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DIY European Farmhouse Mirror Makeover

Today, we’re sharing our DIY European Farmhouse Mirror Makeover!

Late last week, I spent way too much time obsessing over paint for the 10-drawer dresser in the master bedroom. 

Truthfully, the dresser was in great shape and the color, General Finishes Lamp Black, served us well for many years. But over time the dresser and mirror became difficult to keep clean because it showed every spec of dust, hair and lint. 

We live on three acres and while we dust and deep clean nearly every week, the dresser had to be cleaned daily to keep from showing dirt and dust.

Choosing a Fresh Paint Color for the Dresser

My first thought was to paint the dresser in Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint Boxwood which is a beautiful shade of green.  But given all the neutrals we have around here, that was no-go as was considered by some “too trendy.”

Just for the record, I think boxwood could totally be a long lasting neutral ?

I quickly pivoted to Fusion Mineral Paint and chose the color Raw Silk which is supposed to be the perfect shade of off-white.  But due to all things COVID-19 I literally could not find it anywhere!

Completely bummed, I headed to Lowes and chose an old favorite Valspar’s Quail Egg and had it mixed with Krylon’s Chalky Finish Paint.

While I was there, I picked up some Zinsser 123 primer because I knew both the dresser and the mirror would have to be primed first given the dark color.

From Lamp Black to…

This is after the first coat of primer….

and this is after the second coat.

I can’t even talk about the streaks on the sides.

The next day, I set about painting the 10-drawer dresser in Quail Egg.  This is a color I’ve used multiple times and it is considered a warm white.

So, imagine, my surprise when it came out of the can creamy-yellow instead of creamy white.

By the time, I painted 2 coats of Quail Egg on the dresser, I felt like I had been all but beat.  S told me to “give it some time.” My Mom said, “It’s probably not that bad.”

But you guys, every time I looked at that dresser it was some weird shade of yellow, green, and gray. And there was no way I could leave it alone.

…Bistro White 

At 1:26 the following morning, I decided to paint the dresser yet another time in Valspar’s Bistro White. Truthfully, it’s not a huge difference but now it reads more pale gray than pale yellow. 

The REALLY weird part about it all, is that the bookcases currently in the living room are also painted in Bistro White, yet the shade looks totally different in that space.

DIY European Farmhouse Mirror Makeover 

While I was painting the dresser, I was also having to prime and coordinate the paint for the mirror.  I didn’t really have a clear vision for the mirror other than I wanted it to look like I had picked it up at a super cool European flea market. 

And I knew the easiest way to achieve that look was with a DIY European farmhouse mirror makeover.

Creating a European Farmhouse Makeover With Paint

Step 1 was to apply a coat of Zinsser 123 primer and allow it to dry completely.

There were so many nooks and crannies because of the appliques.

In step 2, I created a “stain” with Americana Décor Chalky Paint in Restore using 2-parts water and 1-part paint.

I allowed the paint to dry for just a few minutes, then wiped it off with an old t-shirt but you could also use a rag.

Next, I applied a very thin coat of Americana Décor Chalky Paint in Primitive. It settled into all the nooks and crannies nicely as well. 

In addition, the brush strokes created an almost woodgrain like finish.

Finally, I put a small amount of Annie Sloan Dark Wax on a wax brush,

and really worked the wax into the paint (like you feel it in your muscles when you’re done ?)

Once the wax was set, I lightly sanded with 220-grit sandpaper and I knew my DIY European farmhouse style mirror makeover was complete!

Truthfully, these are the details that make all that layering worth it…

They seem so small, but they make a huge difference which is probably why they’re my favorite part of painting.

I still need to figure out a way to style the dresser and the DIY European farmhouse mirror. Here are a few ideas I’ve played around with so far but don’t fully love yet…

Whatever we choose I know it’s going to be something relatively simple.  Honestly for now, I’m so thankful to have most of the painting for the master bedroom refresh behind  me. 

