Loblolly Bedroom Makeover Reveal

We’re sharing another Loblolly bedroom makeover reveal today!

Truth be told when we started working on my childhood bedroom at Loblolly, I thought it would be the easiest space to complete.

After all, my only request was a smaller dresser and a desk I could actually use.

But over the summer while we were treasure hunting in Mount Dora, my Mom fell head over heels in love with two pieces of furniture.

And those two pieces changed everything.

The Infamous Swan Table…

The first piece was the infamous swan table.

The one we went back to check out 4 times before my Mom finally decided to take a chance on it.

It happily replaced my farmhouse-style nightstand.

And I have to say, my Mom was right, it looks so much better now.

Loblolly Bedroom Makeover Reveal: Swan Table-The Crowned Goat

The Hutch Top…

The second piece was a hutch top that had no bottom.

It wasn’t in perfect shape by any means, and immediately reminded me of something Nellie Oleson’s parents would have used in the general store.

Still, I could see the potential.

Hutch and Desk Painted in Southern Grove - The Crowned Goat

And despite having no idea how it would work out, I knew my Mom would regret leaving it behind the minute we left Renningers.

So, we hauled it to Loblolly, paired it with a desk that used to be in the kitchen, and painted both pieces in Southern Grown from the Magnolia Paint Line.

Loblolly Bedroom Makeover Reveal: Hutch and Desk-The Crowned Goat

Layering the Bed with French Country Inspired Linens…

With those two pieces in place, we set about layering the bed my Dad built for me several years ago. It’s so hard to get a good picture of it because of all the light coming in from the window!

We initially thought we were going to paint the headboard in the same European Oak style that we painted the dining room table.  

But once we hung the window treatments, my Mom decided to keep things really soft.

So, we added mermaid ruffle sheets,

a double ruffle comforter,

and simple pops of cozy gray and yummy linen.

I kept the French chandelier my Mom found at an antique store several years ago.

But we took down all the wall art.

Truthfully, it felt kind of controversial to do that at the time, but it immediately helped to quiet the entire space which is something we’ve tried to do in every room.

If I were a betting girl though, I’d say we’ll add some wall art in the next few months.

We still need to find a French dresser and I need to make a decision on a new mattress as well.

For now, though, this Loblolly bedroom makeover has come a long way.

Here’s a look at the bedroom before it was painted in Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace…

and after we gave the space a French Country feel…

Loblolly Bedroom Makeover Reveal: French Country Style -The Crowned Goat

As we’ve shared throughout this journey, room makeovers take time for a reason.

They grow and change as we do.

Sometimes we know exactly what we want and sometimes we need to let go of what was so we can embrace what can be.

And that sweet friend takes time.

Let us know what spaces you’re decorating this season!

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Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. It’s beautiful! Love the layers on the bed and the painted side table. 🙂

    1. Thank you Stacey! I feel like we’re sleeping in “princess and the pea” bed every time I go home now ha ha! Sending you hugs, CoCo

    1. I really appreciate it, Nancy, thank you so much! Hugs, CoCo

  2. Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous room. W love all of the sweet touches and the peaceful feeling.
    I’m praying for safety for you and your family. I used to live in Fort Lauderdale. I can relate to how you are feeling. Hugs and blessings to you, my sweet friend.

  3. What a peaceful room CoCo! Praying for you now as an watch the storm on the national news🙏🏻🙏🏻🥰

  4. This bedroom is beautiful! I love all of the details and the ruffles!!! It is all gorgeous!

  5. Just lovely! Looks so calm and relaxing. Saw this morning that Idalia made landfall. Praying for Florida

  6. It’s lovely! The swan table is so perfect! What a find. And the bed looks so comfy and inviting. Another fabulous makeover!

    Praying for you all!
    LeAnne, who is in Georgia and watching the weather closely

  7. It looks STUNNING, CoCo!! That swan table is incredible and I love how you added so many layers and textures on the bed. Amazing transformation, friend!!

  8. Your bedroom turned out beautiful! I love the colors you used and the swan table is such a great surprise! Your linens look so comfy and cozy and the chandelier is the icing on the cake!
    Praying that you and your family are safe!

  9. Charming, romantic, girly, cozy and quite inviting! I’d run and plop on top of that bed each time I walked in the room. Love it!

  10. CoCo the only word that comes to mind is chateau, this is such a lovely space, you are SO talented!!! xo Tanya

  11. Your room is absolutely beautiful! I love the swan table, and your chandelier is gorgeous! The bedding looks so comfy and cozy! I’ve never heard of mermaid sheets, so pretty! I know you’re going to enjoy spending time here! Blessings, Donna

  12. I am hoping you and your family are doing well and weathered the storm CoCo. Mother nature never ceases to amaze me in her destruction, keeping you in my thoughts. Your childhood bedroom turned out so cute, your mom was so right about the swan table, it is perfection! I love the secretary by the bed. Growing up, my mom had one in her living room, I never thought to place one in the bedroom. It is a great idea, love the postcard touch. I know most collect them due to the photos on the front, but I am always reading the backs and wondering about the folks who sent them. I am in love with the new chandelier! I wish I could shop in Florida, you sure do find so many wonderful things. I thought I would share a bedroom last fall, and I am still working on it. It is finally how a project evolves over time, and how it changes with you. It is not resembling how it began, but I am so glad I decided to try something new and different for me. Stepping outside my comfort zone is always a good idea. I am loving how your bedroom makeover at Loblolly keeps evolving, can’t wait to see the dresser you eventually choose and what you will hang on the walls.

  13. CoCo – This makeover turned out AMAZING. I am in love with the swan table and -yes- totally agree that it works better than the previous nightstand. I also love the color you painted the top of the hutch and how you paired it with the table base. The tiny knobs on the drawers are adorable. Thanks for sharing this transformation process with us. It’s so inspiring.

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