Farmhouse Easter Basket Ideas

As we inch closer to Easter, I thought it would be a good time to share a few Farmhouse Easter Basket Ideas as well as other gift ideas too!

Gift Basket Inspiration… 

A few weeks ago, I was in a popular big box store shopping for wedding presents for one of my cousins.  This store in particular is super popular for most brides. And after working with them I can completely understand why.

Not only was choosing items from the gift registry super easy, the staff printed us out a complete list while we were shopping.  Thankfully, list was organized by category and was set up just like the store.

While were wrapping our gifts at the store’s wrapping station, we started taking about how easy the whole experience had been and wished out loud all our gift shopping could be so simple!

I realized on the way home though, it actually could be, no matter what the season or event.

Here are a few things to think about when looking for Farmhouse Easter Basket Ideas or creating a gift basket for someone you love…

  1. Really take the time to think about what the recipient wants or needs.  I think we can all relate to receiving a gift we don’t quite know what to do with, will likely never wear, or even use (just being honest) ?
  2. Get a plan together before you start shopping.  Sometimes choosing a gift can be overwhelming because there are so many great options now days.  Having a game plan will help you fully focus when you get to the store or start shop online.
  3. Consider a gift theme.  From farmhouse Easter basket ideas to a kitchen gadgets theme to a color theme where everything you put in the basket has the same color or shade choosing a gift theme is another way to make things easy.
  4. Set a budget. No matter if you’re buying big items or lots of little ones, things can quickly start adding up. So, set a budget and stick with it.

We’ve tried our best to make sure the items on these lists are in stock. But inevitably there are items that sell out quicker than we expected.

Some of the items on this list we already own, some of them are on our wish list this year and some of them have been recommended by family, friends or coworkers.

You ready to shop?

Here’s a look Farmhouse Easter Basket Ideas as well as other things we’re loving this Spring…

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Farmhouse Easter Basket Ideas 

Twine and Scissors Set 

Euro Shams 

Topiary Set 

Letterboard (additional colors available)

Candlestick Set (dark wood also available)


Wall Baskets 

Plaid Throw (additional colors available)

Enamel Pail

Cookbook Holder 

Stoneware Tumblers 

Ticking Pillow 

Coat Rack 

Wood Bead Garland 

Jute Market Tote (additional colors and styles available)

Beverage Bottles 

Coastal Farmhouse Inspired Finds 

Whiskey Bottle Vase 

Linen Duvet Set 

Dish Towel Set 

Canvas Makeup Bag 

Gingham Sheet Set 



Straw Bag 


Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas 

Bread Box (additional colors available)

Mason Jar Measuring Set (additional colors available)

Silicone Cleaning Gloves 

GreenPan Fry Pan Set 

Kitchen Towel Set 

Hobnob Mixing Bowls 


Stand Mixer in Pistachio 

Bottle Rack/Mug Rack (additional colors available)

Beauty Finds and Accessories 

Purse Organizer Insert 


Vitamin C Serum 

Hyaluronic Acid 


Makeup Remover Cloths 

Scarf Scrunchies 

7 Day Travel Pillbox 

Glass Roller Bottle Set for Essential Oils 

Farmhouse Greenery 

Preserved Boxwood Wreath 

Floral Wreath (additional colors available)

Magnolia Wreath 

Floral Arrangement (additional colors available)

Real Touch Mini Tulips

Peony Bunch (additional colors available)

Tabletop Topiary 

Olive Tree 

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree 

Easter Basket and Bins Ideas 

Pink Caddy 

Metal Tote 

Locker Style Baskets (additional colors available)

Storage Bins 

Cotton Rope Basket 

Striped Basket

Picnic Basket 

Water Hyacinth Basket 

Berry Baskets 

I know sometimes we exchange gifts as opposed to making an actual Easter basket.  So, I tried to share a wide variety of options.

If you are creating a farmhouse inspired Easter basket, I hope the items featured in this post helps to make your shopping a bit easier.

I have a few things on this list already but I’m definitely hoping the Easter Bunny is going to be really good to me this year.  And I hope he’s good to you too!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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