Especially, these two tricky pieces!

Let us know if you’ve created a DIY European farmhouse makeover lately!

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Many blessings,


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  1. So pretty, CoCo! I love how the color of the mirror fame goes with the knobs! Sometimes getting the paint color you want is NOT easy. I rarely get it on the first try…everything looks so different than I expect in different rooms.

    1. Thank you, Linda! Trying to find the right paint color is definitely not an easy task. I swear the lighting, time of day, window placement can affect the color of a piece. We’ll see how this one comes together. I’m waiting on a different rug and then I’m going to style it all before I give it a yea or nay 🙂 Hugs, CoCo

    1. Thank you so much Lillian, I really appreciate it! I hope your week has been a happy one, CoCo

  2. I think they both look fabulous! I love the texture you created on the mirror and how the details stand out more now with the layered finish. It all looks so fresh – beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much, Jayne, I really appreciate it! Hope you’re having a great week. Hugs, CoCo

  3. Oh my goodness, CoCo, you are so clever! I loved the original colour but can totally understand why you’d want a change – no one wants to be constantly cleaning! What a bummer with the paint shade but I think in the end it looks wonderful, especially combined with the great job you did on the mirror. Well done!

    1. Thanks so much, Katerina! We have black granite countertops in the kitchen so I should have known from constantly cleaning up water spots not to do black furniture 🙂 It always looks so elegant though. I think the white and refreshed mirror is going to work out though. I’m getting excited about the way it’s all coming together. Hope you’ve had a great week, CoCo

  4. I just knew you would come up with something spectacular for the mirror and you didn’t disappoint, CoCo! It is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love all the details and the way you highlighted them with paint. The color you chose is perfect and goes so well with that beautiful dresser. Whatever way you choose to decorate the dresser will be lovely I’m sure but I’m leaning towards the last pic!

    1. Such sweet and kind words, Christine, thank you! This dresser is pretty big so I’ll have to get creative when it comes to decorating it. I’m just thankful the color finally came together. Goodness gracious, it took forever ha ha. I guess that’s what makes painting fun though 🙂 Hope you have the best weekend, hugs, CoCo

  5. CoCo, once again I’m blown away by your amazing projects. The dresser and mirror look so beautiful together and I love that they have a more collected over time look now. I’m excited to feature your post this week on Tuesday Turn About Link Party! Hope to see you there again soon!

    1. This is such a sweet surprise, Michelle, thank you! I was super nervous about making the change but I’m so glad I took the chance. We still have a little way to go but everything feels so fresh now. Sending you hugs and thank yous, CoCo

  6. Stunning paint transformation! I love the layers of color that add depth and interest.
    Have a great week.

    1. Thank you so much, Kippi, I really appreciate it! This mirror is huge so it was a lot to take on but I’m getting really excited about the way the room is starting to come together. I hope your week has been a fun one! Hugs, CoCo

  7. CoCo – you are the master of painted finishes! This mirror looks absolutely gorgeous, let alone authentically vintage looking. Thanks for sharing your fabulous tips! Much love.

    1. Thank you bunches, ladies! That mirror was such a beast to tackle but everything looks fresh now so I’m getting excited about the way it’s all coming together. Hugs, CoCo

  8. CoCo, it all looks so lovely. The mirror make-over is amazing. Such a fresh update.
    Thank you for sharing your mirror make-over at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring it at tomorrow’s party and pinning too.

    1. That is so sweet of you, Kerryanne, thank you so much! It was a beast to finish that mirror but I’m so glad we took a chance on it 🙂 Heading over to your blog now! Hugs, CoCo

  9. I love the dresser and the mirror. The box filled with greenery is a perfect addition.

    1. Thank you so much, Carol! It’s been so much fun to watch this space come together. It was SO dark before but it looks totally fresh now 🙂 Sending you hugs and hoping you and Steve are all safe and well, CoCo

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