Vintage Holiday Birthday Party

We’re sharing a behind the scenes look at my Vintage Holiday Birthday Party today!

Every October, my parents hold an event we lovingly call the Spooky Soiree.

It’s honestly my favorite family event of the entire year.

My Mom goes above and beyond decorating the house, preparing our favorite little nibbles, and planning games that make us laugh for hours.

Everyone plans their costumes months in advance and it’s so exciting to see them finally come to life. 

Unlike the holidays, there’s no rushing from one place to the next.

Or worrying about buying the “right” gift.

Everything about the Spooky Soiree is relaxed, joy-filled, festive, and fun!

Spooky Soiree-The Crowned Goat

My Holiday Birthday Party Inspiration…

This past October, I was all dressed up ready to go in full hair and makeup MINUTES from getting in the car to head to my parent’s house, when there was a work emergency that caused me to miss the ENTIRE Spooky Soiree.

While I knew the gravity of the situation was significant, I’m not even gonna lie, the disappointment was instantly palpable.  

And since we’re being completely honest, what made things even worse was knowing my parents surprised everyone by dressing up as Ken and Barbie.

Holiday Birthday Party: Entry Ideas-The Crowned Goat

So, that night I committed to having a vintage holiday birthday party inspired by Holiday Barbie.

It was the most festive way I could think to recreate the Spooky Soiree without having to wait until October.

Holiday Birthday Party Decor-The Crowned Goat

Holiday Birthday Party Decorations…

Truth be told, we never really get to enjoy our Christmas decorations because we travel so much during the holiday season.

So, I decided to use our Champagne Wishes holiday home as a jumping off point for my vintage holiday birthday party because I knew the shades of blush and gold would make a fabulous backdrop.

Holiday Birthday Party: Decorating Ideas-The Crowned Goat

Plus, last year, Holiday Barbie’s dress had layers of white tulle and gold stars to commemorate her 35th Anniversary.  

So, I ordered pink and gold star garlands and draped them all around the house.

It made decorating for the party super easy!

Holiday Birthday Party: Tablescape and Place Settings-The Crowned Goat

Holiday Birthday Party: Blush and Gold Place Settings…

From the very beginning, I knew I wanted to eat in front of the fireplace because it’s close to the Christmas tree.

It meant having to move multiple pieces of furniture to make it happen though.

Truthfully, it was a beast to move everything.

But in the end, I’m glad we made the extra effort.

It wound up being a magical place to share a meal. 

Holiday Barbie Inspired Birthday Party: Tablescape Ideas-The Crowned Goat

I kept the flowers super simple by using cream-colored roses and blush pink ribbon.

Then I lined the table with a mix of ivory-colored remote-controlled candles and pink tea lights.

Holiday Birthday Party: Flower Ideas-The Crowned Goat

And since I wanted a vintage vibe, I ordered blush pink plates from Amazon and vinyl doll silhouette stickers from Etsy to help set the scene.

Keep in mind, that vinyl stickers are not food-safe.

So, if you want to recreate something similar, you’ll need to have additional plates available for food and desserts.

Holiday Birthday Party: Place Setting Ideas-The Crowned Goat

To help round things out, I placed gold flatware, everyday stemware, and cream-colored napkins with blush pink ribbons at every place setting.

Then I placed a pair of vintage earrings where the girls would be sitting, lottery tickets where the guys were sitting, and temporary tattoos where the littles were sitting.

That way, everyone would have something fun to take home.  

Holiday Birthday Party-The Crowned Goat

Little Nibbles and Grazing Boards…

Given we have a lot of picky eaters in our family, I kept the food simple by using small platters and grazing boards filled with assorted crackers and cheese, fruit, crudité, nuts, chips and dips, tea sandwiches, enchilada cups, and salads.

We also had a hot bar with meatballs and BBQ smokies.  

Holiday Birthday Party: Food Table-The Crowned Goat

Holiday Birthday Cake…

The pink funfetti cake with buttercream icing was from Publix.

The flavor was fabulous.

But the color of the cake was not exactly what I had in mind.

So, make sure you tell your cake decorator the specific shade of pink you want when you place your order.

Holiday Birthday Party:Birthday Cake-The Crowned Goat

My Favorite Party Memories…

All in all, it was a birthday I’ll never forget.

It was incredibly cold the night of the party.

