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Farmhouse Embroidery Hoop Gift Tag Ornaments

Today, we’re sharing how to create two different farmhouse embroidery hoop gift tag ornaments. 

These embroidery hoops can easily be used as gift tags, ornaments, place card holders on tablescapes or even placed on the bedroom door handles of guest rooms to help welcome your holiday guests!

Prepping for the Holidays at Bliss Barracks

The minute we got back home from the cabin I knew I would have to hit the ground running.  Especially, where getting the house ready for the holidays was concerned. 

Not only that, my parents have been in the process of giving their primary home, Bliss Barracks, a refresh.  So, I’ve been driving back and forth from their house to mine to help. 

Here’s a peek of the design board I created for them but haven’t shared on the blog yet.  

Don’t get me wrong, my Mom can certainly make decisions on her own. But she’s very sweet to wait until I can physically see the changes before wholeheartedly committing to any of them. 

In fact, by the time I got home from the cabin there was plenty of new things to see.  That said, Bliss Barracks is a wreck right now but in the best possible way ?

Most of the rooms downstairs have packages in them waiting to be opened.  The living room is filled with tubs of garlands and ornaments.  Their big Christmas tree waiting to be decorated and the dining room is being prepped for Thanksgiving dinner. 

You might think I’m bananas, but these completely ordinary moments are some of my favorite memories to date because my Mom loves the holidays so much. 

Saving Time Crafting Ornaments 

Given she’s on a bit of a tight timeline, I offered to make my Mom a few ornaments for her tree while I was making some for my tree too. 

She chose blues, greens and white this year and we kept with our beloved neutrals.  You’ll see them both below.

As I’ve shared previously, I don’t have a lot of extra storage space at my house. So, whenever I’m crafting something new, I try to make sure that item can be used multiple ways. 

Thankfully, these farmhouse embroidery hoop gift tag ornaments fit the bill perfectly. They can be used as gift tags, ornaments, place card holders at a festive tablescape or draped on the door handle to welcome holiday guests.

Bonus, they can easily customized to fit the colors in your home décor.

Here’s a look at how you can create a set of farmhouse embroidery hoop gift tag ornaments too…

Embroidery Hoop Gift Tag Ornament Supplies:

  • Fabric (we used gray flannel fabric and an old blue and white shirt)
  • Embroidery Hoop (we used 3-inch and 4-inch hoops)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Iron and Ironing board/mat
  • Iron on Monogram Letters (optional)
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Fray Away/Fabric Glue (optional)

Embroidery Hoop Gift Tag Ornament Steps:

Gather your supplies and make sure your work surface is protected before starting this project. 

Depending on the size of your embroidery hoop, you’ll need to measure and cut a square piece of fabric that is around 1-2 inches bigger than the hoop.

For example, we cut a 5×5 inch square for the gift tag ornaments made with the 3-inch embroidery hoop. 

As always use caution and care when cutting your fabric as scissors will be sharp.

Next iron any wrinkles out of your fabric. Again, use caution and care as iron will be hot.

Once your fabric is wrinkle free, place the largest the hoop (the hoop that will be on the outside) on top of and in the middle of your fabric.

Place your iron on monogram in the center of the hoop and on top of the fabric.  Then carefully, remove the hoop so you can iron the monogram onto the fabric. 

Keep in mind, the pocket of the blue and white shirt already had a “C” monogrammed on it, but you could certainly use another piece of the same fabric to iron on a different letter as well.

After the monogram has been secured to the fabric, attach the embroidery hoop.

Be sure to tighten the top of the hoop, as needed.

Trim any extra fabric with scissors using caution and care as scissors will be sharp. 

This will be the front of your farmhouse embroidery hoop gift tag ornament.

And this will be the back. 

Keep in Mind

Now if you’re giving this as a gift, you might want to clean up the edges of the fabric with either Fray Away or by gluing a piece of ribbon to the back of the embroidery hoop. 

Then embellish your farmhouse embroidery hoop gift tag ornament with your choice of ribbon.  You can place it on a package or hang it on the Christmas tree. 

Super easy, right?

Let us know if you try these farmhouse embroidery hoop gift tag ornaments!

They were really simple to create! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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  1. I can’t even begin to say how much I love this idea! I HAVE to make these. Great job, CoCo!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Candace. I really appreciate them. This was such a fun holiday craft to make because they can easily be personalized and used in so many different ways. I hope your day is a fun one! Hugs, CoCo

  2. These are a great idea! I’m actually in the process of making some embroidery hoop Christmas decor with buffalo check fabric. We’ll see how they turn out! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. Pinned! xo Kathleen

    1. That’s so exciting Kathleen! I know your hoop ornaments are going to be fantastic. I was so surprised at how easy these were to make and would definitely make them again. I can’t wait to see how yours turn out. You’re always so creative. Hope you’re having a great week, CoCo

    1. Thanks so much Paula, I really appreciate it! Hugs, CoCo

  3. Kathy Allen says:

    Greeat minds think alike. Our church had hoops leftover from our summer yard sale. I made ornaments with red/black buffalo plaid with a felt snowflake glued on. I hot-glued the snowflake on as I just didn’t trust the stickem to hold. Really cute. I would love the pocket one in a slightly bigger hoop and use the pocket for a small spray of greenery, a gift card, etc. Great project and nice clear tutorial!

    1. That sounds so pretty Kathy! I love your idea about using the pocket as a gift card or greenery holder too. I don’t know why it took me to long to get on the embroidery hoop train. They’re so versatile. I hope you’re enjoying the holiday crafting season so far. It’s fun to watch Christmas decorating ideas come to life with homemade ornaments! Hugs, CoCo

  4. CoCo – these ornaments are perfection! We feel that mother/daughter relationships are the best! Isn’t it fun creating beauty with your mom? She had to be over-the-moon happy with these beauties! Much Love!

    1. Thanks so much sweet friends! It’s definitely been fun crafting new things with my Mom especially ornaments for the tree and gift bags. It’s completely different than any of the Christmas decorations we’ve ever had before which makes it even more fun. Hugs, CoCo

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