 🙂 CoCo is so very lucky that you support all of her creative ideas and help bring a lot of them to life. You are a truly a treasure and she does not take any of it for granted. We can’t wait to see what you get to make in 2017!

  3. You are so funny S. i loved this post. I always think projects will take 5 minutes too CoCo!

  4. Elizabeth Bonin says:

    S! What a good friend/sport you are to bring CoCo’s visions to life! You post was hilarious and heartwarming. So glad you stepped out from the background for a moment to say hello!?xx Liz

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