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25 Simple DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

As we inch closer to the holidays and Christmas, we thought it would be fun to share 25 Simple DIY Christmas Gift Ideas you can easily make for your friends, family, coworkers, or to give as a hostess gift.  

25 Simple DIY Christmas Gift Ideas-The Crowned Goat

Like many of you, some of our favorite gifts are handmade and homemade gifts! We love it when our friends and family members get creative and put their own spin on things. 

In fact, every time I look at the bookcases in our living room, I think about how much love and hard work my Dad put into making them.

Creating Simple DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Simple DIY Christmas gifts ideas don’t have to be as elaborate as bookcases though. There are plenty of thoughtful things you can do to show the special people in your life you care about them.

While most of these projects can be completed in a day, some can even be completed in an hour or less! 

Here’s a look at 25 Simple DIY Christmas gifts, projects and ideas you can make this holiday season…

Advent Calendar

Believe it or not, advent calendars are some of the easiest DIY Christmas gift ideas to make during the holiday season.  You can literally customize them in a ton of different ways.

Make it festive by adding small gifts, wrapped chocolates, notes of encouragement, or tickets for adventure.

Some of our favorite advent calendars to date have been the Say Yes Advent Calendar which took us out of our comfort zone and the Antique Picture Frame Advent Calendar which honored all the people (like you) who helped us through S’s accident a few years ago.

Monogrammed Market Tote

I made this monogrammed market tote for my Mom and she loved it.  I thought she would use it for groceries, but she said it was roomy enough to take to yoga class too.

Needless to say, I’ll be making more of these!

Personalized Name Plate for the House

I made this personalized nameplate for one of the guest rooms at Loblolly Manor. But this idea can be easily personalized in so many ways. 

Create a nameplate for your home, to capture a special quote or even a special anniversary date.

Vintage No Sew Monogrammed Pillows

One of my favorite quick and easy DIY projects ever.  These vintage no-sew monogrammed pillows are so versatile and neutral.

We’ve moved them all over the house!

DIY a Dutch Inspired Tulip Crate

We made DIY Dutch Inspired Tulip Crate for my mom as a gift a few years ago. And she still loves it!

It’s one of those pieces that can be used inside your home or outside on the porch or patio.

DIY Tulip Crate-The Crowned Goat

Gardener’s Lavender Hand Scrub

With Spring planting season just around the corner! So, there will be plenty of time for your favorite Gardener to use this fabulous lavender hand scrub

It smells amazing and easily removes all the dirt and grime that comes with weeding and planting.

Ironstone Container Garden

If you’re super busy and pressed for time consider creating an ironstone container garden.  We used kale but you could just as easily plant herbs, paperwhites, or even a miniature rose bush.

Monogrammed Tea Towels

Monogrammed Tea Towels like these are another quick and easy way to personalize Christmas gifts.  I made these a few years ago and they’re still holding up well!

Jadeite Inspired Cupcake Stands

I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve used these jadeite-inspired cupcake stands and our milk glass cake stands over the years. 

They’re functional enough to help display all sorts of yummy treats during mealtime yet neutral enough to use for everyday decorating in any season.

Personalized Sign 

Creating a personalized or vintage-inspired sign like this one that can be used in multiple spaces is super simple.

You can find all the details about how to make a flower market sign for your porch, patio, or She Shed here and our grain sack-inspired wall art here.

A Serving Tray from a Breadboard

S swears I am obsessed with breadboards. While that might be slightly true, more than anything I appreciate how utilitarian and functional they can be!

This serving tray we created from a breadboard is another item we made years ago that we use all the time.

Topiary for the Kitchen 

We created this faux dill topiary for the kitchen at Loblolly Manor and I loved it so much I made one for my house too. 

They’re such an easy to add layers of greenery to your home in any season.

Drink Stencil

If your friends or loved ones look forward to a special cup of coffee in the morning or a latte in the afternoon, they will adore this personalized drink stencil.

The Gift of Your Painting Skills

This is one of those gifts that would fall under gifts of service or time which mean more than anything.

If you know someone that has been so scared to paint a piece of furniture they’ve been putting it off for months now, give them the gift of your painting skills. 

DIY Napkin Rings

These festive DIY napkin rings were another quick project that was so easy to create it took me longer to ride to town and pick up the supplies than it did to actually make them. 

Monogrammed Canvas Pouch

If your friends or loved ones carry a market tote-style purse, they’ll love this monogrammed canvas pouch.    It helps keep everyday items from notebooks to accessories to craft supplies organized.

Crock Inspired Paint Cans

Given we go through lots of paint for home improvement projects, we’re constantly looking for ways to upcycle and reuse the paint cans. 

These crock-inspired paint cans can be used for everything from holding brushes to flower arrangements.

French Inspired Flower Pots  

If you have someone in your life that loves all things European farmhouse, consider making them a set of French-inspired flower pots.  You can even make a set for kitchen herbs!

Aged Book Bundles  

These aged book bundles have consistently been one of our most popular posts to date.  To be honest, I’ve been totally shocked because they were so easy to make I almost didn’t create a tutorial for them.

They’re another simple DIY Christmas gift idea you’ll be able to use all over the house in every season.

Vintage Inspired Ornaments

While these vintage-inspired air dry clay ornaments don’t have to be sentimental, you can make them extra special by using a treasured piece of antique lace or crochet from a beloved family member. 

Every time I look at these ornaments I think about my super creative Granny and her sister who were DIYing way before it was considered cool. 

A Simmer Pot

We’re always looking for ways to make our home smell good throughout the year.  These simmer pots couldn’t be easier to create, you can make them in advance and even give them away as gifts too!

Bee Inspired Ring Dish

My sisters and I all pile up in my parent’s kitchen to box up the leftovers and help with the dishes after dinner. Since we take off our jewelry before we get started, I thought it would be fun to make these bee-inspired ring dishes.

While they’re a simple way to dress up the kitchen, they’re also great for your nightstand, desk area, or to keep by the bathroom sink!

Pink Himalayan & Rosemary Salt Scrub

We’ve been using this pink Himalayan & Rosemary salt scrub to help ease dry winter skin. I’m excited to report our skin is super soft now. Bonus, this scrub looks pretty by the tub!

If Rosemary isn’t really your thing. you might want to try our delicious cinnamon and vanilla latte brown sugar scrub.

Personalized Stationery

While it’s definitely easier to send a text message or an email, receiving a proper thank you note in the mail is always a sweet gesture.

This personalized stationery can be easily customized to fit the interests and needs of the recipient.

Aged Serving Tray

This aged silver serving tray was another super simple project to create. Save for the drying time of the spray paint and waiting for the wax to cure, it took less than an hour to make.   

It can be used in so many different places from a bookcase to a vignette or even on your coffee table.

As I’ve shared before, a Christmas gift doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive to make an impact.

Most of these 25 Simple DIY Christmas Gift Ideas are budget-friendly and can be made at the last minute in a day or even in an afternoon. 

Have you started making Christmas gifts yet? We’d love to hear what you’re making this year! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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