Home Decor Books Coming Out This Fall

We’re sharing our favorite home decor books coming out this Fall today!

If there’s one thing I truly appreciate about learning to embrace a slow and simple life, it’s our Saturday morning routine.

On the Saturdays we aren’t working, traveling, or hanging out with family, I wake up with the sun, throw on something super comfortable, and head out to brunch. 

Then we hit the bookstore and flip through magazines and books before grabbing a latte. 

Most of the time, we go to the farmer’s market or run a few errands before coming home and snuggling in for an afternoon of napping, reading, and dinner al fresco.  

It’s always such a simple and beautiful day.

The ritual of making time to go to the bookstore to find a good book to get lost in for an afternoon feels indulgent in the best possible way. 

And while it doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like, I’m always grateful when we’re able to carve out special time for a leisurely Saturday afternoon spent snuggled up every chance we get.

Thankfully we can recreate the feeling of a bookstore at home by putting on some coffeehouse music, lighting a Fall-inspired candle, cozying up with our favorite blanket, pouring a hot drink, and settling in.

There are a lot of great home decor and decorating books coming out this Fall.

So, I thought I would share a few of my favorites in case you’re looking for a reason to spend a quiet morning or relaxing afternoon getting lost in home decor inspiration too. 

Here’s a look at home decor books coming out this Fall and a few other titles you may have missed…

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*This post was updated in August 2023

Home Decor Books Coming Out This Fall…

The Art of Home * White and Faded * D. Stanley Dixon * French Country Christmas

Create Your Own Cozy * Sense of Place * Heirloom Rooms * House + Love = Home

10-Minute Decorating Ideas * Right at Home * The deVOL Kitchen * Ralph Lauren: A Way of Living

Redefining Comfort * Your Space Made Simple * Memories of Home * Call It Home 

Home Decor Books by Designers You May Have Missed Last Fall…

Neutrals and Farmhouse-Inspired Books You May Have Missed Last Fall…

Cottage and French Country-Inspired Books You May Have Missed Last Fall…

Previously Released Books by Home Décor, DIY, and Lifestyle Bloggers…

Books by Bloggers Coming Out This Fall-The Crowned Goat

Previously Released Home Decor Books by Designers…

French Country and Cottage-Inspired Books to Enjoy…

Books with Rustic and Neutral Interiors…

Neuttral and Rustic Books Coming Out This Fall-The Crowned Goat

Other Previously Released Home Decor Books to Enjoy…

While I would never wish the Summer away, Fall is my favorite season of the entire year.

I know it is for so many of you as well.

And if you can’t make it to brunch or the bookstore, I hope you’re able to find a relaxing spot at home to enjoy a leisurely morning or a lazy afternoon and a book filled with inspiration.

Let us know what your favorite home décor books coming out this Fall are! Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

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  1. I have some of these books as well (the ones in the plie). The one I am waiting on is written by Carolyn Westbrook, A Romance with French Living, Interiors inspired by Classic French. All of Carolyn’s books are full of eye candy if you like french decor. It comes out this month. I have so many decor books that I have only looked at the pictures, so the pandemic has given me time to read some of them. Thank you for showing us more beautiful books to look for!

  2. Hi Coco,

    So many great books coming out. I’m going to look at the links and see which inspires me to purchase. Hope it’s a few.

    Any suggestions?

    I never seem to receive your posts in my inbox and I have signed up many times.



    1. I hope you find some you like, Cindy! I know you love French Country style too so you would probably like Marie Flanigan’s The Beauty of Home. It comes out in September and it’s supposed to be good. I will have IT look at the email list and make sure that you’re on it. I hate that you’ve had problems with it in the past and I appreciate you letting me know. Sending you lots of hugs for a happy summer, CoCo

  3. I love this post. I need to check them all out.

    Patina Farm is just a few miles from us. I wish I had a way to actually visit it.

    1. You are so lucky, Carol! I all but drool all over the pages when I read their books. They have such a beautiful place. I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet but Fifi Oneill has a book called Surfside Style that comes out August 11th and the front cover picture reminds me of your place so much. I literally did a double-take thinking it might be yours! Sending you hugs for a happy summer and an inspired Fall, CoCo

  4. Ohh, your pre-COVID Saturdays sound absolutely AMAZING, CoCo! There’s nothing more I like than lazy days, filled with fresh air dining, naps, food and books. We are all a little book crazy in our family (including my 6 year olds) and honestly even visit bookstores for fun on our holidays (vacations) – because, why not! The opportunity to see what magazines and books you can lay your hands on in another country is too tempting. We’ve been getting our fill at the library lately but these books all look fabulous. Happy reading – I am sure they will make for a wonderful fall!

