Renningers January Extravaganza Recap

We’re sharing our 2024 Renningers January Extravaganza Recap today!

A few weeks ago, I traveled to my parent’s house to gear up for the Renningers January Extravaganza.

Nearly every year for as long as I can remember my Mom and I have celebrated our birthdays at this tri-annual event in Mount Dora, Florida.

Decorating with Salvaged Finds-The Crowned Goat

Some years my sisters come along and some years, it’s just me and my Mom.

But rain or shine we always have the best time treasure hunting!

If you’re new to this event, Renninger’s January Extravaganza is a mostly outdoor antique event across 117 acres.

Vendors from across the country sell their wares in outdoor booth spaces and under open-air tents.

While the structure of this antique and treasure hunting is always the same, the people, vendors, and goodies are always different which keeps us coming back year after year.

January Weather in Florida…

January weather in Florida can definitely be hit or miss.

Most of the time it’s fine.

We just add an extra layer and pack a raincoat just in case.

But the last few times we’ve gone to Rennigers, it’s been cold and rainy.

Especially, just after lunch!

Still, we always have a great time together and it’s fun to celebrate our birthdays treasure hunting. 

It’s definitely something we look forward to each year. 

Something for Everyone at The Renningers January Extravaganza…

Given the Extravaganza is set up across 117 acres there is something for everyone.

My favorite part about outdoor events like this one is seeing how the booths are all styled. 

You can honestly get some really good ideas and sometimes even styling tips to use in your own home.

Not to mention some fabulous bargains too.

Renningers January Extravaganza: What We Brought Home…

This was the first time in a long time they didn’t have a lot of ironstone or transferware which was kind of a bummer.

Not that I need any more.

But you know, it’s always fun to look 😉

I found a laurel wreath brooch, vintage earrings for my holiday Barbie birthday party, and a beautiful pink jadeite cup and saucer.

I promised myself I would not start another collection.

But the blush pink jadeite is so pretty, I’m kind of obsessed now in the best possible way.

My Mom found an ironstone tureen, a blue and white tureen, some gorgeous bee fabric and a beautiful blue and white duvet.

She also found an amazing Queen Mary transferware cup which gifted me as one of my birthday gifts.

Things We Left Behind…

One thing we left behind that I wish we could have brought home is this monogrammed vintage hankie.

It would have been so pretty on a vintage inspired no-sew pillow cover at my childhood home, Loblolly.

It’s hard to tell from this picture but this cabinet was the prettiest shade of pale pink.

I could have taken it (and the piece beside it) home in a heartbeat too. 

One of my favorite parts of going to the Renningers January Extravaganza event is seeing the types of things people buy.

Sometimes they’re serious investors looking for specific pieces to add to their collections. 

Other times, they’re weekend treasure hunters looking for interesting finds and good deals.

Then there are designers and design assistants, piling their carts with everything from vintage rugs to antique trophies to art. 

All in all, we had a great time and we can’t wait until the next Extravaganza.

I’m hoping to rearrange a few things in The Crowned Goat Cottage and then start working on my bedroom refresh.

I wound up being away longer than expected over the holidays so I’ve been spending a lot of time decluttering lately.

But after seeing all the fabulous goodies at Renningers, I’m excited to start working on new projects again!  

Let us know if went to the Renningers January Extravaganza or if you’ve been treasure hunting lately and found something fun!

Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. This trip looks like so much fun, CoCo, and what a fabulous family tradition! My mum and my grandfather had their birthdays on the same day and I was supposed to be born on the same day too, if you can believe it (except I took two extra weeks). It’s such fun having birthdays close together. I’ve recently been doing some antique browsing as well while travelling and have been loving looking at all the stuff that’s available. Some of it is really gorgeous and some of it is kinda curious haha 🙂 Hope you’ve been well and a happy New Year!

    1. That is so cool, Katerina! I don’t know many people that are born so close together in the same family so it’s exciting to hear. I’m glad you’ve been able to get out and about treasure hunting again. It’s definitely a blessing after having been cooped up for most of last year 🙂 Hugs and hope you find lots of goodies, CoCo

  2. That was such a fun time. Thanks for letting me tag along!

    1. So excited to have you celebrate with us, LiLi! It was definitely an early birthday present kind of moment. See you Friday! Lots of love, C

  3. Thanks for the tour. I would have trouble Not buying everything in sight.

    1. Speak to my heart, Eileen, I feel the same way! It’s definitely hard to stay focused 🙂 Hope your day is a happy one, CoCo

  4. Oh my goodness! What a fun way to celebrate your birthdays! I seriously would have needed a semi-truck to haul everything I saw home! Thank you for bringing us along!

    1. ha ha I know it, Christine, it was SO hard not to bring all those goodies home. That’s really the only bad thing about going in January – you’re in a decluttering mindset 🙂 Hugs for a happy week, CoCo

  5. Oh my goodness! The blush pink jadeite is beautiful! It’s definitely worthy of a new collection!😀 I’m glad y’all had fun, I love those types of places. By the way, Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. Gosh how FUN!!! That’s for sure something I would love to attend some day!! There’s so much to see! You brought home some amazing pieces, CoCo!! This was fun to read…thanks so much for sharing your adventure and Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

  7. Oh my goodness! What fun. I saw so many wonderful things that I would have loved to have. Happy birthday, my friend.

  8. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday (and your Mom too)!! You found so many pretty things this time! Rich and I went on Saturday in our coats, hats, and gloves! Even though it was cold, we had a blast and found some good stuff too! Can’t wait to go back in February!

  9. Coco
    Wow I would love to go to this show. So many things I love in these photos. Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to go thrifting this weekend. 😘. I’ll share a link for my subscribers this weekend.

    1. You would have a blast at this show, Rachel! I think about you every time I’m there. Renningers has multiple locations around the US so if you’re ever nearby one during the Extravaganza you should definitely go. They’re so much fun and filled with all sorts of treasures. Big hugs and thanks so much for the sweet share, CoCo

  10. Happy Birthday CoCo! I hope you had a fabulous day. Oh my goodness, I would love to go to this extravaganza! Just from your photos alone I saw so many things I would love to have. You and your mom picked up some really wonderful finds too. Now, do you wear your brooches or just collect them? I am a huge brooch lover, along with vintage jewelry. I wear brooches, my grandma gave me a few, and my sister has picked them up for me when she sees them too. There is just something about adding those special pieces to your outfit and wondering who owned them prior to me, and how did they wear each piece? Vintage lovers unite! Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  11. Coco, I’m very late reading this one but it looks like you had another fabulous time! It’s exactly how I’d spend my birthday as well 😉 I hope you’re enjoying your wonderful finds!!

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