Soft & Romantic Farmhouse Christmas Entry

Today, we’re sharing our soft and romantic farmhouse Christmas entry!

Truth be told, I had NO plans to use pink in our Christmas decorating this year.   If you’ve been a friend of all things TCG for a while, you may remember I used pink for Christmas last year.

And since I like to change things up from year to year, I had a completely different idea of what I wanted the house to look like.    

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think it’s important to use what you already have on hand before buying anything new.  It’s just that I had planned to go full on European farmhouse and use our stash of grays, champagnes, burlaps and creamy white ornaments. 

Pink was never meant to be the star of the show.  In fact, it never entered my mind. 

A Christmas Decorating Surprise 

But then a few weeks ago my bestie S showed up with containers of glittery blush pink and silver ornaments.  And she brought spools of glittery blush pink and silver lame ribbon too. 

“I know I wasn’t able to help you decorate last year because of the accident. So, I thought I would surprise you with these ornaments and ribbons.  I know how much you love blush.”

S was tickled pink (pun intended) she had been able to surprise me.  Honestly, I usually hate surprises.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her I had been amassing European farmhouse Christmas ideas since the summer.

She was just too excited.

So, I did something else I rarely do. As a recovering perfectionist and daily planner, I made up my mind to go with the flow.

I know! Who am I?

Getting a Game Plan Together 

We cranked up the Christmas music, sipped on peppermint mochas and hatched a plan that day to make our Christmas season as magical as possible.  The plan included 3 key elements:

  • To reuse as many Christmas decorations as we already had on hand in a fresh way
  • Decorating only the common areas so we could spend more time enjoying Christmas activities this holiday season
  • Making the decorations as simple as possible so it wouldn’t take days to clean it all up or put it all away

And with that, in a completely organic way, we created a soft and romantic farmhouse Christmas entry. The entry, then set the tone for the rest of the house. 

While it’s not anything like I had originally imagined, it’s still pretty fabulous. 

I reused the same garland I used in our Mad for Plaid Christmas Entry (although I should insert here, S Velcro-ed it up there so we’re not really sure how we’re going to get it down ?, minor details right?)

the dusty pink satin ribbon I found at a thrift store last summer for $1.99, 

a set of faux fur pillows we brought home from the cabin,

and repurposed the antique bird cage holder my parents bought me as a birthday gift years ago as a wreath holder. 

I thought I might use the antelope fabric as curtains in the dining room, but the print turned out to be a bit too busy.  I’m still hoping to find the perfect spot for them though.   

The ruffled bench skirt was previously used in one of the bedrooms.  I have plans to repurpose it for a fun makeover next year too. 

Of course, I kept one of my favorite wall art pieces in place.  I seriously have to hold myself back from using something equestrian in every single room ?

Given my sweet Jelly Bean passed away a few months ago, I can’t bring myself to hang up our stockings.  Going from 5 stockings to 3 makes me teary every time I think about it. 

That said, I still think it’s important Santa visits Filbie.  So, we decided to hang his stocking in the entry.

All in all, it’s coming together.  We’re still working on a few spaces like the front porch and the living room.  The tree is up (thanks to S) and it’s all kinds of sparkle-y!

Things to Keep in Mind When Decorating the Entry for Christmas

If you’re in the midst of decorating your entry too, here are a few things to keep in mind…

  • Choose a color palette that is consistent with the color palette in the rest of your home
  • Add texture
  • Layer in bit of nature
  • Create a space for seasonal items like packages, presents and other deliveries

Decorating the entry for Christmas and the holidays is a simple way to welcome your family, neighbors and guests into your home.


Even if you have a small porch or no porch at all – the front door and entry areas are both super easy spaces to create a festive feel in your home.

I hope these tips and ideas for a soft & romantic farmhouse Christmas entry have helped.  Let us know how you plan to decorate your entry for Christmas this year!

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Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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    1. I really appreciate it, Linda, thank you so much! I’m normally not a “go with the flow” kind of person (although I secretly want to be SO bad) because I thrive on structure and planning but it was easy to make an exception for an occasion this special. We are so thankful S is up and walking this year. Sending you lots of warmish (it’s in the 60s and we’re wearing sweaters he he) hugs from Florida, CoCo

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