Gray and White Bedroom Makeover

We’re sharing the gray and white bedroom makeover we’ve been working on at Loblolly today!

When I was younger, I used to lie in bed at night listening to the sounds of my sisters giggling in their bedroom thinking, “What could they possibly be giggling about? It’s 10 o clock at night.”

It wasn’t too long before my Dad would come down the hallway, peek into their room, and say, “Girls, it’s time to settle down,” and the giggling would stop for about 5 minutes and then promptly start up again.

At just over 13 months apart they’ve basically been raised like twins and have been besties for as long as I can remember.

Even when they didn’t have to share a room, they chose to share a room and turn the other room into a playroom.

They’ve gone off to college together, gotten married together and their kids are all relatively close in age too.

So, when it came time to create a gray and white bedroom makeover for their childhood room at Loblolly, my Mom and I couldn’t stop thinking about giving them ample space to recreate that feeling whenever they visited.

The feeling of curling up with someone who knows all your secrets, loves you through the trenches, and smothers you in grace all while offering a healthy dose of makeup and fashion advice and mischievous fun.

Slow Decorating…

Truthfully, there are still things in this room my Mom wants to change.

She’d love for them to have a bigger chandelier, a French dresser or European armoire, and a different throw pillow.

For now, though, I think we accomplished one of our biggest goals for the gray and white bedroom makeover which was to quiet the entire space.

The room literally had artwork on almost every wall, and it felt cluttered as opposed to warm and inviting.

Plus, the walls were painted in my Dad’s favorite color, a yellowish buttercream (as shown in these “before” images) that didn’t go with my Mom’s French farmhouse style at all.

They seemed like small changes at first, but painting the walls and decluttering definitely had the biggest impacts.

Here’s a look at how we created a gray and white bedroom makeover for my sisters’ room at Loblolly…

Gray and White Bedroom Makeover: Mix and Match Bedding…

The bed is a family heirloom on loan from my aunt.

My Mom already had the French linen sheet set because she loves lots of layers and ruffles.

So, I knew early on that all the bedrooms at Loblolly would get a heavy dose of both because her signature style feels very “Princess and the Pea.”

As you can see, she replaced the trunk with a tufted bench and it’s so much more functional now.

Styling the Nightstands…

It’s still hard to believe we found these nightstands for $37.50.

You can read all about these French Linen and Pure White Painted nightstands here if you missed it.  


When it came time to style the nightstands, we shopped the house and used these inexpensive IKEA prints previously used in the entry.

My Mom spray-painted these books in Rust-oleum’s Champagne Bronze.

And one of my cousins found the old hotel key.

The other nightstand holds a dog plaque my Mom found in Mount Dora.

The lamps are from Amazon.


Gray and White Bedroom Makeover Dresser and Mirror…

Long before we ever decided to use this three-drawer dresser in the gray and white bedroom makeover, my Mom found this beautiful antique mirror.

It’s huge!

I think her heart is set on finding a European Armoire for this space though.

The mirror reflects the light and makes the room look bigger.

So, I’m hoping she can be persuaded to find a French dresser instead.

It also provides a place for my sisters to put on their makeup because our bathroom is T-I-N-Y.

I’ll keep you posted on what she decides.

Finding French farmhouse-style furniture has been a lot harder to find than either one of us expected.


The chandelier is another vintage find my Mom sourced from a local antique store.

It’s gorgeous but the scale is off just a bit.

We’re currently on the hunt for a larger one and will transition this one to the hallway.

It’s just too pretty to be hidden away.

Gray and White Bedroom Makeover: Before and After…

Even now as I look at these photos, it’s hard to believe just how far this gray and white bedroom makeover has come.

It didn’t happen overnight.

Rather in phases where my Mom took the time to hone her vision piece by piece.

And even though we still have a bit to go, I feel like this is the closest to her dream that we’ve ever been.

Let us know what makeovers you’re working on! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. I love the gray and white! I love the little details too, down to the painted books and motel key! I don’t think I would have ever thought to put that together. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

    1. Thank you, Susan! My Mom and I have a similar style but she definitely sees things (especially the details) in a completely different way than I do so it’s been fun to learn from her. As excited as I am to get back to a normal routine and to work on my own home, I’m going to miss this extra special time with her. Hugs, CoCo

  2. This is pretty CoCo. I love the rug and the colors and softness. It’s funny, I just said to my husband I feel like we have too much stuff around. Mybe we should take a few things off the walls. He gave me the look. You know the look of this means I have to touch up paint.

