French Linen Vanity Makeover

Today, I’m excited to share the French Linen Vanity Makeover we completed for the master bedroom at Loblolly Manor.

I know I’ve shared this with you guys before, but for real, there has been a lot of fruit basket turnover style furniture moving happening at Loblolly Manor lately. In fact, we had never really planned to create a vanity for the master bedroom at all.

You may remember I painted the base of this table in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey several months ago. You can read all about that process here. At the time, we were going to use it in the laundry room as a folding station at Bliss Barracks. I hauled this table to Loblolly Manor because we were having a big work weekend and it was easier than hauling it to Bliss Barracks. Surprisingly, it never left.

What might be even crazier not 4 days after I had painted the base of the table in Paris Grey, we decided to repaint it in French Linen. I know! I can’t even talk about it ha ha. It’s probably the world’s shortest furniture makeover.

Honestly, it’s for the best. We knew we had made the right decision the minute we married the vintage mirror which was family heirloom from one of my mom’s closest friends to the new painted French Linen table. Before I show it to you though, let me remind you what was here before…remember this dresser? It’s been moved to one of the bedrooms

and replaced with the French Linen vanity makeover. See what I mean? The scale of these two pieces married together is so much better. It fills in the space without adding all the bulk.

In addition to keeping the vintage mirror, we also kept these antique crystal sconces. They’re one of my favorite things in the entire house.

I was totally on the fence about this Santos doll we found at a thrift store for…$8. My mom pretty much fell in love instantly though so I knew we had to find a special place for it.

We bought the large French book back in January while we were at the Renninger’s Extravaganza from one of our favorite vendors. The book was originally used in Belle’s room from Beauty and the Beast fame at Disney World. They have since redecorated so it’s fun to have a small piece of Disney history at Loblolly now.

My mom has always kept some sort of flower or foliage around the house for as long as I can remember. Sometimes they’re real, sometimes they’re faux, sometimes they’re a mix but it never mattered if we were living on base or off, she always had flowers around the house. The glass vase is one we’ve been using for years.

I still can’t get over how easily this French Linen vanity makeover was to create. We don’t usually get to marry two pieces like this for a completely different look than what we had originally intended.

Most of the changes we’ve made at Loblolly Manor are actually coming together that way which makes it even more exciting.

See you guys back here tomorrow. My sweet dad created a bookcase from two columns we’ve had in the garage for years. I can’t wait for you to see it! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. This vanity looks completely different from the folding station you guys had planned for the laundry room. I cant get over it. Great job as always

  2. Oh my word CoCo – this vanity makeover is amazing. It’s like the mirror was made for it all along. Your mom was right to keep the Santos doll…love it! Your hard work has paid off because this space is just beautiful!

    1. This is one transformation I still can’t get over! It makes the entire room look completely different. I’m glad we were able to repurpose the table and the mirror too. We whole heartedly agree with you, they were made for each other. Hugs, CoCo

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