A Few Smalls and an ASCP French Linen Dresser Makeover

The Thursday before last, I spent the day with my Mom. We shopped the loop and went to an estate sale that’s only held every quarter. We’ve had great luck in the past there and it was even better this time. The line to get in was long and the competition was fierce. The people that run the estate sale told us they had already banned 4 people from coming back to shop because their shopping behavior was “not appropriate.” Can you guys imagine being booted from an estate sale? That just blows my mind.

I didn’t get everything I wanted but I didn’t walk away empty handed either. There was a cabinet that was beyond amazing but at almost $500 I had to leave it for someone else to love. It was totally instagram-able. One day I’m going to have a phone that actually does cool stuff like that ha ha.

It wasn’t all crazy expensive though. I was able to get this dog (it’s actually a planter),


 these printers blocks,


this shaving cup and brush,


and this wicker bed serving tray.


This is one of 2 dressers I bought at the estate sale. It has a style that reminds me of an old beach cottage.


The knobs are huge. The drawers are deep so I know it will be great for storage.


Plus, it had a really cool mirror that I couldn’t say no to. Oh, the joys of painting inside during the winter. The drop cloth in the mirror’s reflection pretty much says it all.


I mean, look at these plastic clips. They’re probably older than my Mom.


The top wasn’t perfect. It just needed a little love.


I painted both the body of the dresser and the mirror in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint French Linen. It was one of the colors I got for Christmas. You may remember I painted the bottom of the display unit for the booth in this same color. It’s a beautiful gray that doesn’t seem to have as much blue as the Paris Grey.


Once the coats of paint had dried, I followed with a custom mix of white wax.


I love the way the white wax settled into the grooves of the dresser. It gives it a completely different finish than the French Linen would have with just the clear wax.


I delivered the dresser to my booth at The Pickers Market last Tuesday. The matching mirror is just around the corner.


I had a space for 32 inches and this dresser wound up being 42 inches. Cue an entire booth redo. A 30-minute delivery wound up taking 4 hours. But that’s the real life of a vendor.


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  1. Where do I even start CoCo? Seriously…I have a problem – because I want it all! Your haul is absolutely fabulous. And that shaving mug makes me misty eyed for my grandpa. I love the color you chose for the dresser…so subtle and pretty.

    1. You’re so sweet Vicki, thank you! It was a really great sale. One day we’ll have to shop together. Hugs, Coco

  2. Love your smalls and that dresser! That dog planter needs to be put on the TN truck. It’ll go great in my hunt themed office 😉

    Love ya!

    1. Thanks, Angie! ha ha I knew you would love that little dog. It’s going to be a hard one to let go of. Love ya too girl, CoCo

  3. The dresser turned out great and I am so smitten with that dog! You know I love looking for dog stuff. I love white wax. It takes a piece from flat to character so quickly.

    1. Tell me about it Nancy, that dog is totally fantastic. I hope I can put it in the booth and sell it. I’m with ya girl, I could sing the praises of white wax too.

  4. Coco, I mean Tuesday treasures and Favorite Finds go so great together. I wish we lived close. You found awesome finds again and love that dresser and that dog planter. Have a wonderful day xo Lisa

    1. Lisa, if we lived closer we could tear it up at the shops and have so much fun. I know, that dog planter, swoon I love it too 🙂

  5. Your dresser is gorgeous, CoCo! I haven’t yet tried colored wax, but I love the way it looks on your dresser. I love your entire booth. So pretty!!

    1. Thanks so much, Amy, colored wax opens up so many possibilities! The booth is constantly changing…you’ll see, it keeps you on your toes 🙂

  6. The color and those double drawer pulls make the dresser totally unique ~ and a wonderful upcycle CoCo! You are inspiring me to work on my projects now that the floor project from hell is done. Well, after the unpacking maybe ~ but soon! Thanks for the inspiration! Bwg ~~~

    1. Bobbi, I’ve been wandering how your floor project is going. I know it’s been so much work but it’s going to look amazing when you’re finished. Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments. I wish I lived closer, I would come over and help 🙂

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