    Now with Peanut may not, be the best time but you got me thinking. Hmmm is that good or bad.

    1. Thank you bunches, Cindy! I know just what you mean about having to fill in nail holes and touch up paint. We had to do the same thing at Loblolly. My Mom loves lots of little things (she’s kind of a magpie that way) but once we cleared out the clutter and made room for statment pieces it changed everything. Truly, the house looks bigger now. I totally get Peanut is your priority right now (and definitely should be). You will never regret giving so much love and attention to this phase of their lives. Sending you both so many hugs, CoCo

  3. It is GORGEOUS, CoCo!!! You paid attention to every little detail and each part of the room looks just amazing. I love the bed and the linens on it…your mom knows how to choose fancy sheets!!
    A room takes so much time to plan and curate but it all eventually comes together, piece by piece.

    1. I really appreciate all your sweet words, Rachel, thank you. It’s been so much fun to work alongside my Mom and help her rediscover her style and vision for Loblolly. She loves little things and is all about the details so I’m learning a lot. Hope you’ve had the best week, CoCo

  4. Love the makeover! The rug makes such a beautiful statement. The bedding is amazing too! The tiny details are dreamy. I’d love staying in there – tiny bathroom and all. And I know she appreciated all you’ve done. Now to top it off, you should do what my sister and I (we shared a room until I started high school) would do every time we changed the sheets. As we were flipping up the top sheet we’d throw ourselves underneath it and let it fall on us. Silly, I know. Then when the pillows and comforters were on, we’d get this look, smile and throw ourselves back on top. Lots of giggles. Girls. LOL!

    1. Oh my gosh Cindy we used to do this all the time too! It litterally took twice as long to make the bed becasue we kept throwing ourselves underneath the top sheet waiting for it to fall ha ha. I’m sure it drove my Mom bananas especially since we had to have our beds made before we left for school but it was the best way to start the day! I love that you and your sister did the same thing. Thanks so much for all your sweet words on the bedroom makeover, little by little it’s all coming together. Hugs and safe travels, CoCo

  5. I love how the bedroom turned out CoCo. It is funny to me, when I was growing up, my mother tried to push lace, and frilly things on me. I ran as fast as I could from it all, although she won out on my bedroom. It had pick and white ticking, roses, lace, and ruffles galore. For the longest time, I fought it, but now? I love seeing all those things I said no to as a teen. Makes me laugh, of course, we would never share that information with her, teehee. I love the dresser there now, and the nightstands, and even though you do not think the chandelier is to scale, I love it. Everything flows, I love when you have a vision, and it comes to fruition.

    1. Gah that sounds like my dream bedroom, Cara! In addition to a mauve and country blue phase my Mom also went through a yellow and green phase and I can still remember that bed and all the matching linens. It’s so awesome to think about those styles coming back around, you know? We were definitely ahead of our time and we have our Mom’s to thank. Hope you’ve had the best week, CoCo

  6. Absolutely beautiful, my friend. It’s so restful and inviting. Hugs to you.

    1. I really appreciate it, Renae, thank you so much! Hugs, CoCo

  7. You all did such a fabulous job on the bedroom! I love the colors and the French country touches are so beautiful! The rug is gorgeous and the prints look perfect in the space! You and your mom make a great team! I bet she gets so excited every time she goes into the room! Blessings, Donna

  8. It’s so pretty and relaxing! And how sweet of you to think so much about your sisters’ comfort. And I love that you and your mom decorate together! You must have many wonderful memories of your shopping trips and projects together.

  9. RACHEL HARPER says:

    The bedroom looks amazing. Great job. I can’t wait to share a link tomorrow.

  10. Hi CoCo- My sister and I shared a bedroom growing up. We too would spend a good deal of time talking and giggling before finally falling asleep.

    I love how this room turned out. It looks so cozy and inviting. Also, the color scheme makes everything feel cohesive ( but not in a matchy matchy way).

    Thank you for sharing this project with us. I’m inspired to try to find semi- matching nightstands .

  11. I love the rug! Where was it purchased? The room looks so lovely.

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie! We found this rug at Ross but a lot of people are asking about it so I’ve been keeping my eye out for something similar and I’ll let you know if I find anything. It’s super neutral and goes with everything! Hugs, CoCo

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