    1. I love that you guys are all readers and love books, Katerina, that is so cool! It would be a dream to live near the bookstore or even a library so I’m excited you guys have a place that is so convenient. It really does make a huge difference. Wishing you lots of lazy days this summer and quiet time with all your favorite reads. Hugs, CoCo

    1. They definitely offer lots of inspiration, especially now that we’re home all the time 🙂

  5. What a great post CoCo. I need to get the Maine Home Book!

    1. I know, Ann! It looked like such a good one! Hope your summer season has been filled with all good things. I can’t believe it’s already time to start celebrating Fall! Hugs, CoCo

  6. Wonderful idea. I need to go to a bookstore.

    1. Bookstores are always a great idea, Eileen! I could get lost in there for hours 🙌 Hope your week has been filled with all good things, CoCo

  7. Really enjoyed this post. Ironically, I have most of the books in your first photo, I’m a big reader and love travelling without leaving my chair. I pre-ordered many of these new titles the minute I heard they were coming out and am now anxiously awaiting the deliveries. I’d like to add one that I didn’t see mentioned for your consideration, Holly Kuhn’s New Americana. She is the owner and brain behind Old Glory Style in the Denver area. The shop is gobsmackingly gorgeous and the book, for me, is a stunner.

    1. New Americana is such a great book, Crystal! I think we covered that one in the Summer but I definitely need to check because Holly is so talented! It’s been fun to have so many books to look forward to this season. I’m sure you’ve already picked up your pre-order freebies but if you haven’t yet both Marian (Miss Mustard Seed) and Liz Marie have them available now on their blogs. Hope you’ve had a great day and happy reading, CoCo

  8. CoCo,
    These all sound amazing and thank you for putting such an extensive list together. I look forward to checking these out.

    1. You are so welcome, Rachel! I swear there is nothing better than snuggling up with a good book and a PSL to find inspiration. Hope you’ve had an amazing day, CoCo

  9. Holy guacamole! I’ve already pre-ordered Liz Marie’s but looks like I have a loooooong list of others to put on a list of gift ideas for my birthday and Christmas! Fantastic post. Must have taken you forever to gather this info and I for one am super grateful. I love home decor books, entertaining books and I’m now thinking gardening books too! Happy Fall CoCo. Hope you can get back to your casual Saturday brunch and errands very soon.

    1. So glad you found this post helpful, Cindy! I love books so putting posts like these together is always lots of fun. I can’t wait to get Liz Marie’s book and I’m excited about Miss Mustard Seed’s book too. They’re both giving away freebies on their blog if you preorder so make sure you grab them. I wish we lived closer because we could totally have a book club party! Sending you lots of hugs, CoCo

  10. Wow! Who needs a book store, this post is amazing! I can’t believe how many beautiful books are coming out soon! So much inspiration! I guess I’ll have to start a Christmas gift list for myself! It’s going to be hard to narrow it down! Thanks for compiling such a wonderful list! Hugs, Donna

    1. I know, Donna! It’s always fun to see the new home decor books that are coming out this season. Blogs definitely have my heart but there’s just something about snuggling up with a good book and a pumpkin spice latte. Hope you find lots of good ones too! Hugs, CoCo

  11. I love all the Patina books. They are fabulous. I also have the Hill House Living and Simply by the Sea, and they are another two beautiful and helpful books.

    1. Speak to my heart, Angie, those Patina books get me every time. I’m so excited to follow along on their Patina Meadows project too. Love Hill House Living and Simply by the Sea as well. They’re filled with so much inspiration. Can’t wait to see what home decor book you love most this Fall too. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a good book. Happy reading, CoCo

  12. Give me ALL THE BOOKS! I love home decor books. They are the perfect thing to read before falling asleep. I also love to read them on a rainy Sunday afternoon. You did a great job compiling and categorizing all these books. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thank you bunches, Anna! I’m always excited to curl up with a PSL and a good book every Fall and I’m excited to hear that you are as well. There’s just nothing like slowing down and seeking out inspiration. Big hugs and happy reading, CoCo

  13. Thank you for all of these ideas for fun reads. It’s always a good day when I can cozy up with a fun book. I can’t think of anything more relaxing!

  14. These look great! I have a couple of these, and I am looking forward to relaxing and reading through them. Thanks for sharing these selections.

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