But I was bound and determined to greet each guest as they arrived. 

As they made their way through the luminaries, it literally brought tears to my eyes to see all the trouble they had gone through to dress up and make the night a special one.

Holiday Birthday Party Tablecape at Night-The Crowned Goat

My 16-year-old nephew was inspired to dress as Western Ken. The minute he got out of the car he had his phone cued up to play, “I’m Just Ken” from the Barbie movie. It was so sweet.

One of my brothers-in-law was inspired to dress up as Allan. He stayed in character for the entire party!

Both of my parents wore blond wigs with their costumes.

My sisters wore Barbie inspired bubblegum pink dresses.

My bestie S was inspired to dress up as Weird Barbie.

No playing, I was jumping up and down in heels and a crown on the front porch completely overcome with emotion seeing them all dressed up.

Truly, it was the best gift ever!

Holiday Birthday Party Dress-The Crowned Goat

Don’t Wait to Celebrate…

After hearing how much work went into my holiday birthday party several people asked if I was celebrating a milestone birthday.

This birthday is not even close to a milestone though.

Holiday Birthday Party and Star Garlands-The Crowned Goat

But after going through so much last year with my Dad being hospitalized and my Mom in a boot from a broken toe, me having COVID and Strep at the same time, my beloved cousin passing away very unexpectedly at Thanksgiving, a hurricane tearing through our hometown and so many other things I haven’t even shared, I figured why wait for a milestone?

Because every day we get to wake up and make memories with our friends, family, and loved ones is reason enough.

And there’s no time like the present to celebrate.

Holiday Birthday Party-The Crowned Goat
Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Wishing you an amazing year filled with all your favorite things,


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  1. This amazing and I love the cake and the silhouettes.

    Your family dressing in character is the best. They sure know how to have fun.

    1. It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up. I really appreciated how they went all out especially since it was my birthday. It made me feel so loved! Big hugs, CoCo

  2. I hate that you missed the Spooky Soirée, but this birthday party turned out too cute! I love the idea and the colors!

    1. Aww thank you, Susan! We had the best time and it was so much fun seeing everyone dressed up as a Ken or a Barbie. It made it the whole party feel extra special! Hugs, CoCo

  3. Wow! This is so fun!! And so pretty. I just love that you did this for yourself and your guests.

    And your dress! So gorgeous, and you look beautiful and radiant.

    Happy happy belated birthday!

    My own birthday is months away, but I’m inspired to do something like this very soon…

    Blessings and joy, CoCo!

    1. That’s so sweet of you to say, LeAnne, thank you! It was definitely a fun night and I’m grateful everyone helped me make extra special memories. I can’t wait to see how you celebrate yours too. If last year taught me anything it’s that there’s no time like the present! Big hugs, CoCo

    1. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, Rachel, I really appreciate it. Like you guys, we had a lot of sickness over the holidays so we are bound and determined to make every birthday a big deal this year. Hope you had tons of fun in Florida! Big hugs, CoCo

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Coco. I loved loved loved reading about your sweet and fun birthday party. Everything looked lovely and it just sounded divine. You are so right about celebrating, I think we should celebrate as much as we possibly can…………..because I believe our God is a God of celebration and when you see all the festivals and feasts he instituted in the old testament, sounds like a lot of celebrations to me. lol
    So happy to hear you had a wonderful birthday hon. Would love to see a picture of your Mom and Dad dressed as Barbie and Ken. What a fun party……..
    Have a lovely week,
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. Hey CoCo! I’m so sorry to hear you missed the Spooky Soiree, but sounds like you made up for it! I love that everyone dressed up to help you celebrate! Your dress is so lovely and the decor, cake, and food look wonderful! Glad you were able to enjoy your special day with the people you love! Here’s to your best year yet!!

  6. Now this is a perfect idea for a birthday party CoCo, I wish I had seen this sooner so I could do this for my mom, her birthday is this weekend. My mom recounts the story of buying the first Barbie when she was a little girl. She saved money from chores, and had exactly $3.99, the cost of the original then. She says she does not remember where her mother was in the department store, but she walked up to the counter and told the lady what she wanted. When she rang it up, she was short the cost of tax, and began crying. The woman felt sorry for her so she paid the tax and gave her the Barbie. I giggle every time I hear the story. I am so happy you enjoyed your birthday this year! With all you have been through this last year, you deserve it!

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