Spring Tablescape in the Breakfast Nook

All week, we’ve been sharing quick and easy ways to decorate around the house for Spring and today, we’re sharing the breakfast nook!

I try to keep this area pretty low key because it’s one of the most used spaces in our home. The table is a perfect size for everything from art projects to folding a load of laundry to catching up on a few quick emails.

Our favorite way to use this table is for gathering on Saturday mornings to linger over a big breakfast.

It feels like such a special treat because we’re almost always on the go, especially on the weekends. I know so many of you can relate! Easter and Spring Break will be here soon so we thought it would be fun to share how we’re keeping things festive yet low-key nostalgic as we near holiday celebrations and hopefully even more intentional lazy Saturdays. Here’s a look at all the details….

I picked up this “table runner” while we were at the cabin for Christmas break. It’s actually a curtain panel I thought I would make into a few pillows. Those cute gray polka dots totally stole my heart and don’t even get me started on that scalloped edge! I think it might have been less than a dollar or two dollars which brings me to my first tip…don’t forget to think outside the box when it comes to inexpensive fabric finds.

I brought this basket arrangement home from Loblolly Manor a few weeks ago. We were using it on the buffet in the dining room but since that space is getting a bit of a makeover, I convinced my mom to let me borrow it for spring.

She also let me borrow one of her favorite sets of vintage china. The dainty flowers would have been enough but the edges really make it unique.

You can tell the dinner plates have been used the most but I think those faded flowers just give it even more charm, which brings me to my second tip…you don’t have to buy an entire set of china! Vintage floral patterns like these can be mixed and matched with your every day white dishes and still feel festive.

We’re big believers in using real napkins with most meals so we’re constantly on the look out for napkins that are reasonably priced and can be used for multiple holidays which is tip three. You can see how we used these same pink napkins on our Valentine’s Day tablescape here.

These big picture windows look out on the back part of our property and they are sun filled almost every day! Our plan is to expand the backyard living area and since you’ll be able to see most of the gardens we have planned, I thought it would be fun to use these weathered bunnies.

Every time I see them they remind me of my sisters ? Tip four… consider bringing outdoor elements inside when creating spring tablescapes.

Speaking of my sisters, we’re all big recyclers so finding vintage jelly jars or mason jars used as a juice glass is not uncommon in any of our homes. Tip five…jelly jars like these are inexpensive, can be used in a multitude of different ways and they’re a pretty addition to any tablescape too!

Tip six…keep a consistent color palette when you’re decorating for the seasons. We live in an open concept home which means you can see the breakfast nook from multiple rooms in the house.

While we did add a bit more color to the table than we normally do, the base of our vintage seasonal décor is still white and gray.

Tip seven…spring is the perfect time to add more flowers around the house. While I would love to have real flowers in every single room that’s just not possible given our travel schedule. So, we try to have a mix of real and faux.

We picked up these flowers on sale at Michaels and the Texas Sage grows in our yard.

I was THIS close to packing up these flowers we found at Hobby Lobby because we used them around the house for winter. But I wasn’t ready to let them go just yet so using them on the coffee bar seemed like a great compromise.

I mean, coffee is the perfect complement to a cozy spring breakfast anyway, right?

I hope these tips have helped! Let us know if you have any spring tablescape ideas, tips or tricks in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about your spring decorating ideas!

See you guys back here tomorrow. We’ll share scenes from our week and all of our favorite things from around the web. Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. Hey CoCo – we always love your tablescapes. We are firm believers in setting the table with what you love and adding at least one sentimental element. Grandmas teacup. Mom’s candlestick, etc. Also, make guests feel special and welcome when they are invited to your table. Make the table so pretty that it starts the conversation. Can’t wait to see what you do next!
    Much love, Vicki and Jenn

    1. Thanks so much ladies! I wholeheartedly agree with you sign me up for vintage meets new meets sentimental any day of the week. Sending you both hugs, CoCo

  2. I am going crazy for those chippy bunnies Coco they are really cute. The polka dot table runner is also cute. I don’t know how you find this stuff so cheap. We need to have a party bus so we can all shop together.

    1. A party shopping bus would be so much fun, Ashley! I love those chippy bunnies too. They make me happy every time I look at them. Hugs, CoCo

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