Simple Spring Mantel

Simple Spring Mantel Ideas-3

If you had a chance to read Monday’s post, you’ve already seen the Flower Market sign that became our jumping off point for not only decorating our simple spring mantel but for adding spring touches around the rest of the house too. Whenever we think about decorating the mantel for any season, we practice two simple steps every single time. Here’s a peek at our secrets and how you can create a simple spring mantel too…

DIY Flower Market Sign

How to Make a Flower Market Sign from Scrap Wood-Thumbnail

We love flowers any time of the year but especially this time of year so creating a simple Flower Market sign from some of the scrap wood we’ve been collecting in the garage seemed like a great way to jump start spring decorating for the mantel. Signs like this are really easy to make, here’s a peek at how you can make your own Flower Market Sign too…

The Easiest Way to Make Moss Placemats

How to Make Moss Placemats-17

We want small changes that make a big impact and we want these things to be something we can do quickly. Does that sound like your jam? If so, you’re in good company because that’s our jam too which brings me to the easiest way to make moss placemats…

Simple Succulent Centerpiece for Spring

Spring Succulent Centerpiece-7

We were looking for a way to create an easy centerpiece using various shades of greens that could easily be transitioned from St. Patrick’s Day to Easter when we stumbled upon succulents. We’re familiar with these beauties but this is the first time we’ve actually tried them in our home. Here’s a look at how you can make a Simple Succulent Centerpiece this spring with a little secret cheat tip too…

17 Ways to Ease into Spring

17 Ways Thumbnail

Are you guys ready to ease into Spring yet? I know it seems a little bit weird to talk about Spring already especially since it’s still technically February but our winter weather at least in Florida has been so mild we’re already enjoying dinners on the back patio. Here’s a look at 17 simple ways to celebrate the upcoming season…

5 Tips for Growing an Indoor Herb Garden


For the past few years, we’ve grown an herb garden both indoors and just outside the front porch. It has been so much fun learning about each plant and has definitely changed the way we flavor our food. Here are 5 Tips for Growing an Indoor Herb Garden…

DIY Dutch Tulip Crate


So, every year, I’m racking my brain to think of an Easter gift my Mom will love. She spent a bit of her childhood in Germany and her stories of going to the tulip fields on vacation are some of my favorites. Here’s a look at how you can make a DIY Dutch Tulip Crate and surprise someone you love too…

Spring Inspired Dining Room


One easy way to create a Spring inspired look in your dining room without spending a lot extra money on flower arrangements is to head to your local plant nursery or home improvement store for flowers, plants or herbs. We recently bought these lavender plants and they smells so good. Here’s a look at how you can bring Spring to your dining room with inexpensive finds too…

Vintage Inspired Spring Tablescape


Spring is always a fun time to celebrate flowers and host outdoor gatherings. For this vintage inspired Spring tablescape I wanted to bring in all of the random bits of china I’ve collected over the past few years. Collect the patterns you love then mix and match for your parties. I’ve seen them for as little as .50 cents each and as much as $40. Here’s a look at how you can achieve a vintage inspired Spring tablescape too…

Spring Inspired Porch


: I never thought the day I decided to take pictures of my spring inspired porch would be the same day it would turn cold again after a week of 80-degree weather. I also didn’t expect it to be raining for the third day in a row. Truth be told, I almost posted something other than my spring inspired porch. But there is something about the rain washing away the pollen and giving the earth a fresh drink that makes it feel like spring is here to stay no matter what the weather.

Simple Spring Outdoor Tablescape


It’s in the seemingly ordinary mundane tasks we do everyday that creates the compilation of our memories. And since we have to do these things each day anyway, I want to take the time to enjoy those ordinary tasks as much as I can. It took about 10 minutes to set up. That’s all. 10 minutes to create a simple spring outdoor tablescape made from just another ordinary moment.