Romantic Living with Kimberly Clair

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I could not imagine a more fitting post than this one with wife, mother, author and friend Kimberly Clair. She helped me celebrate Valentine’s Day last year and since it was such a big hit, I asked her if she would come back for an update and she said yes!

You’ll be excited to hear that Kim is still living in this magnificent home. When I asked her how she was able to define her true style she said, “We had just moved into our brand new Victorian style house and I remember picking up a Rachel Ashwell book and thinking “OMG this is so me!” My three daughters were very young at the time and having furniture that was already less than perfect….was perfect!”

Since then she has fully embraced this Shabby Chic style in her home. From the living room

to her ballerina’s bedroom,

Kim surrounds herself with only what she truly loves. “Some of my favorite treasures are the ones I got for next to nothing at antique malls! I love walking through my home and thinking about the stories behind my lovely treasures! At one time they were new and I feel blessed that they are still intact all these years later.”

When I asked Kim how to incorporate romantic living into our lives every day, she replied, “I use vintage china mixed in with my every day dishes for serving meals. Why wait for a special occasion to get those beautiful platters out? My everyday dishes are white and pink so mixing in my vintage rose china works well and makes every meal feel special.”

It should come as no surprise Kim had a hard time trying to decide what her favorite room in her home was. I don’t blame her. I couldn’t choose a favorite either. If this was my bathroom

or my bedroom, I’m pretty sure I would just stay at home and relax all day.

Kim had a really thoughtful answer though, “That is a hard question and almost impossible to answer! I designed every inch of our home from just a block on grid paper! There are so many things that make our home uniquely ours from the window seats in every bedroom, built in bookcases, floor to ceiling windows that fill each room with daily doses of beautiful natural sunlight, and just every room being planned with our family in mind.”

“Even our large plantation style porch with a swing and rockers is a favorite place to visit during the heat of summer and the snows of winter. Our home is full of little places to escape and to gather together. We have our own little safe haven that tries to keep the negativity of the world out! Life is not always perfect, but if you create a place where you can feel safe and reflect in the midst of those troubles, you will find peace easier.”

You may recognize this porch from the cover of her book Immortelle Kim says, “This story was in my heart for a long time before I finally got brave enough to put it “on paper” so to speak. The story combines so many things dear to my heart, like my love of dance and the ocean. I also wanted to write a clean book that anyone could read, including my young daughters. It was such a rewarding experience to complete it and I am currently working on the second book in the Ocean View series. Writing is such a beautiful experience as you get to decide everything about your characters entire world….including all the shabby chic references in my main character, Tabitha’s old Victorian house.”

Shabby Chic Girl

Thank you so much Kim for helping me celebrate Valentine’s Day two years in a row. We’ve been friends for over a year now and I can honestly say this lady is living a romantic life. Whether it’s creating intricate dance costumes for her girls, celebrating family milestones in London and Paris, navigating life’s highs and lows with strong faith and love of family or snuggling up with her beloved Tinkerbell, Kim continues to live the life she loves while encouraging others to do so as well. If you want to see more romantic living ideas from this amazing lady, follow her on Instagram or get lost in Immortelle.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend filled with love and happiness!

 Many blessings,


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  1. Oh my gosh…I could move right into this beautiful home! I love Kimberly’s use of vintage finds and antique decor. She has done a wonderful job of making her house a beautiful home. Thank you for introducing us to Kimberly and her fabulous style.

    1. Kim is truly a great lady with great style. I could move right in here too. I’m so excited she let us take the tour. She’s so sweet.

  2. What a beautiful home!! I’m with you, if I had that bathroom, I would leave the house, probably not even the tub. I looks heavenly 🙂

    1. Angie, oh my word this whole place is amazing right? Kim is so sweet to let us have a sneak peak.

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