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Happy Friday, you guys! How has your week been? As you can probably imagine, our week has been WAY better this week than it was last week. I can hardly believe tomorrow is the big race. 9.3 miles over 2 bridges. One of the bridges is called Big Green and it’s at the very end of the race. I know…when you’re so tired you can hardly take one more step… you have the biggest bridge of all to climb before you can cross the finish line and eat a banana. I’m super nervous and exited all at the same time.

Speaking of super excited, one of my sisters was 8 months pregnant when she stepped on a piece of loose concrete as she was walking into church and took a terrible spill a few years ago. In an effort to protect the baby she twisted herself in a way so she wouldn’t land on her stomach. This presence of mind gave us a healthy baby but left her foot severely damaged. Surgery, rods, pins, screws, vein rerouting, stiches that left her foot looking a bit like Harry Potter’s head, tons of prayers and hard work by my sister has enabled her to compete in triathlons again. This will be our first race together since the accident and I couldn’t be more proud of how she’s fought her way back #nevergiveup.

Scenes from my week:

From the Front Porch-1

Not a single piece of ironstone amongst all this white * We’ve been working on the office after work every night. We finished painting above what will be the board and batten and it looks really good. * I had a full makeover day with my sister (the one mentioned above) and we had so much fun. I can’t believe it takes all of these products to get the “natural look.” * I’m looking forward to a nap and a cupcake tomorrow to celebrate finishing the race. I don’t even care what my time is…I’m just excited to be there. *

Here are a few fun things we found around the web this week… ((Affiliate links have been provided for your convenience. You can read our full disclosure policy here)

From the Front Porch-2

This gorgeous Scandinavian Farmhouse House Tour makes me want to paint everything in my house white then layer with yummy textiles.   Did you see that chandelier?

Have you guys been following this Cottage House Flip series? Every room so far is a stunning transformation. The floors in this bathroom are just beautiful.

Do you guys celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? One of the sweetest people on the planet travels there for business pretty regularly and takes some gorgeous photos. I keep telling her she’s going to find me in her suitcase one day. You can read about her adventures here and here.

I love collecting quotes and I know so many of you do too! This Oversized Book Page Quote Art is totally fabulous and could could be used in so many different spaces.

You have got to see this $32 DIY Wall Sconce. Love, love, love!

A cozy winter brunch at home?  Yes, please #givemealltheblueandwhite

Did you catch this little detail  in the Cottage House Flip Tour?

This would definitely be a statement piece in any room.

If you don’t feel comfortable diy-ing your own wall sconce, consider this one.

We use cabbage chargers similar to these at Bliss Barracks throughout the spring season. They’re really versatile.

There are so many pretty prints in this series. Seriously you could have one for each season and holiday.

This would be perfect for succulents or a small herb garden.

And finally, I’m definitely going to need this after the race.

If you missed anything on the blog this week, here’s a peek at what we’ve been up to…

Jadeite Inspired Individual Cupcake Stands

Faux Jadeite Cupcake Stands-3

Spring Succulent Centerpiece

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-4

The Easiest DIY Moss Placemats Ever

How to Make Moss Placemats-5

Transition from St. Patrick’s Day to Easter with this Simple Spring Tablescape

Spring Inspired Tablescape-6

I hope you all have a peace filled and relaxing weekend. We’re off to a race event tonight (bring on the carbs), 15K on Saturday and I’m hoping a to catch a nap at the beach on Sunday afternoon. We’ve made a little bit of progress on the office this week which has been fun. I know we still have a long way to go but it’s good to at least feel back on track.     We have a great week coming up next week as we ease a little more into decorating the house and the porches for spring.

From the Front Porch-7

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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