Spring Front Porch Tour

A couple of weeks ago my bestie S asked me to meet up at our local home improvement store. We needed to pick up a few supplies for the spring front porch and the office makeover. At the time, I was a few hours away driving back from my hometown after a pretty rough week with zero thoughts of a last minute detour.  You guys, seriously, I looked TERRIBLE! I had been crying for days so my eyes were puffy, I didn’t have on a stitch of makeup and honestly, I was in such a fog I could not remember if I had put on deodorant that morning much less if I had actually brushed my hair or just wadded it up in a messy ponytail! I know…for realz, it was THAT bad and not like me at all.

S somehow convinced me to meet for Lowes and lunch despite looking like I was the captain of the Hot Mess Express. I’m sure it was the promise of a brownie and continued encouragement with words like, “I’m sure you don’t look as bad as you feel” and “No, you don’t look like a raccoon at all. Yes, I proooomise you look just fine.” Cue the wink, wink.

So after buying a few supplies for the office makeover (which has all but stalled now) we found ourselves in the garden section. Normally, I would have been really excited to be amongst all those gorgeous plants. It’s one of my favorite places around. But I started seeing all of my Granny’s favorite flowers and as I shared with you guys on Thursday I just started crying somewhere between the hydrangeas and the petunias. I felt like a total crazy pants.

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-1

I finally heard S say, “I’m really sorry. Flowers and sweet stuff always make you feel better. I thought this would lift your spirits.” Insert long, awkward silence here. Followed by, “You know I’m a problem solver.” I don’t know what it was about hearing the words, “You know I’m a problem solver,” but I started laughing out loud. I know we all have friends or family members that serve a special role on our Board of Directors or our Girl Squad. They bring their best gifts to challenge us, encourage us, uplift us and nurture us in their own unique way. It’s really such a blessing.

Thankfully, I was able to gather myself enough to appreciate the gifts of a problem solver bestie and we started selecting plants to help bring a bit of spring to the front porch. Here are the budget friendly plants we chose and a few easy ways to celebrate this season of rebirth…

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-2

The front door is always a great place to start decorating no matter if you have a big porch or a small stoop at your apartment. I picked up this flower market style basket at the thrift store for $2.50 and filled it with a mix of faux and fresh flowers from around our property. You can find out how to make something similar here.

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-3

Since the flowers in the front door flower basket are pretty neutral, we decided to add a little bit of color to flank the sides of the door and welcome mat. These terra cotta pots are fairly large so we needed pretty flowers that would also be budget friendly.

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-4

For the plant stands we decided to mix “Snow Surfer Candytuft” (the white ones) with “Minifamous Double Calibrachoa” (the magenta ones)

and on the bottom we mixed two different colors of “Polka Dot Plants” (the pink and green ones which cost about $1.15 each) and “White Lantana” (which costs about $2.98 each). Lantana is very hardy and comes in so many pretty colors. That being said, it’s not good for pets if ingested so make sure you use caution and care if you have curious animals. We have lantana growing in a few different places around the property because it attracts butterflies.

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-6

If you’ve had a chance to see the spring mantel you’ll recognize the pink Begonias. They’re also budget friendly (about $1.98 each) and helped to keep things consistent indoors and outdoors. I bought a few extra so hopefully we’ll have enough to use them on the table in the breakfast nook too.

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-7

Our porch spans a good portion of the house so we have it broken up into seating zones. It has drastically changed the way we use the porch during the year.

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-8

It’s so much easier now to snuggle up with a good book, magazine, entertain family and friends or just have a few sweet treats on a lazy afternoon.

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-9

These coconut mini bundt cakes are so good. You can find the recipe for them here and you and you can find out how to DIY a milk glass inspired cake stand here.

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-10

I get a lot of questions about the linens we use on the porches, especially in the summer when it rains nearly every day and the heat is “hotter than a pepper patch.” Most of the time the linens are thrifted and can be thrown in the washing machine without any fuss.

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-11

We’re always on the hunt for white linens that have a vintage feel and can be bleached. I picked up these white pillowcases a few weeks ago for just a few dollars. It’s so easy to mix and match white, you guys.

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-12

Meanwhile on the other end of the porch and because you guys know I seriously heart symmetry,

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-13

we repeated the same easy, wash and go linens,

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-14

the begonias potted in ironstone and added a bit of texture with this vintage pink blanket.

The painted trunk is still holding well up on the porch which is exciting

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-16

because you guys know I have the biggest sweet tooth #bringonthesprinkles!

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-17

I know I say this after every porch tour but if you guys lived closer we could totally be out here laughing the afternoon away.

Spring Front Porch Ideas-TCG-18

Until then, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. CoCo – love your Spring porch! It is so fun to see the pretty pinks and whites and your delicate flowers. Our porches are covered in pollen so we can’t decorate any outdoor areas yet. The trees will be budding soon and hopefully the pollen season will end. We wish were on your front porch too!

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