Simple Succulent Centerpiece for Spring

Spring is one of our favorite seasons and we know it is for so many of you too. We’re completely out of the nesting phase of winter, the birds are back on the property chirping away and signs of new life are all around us. The weather has been so nice lately, we’ve found ourselves strolling the garden section of our local home improvement store every time we’re in there, which has been at least once a week. We’ve picked up a few plants for container gardens which I’ll share with you next week but we’ve also been looking for a way to bring more plants indoors too. I was looking to create an easy centerpiece using various shades of greens that could easily be transitioned from St. Patrick’s Day to Easter when we stumbled upon succulents. I may have mentioned we lived in El Paso, Texas for a bit so I’m familiar with succulents but this is the first time we’ve used them in our home. Given I’m not 100% sure which room some of these plants will be used in or even what container for that matter they’ll be kept in, I decided to cheat just a bit when creating this centerpiece. You’ll see what I mean. Here’s a look at how you can make a Simple Succulent Centerpiece this spring too…

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-1

The first step is to choose a container. We’ve had this old fruit crate for years and we’ve used it in so many different projects.

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-2

This container is fairly deep which is something to keep in mind when you’re choosing which succulents you want to bring home because I wouldn’t say succulents (real or faux) are inexpensive.

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-3

After you’ve chosen your container, choose your succulents. I never realized how pretty they were until I really started looking at how intricate some of the petals were and how muted some of the colors were. So gorgeous, right?

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-4

If your box is too deep, place floral foam on the bottom to help raise your plants and to fill in any holes or gaps.

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-5

I wound up having to add some small books in some spots too.

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-6

So here’s the quick centerpiece secret cheat…leave the succulents in the pot….and arrange the pots to your liking…

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-7

…then gently place different kinds of moss around each succulent in an effort to hide the pots (aka hide the evidence ha ha). That way when you’re ready to plant the succulents in a more permanent container, you’ll have it as an option.

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-8

Keep in mind moss is really messy so you’ll probably want to do this part outside. Also, I would use caution and care before placing this centerpiece around children or mischievous pets.

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-9

Obviously, you won’t be watering the plants while they’re in a temporary container so make sure they’ve been watered prior to creating this simple spring centerpiece.

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-10

You guys, even people with brown thumbs can make this – it’s that easy!

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-11

Plus, it’s always good to have options, right? That’s why I’m passing the secret cheat tip on to you. Also, don’t be afraid to mix real and faux plants. We found some really pretty ones at Hobby Lobby that looked and felt just like real succulents.

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-12

We’re really excited about how everything came together so you’re probably going to be seeing succulents again in an upcoming post. Maybe on the porches or the front door or in someone’s office if we ever get it finished.

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-13

See you guys back here tomorrow. I’ll share a way you can make moss placemats for your spring tablescape in minutes. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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  1. So pretty! I love succulents. What a great way to make a simple centerpiece that is interesting but low enough to allow your guests to talk across the table. Have a great day Coco!


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