Fall Inspired Honeycrisp Apple Panini

I’ll freely admit I’m a picky eater. Well, maybe picky isn’t the right word. Maybe quirky eater is a better description. For example, I don’t like things made with onions but could eat my weight in onion rings made in my hometown. Once oranges are in season, I’ll have them as a snack on a regular basis. But as soon as I see the words “with pulp” on the front of the orange juice carton, I’m out.

So when my bestie, S came up with a fall inspired panini I was a little apprehensive. I’m not a foodie. I don’t like anything weird or foo foo or “artsy,” I just want to sit down and eat. In my defense, the ingredients she was trying to combine seemed like all of those things to me. I had almost talked myself out of trying anything that even resembled a panini when I heard these words, “I’m putting honey crisp apples and smoked gouda on it.”

Say what? Ok, I’m in.

Cut two slices of whole wheat bread.


Next slather pumpkin puree on the inside of each piece of bread.


Then cut two slices of apple-smoked gouda cheese


and layer the cheese on top of the pumpkin puree.


We used Honeycrisp apples because they have a short season and are my absolute favorite apples on the planet. They have the perfect mix of sweet and tart tanginess. You’ll want to use thin slices of apples and stack them at least 2-3 pieces high.


Lay the panini halves on top of each other.


Place 1 tablespoon of butter and 1 teaspoon of maple syrup in a small bowl.


Microwave approximately 30 seconds or until soft enough to mix together.


Brush or spoon mixture on the outside of the panini.


Place on a prepared grill with the side that has the butter and maple syrup mixture facing down on the grill. Then brush or spoon the mixture on the other side of the panini.


Grill until cheese has melted.


This panini was super easy to make. It would be perfect for lazy Saturday afternoons or for busy school nights when soccer practice is running late. This small panini is pretty filling depending on how much you eat. But if you have hearty eaters at home consider serving with a fall inspired soup or salad.


It’s really good. You won’t be disappointed. It’s picky eater approved.

Fall Inspired Honeycrisp Apple Panini - The Crowned Goat

See you guys back here Monday for the Something to Talk About Link Party.  Have a happy weekend.

Many blessings,


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  1. Hey CoCo – This looks so good! What a creative combination and perfect for our Fall recipe file. Love the tip of melting the butter with the maple syrup – genius! Can’t wait to try it!

    PS – we “just say no to pulp” too!

    1. You girls are going to love this panini! It’s really a great mix of flavors. Big hugs for team “just say no to pulp” Coco

  2. Lol, I have to laugh because I share the same feelings about onions and orange juice pulp!! Now, as far as this recipe goes, I’m all in!! I’ve got to get some apple-smoked gouda today! Thanks for sharing and thanks to S for creating this yumminess!!

    1. That’s because we’re secretly twins, Angie 🙂 Ask your Mom 🙂 I really think you’ll like this panini – the saltiness from the cheese mixed with the tart from the apples and the sweet of the maple syrup butter is so good. Hugs, Coco

  3. I was literally just thinking to myself this morning (while drinking my orange juice) “I love extra pulp so much, I wonder who else likes pulpy-juice”. I guess you’re not one of the weird ones that doesn’t mind a little chewing in your beverages? I also need to mention that honeycrisp is my second favourite type of apply (close behind Jonagold).

    I will be trying out this “picky eater” recipe soon!

    1. ha ha Nicole you’re giving me the giggles! My Mom loves extra pulp too! I’ve never even heard of Jonagold before but I love apples so I can’t wait to try this new kind. Thanks so much for introducing me to it. Hope your day is totally fantastic, CoCo

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