Spring Home and Porch Tour

We’re sharing our spring home and porch tour today!

Whenever I sit down to write these posts, I’m never sure what’s going to happen.

Sometimes I crack open my laptop and the words immediately start flowing.

Spring Home and Porch Tour-The Crowned Goat

Other times, I stare at a blank screen, willing the words to come for far too long.

Anytime I feel stuck, I walk away and get some fresh air, turn on a podcast or call my Mom or one of my aunts.

The change of scenery almost always gives me a change in perspective.

The day I wrote this post, my aunt called me before I had a chance to call her, and I could tell instantly she was excited to share something important.

“I’ve been saving the prettiest pink pitcher for you. It’s by the door next to my pocketbook and I’ll give it to your Dad as soon as he gets here. You’re going to love it. The minute I saw that pink, I thought of you. No one loves pink more than you do, Hon.”

We continued our conversation about recent girl’s trips, DIY projects and upcoming family events but what has stayed with me all week is my aunt’s gentle way of loving others.


So, it’s in her honor that I’m sharing my spring home and porch tour along with 50 things to look forward to this season…

A cart full of potted plants and an hour spent at the nursery.

Yard sales and outdoor antique events.

Easy blankets in the early mornings when the fog is heavy and there’s still a chill in the air.


Baskets that are both practical and pretty.

When you finally find something that’s the perfect fit.

Curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book.


“Love you” at the end of every call.

Egg hunts.

Easter baskets.


Bunnies and bows.

When you buy what you really want the first time.

A weekend with no plans.

Breakfast trays.

Early morning wet nose kisses.

Planning, packing, and preparing for an upcoming trip.

Engraved heirloom jewelry.

Treasure hunted finds.

The first spring trip to the farmer’s market.

Carving out time to craft ideas that have been on your Pinterest board for months.

Wildflowers and cherry blossoms blooming.

Chilled champagne.


Dressing in your Sunday best.

A drawer full of bras that fit well.

Pulling on a fresh set of pajamas.

Finding money in a jacket pocket.

Crossing something off your bucket list earlier than expected.

The sounds of birds singing.

Pink sunsets.

When someone sends you a text or buys you a gift and says, “I saw this and thought of you.”

Birthday wrapping paper that works for all ages.

Planning an Easter brunch menu.

Coloring Easter eggs.

A spring inspired simmer pot or candle.

Checks and ginghams.

Dinner to celebrate tax season is over for another year.

Deciding which Spring project to tackle first.

An unexpected Spring trip.

The excitement of the littles (and the teachers) on the last day of school before Spring break.

The kindness of others.

Easter candy.

When the choir sings, “Up From the Grave He Arose,” (if you’re Baptist, you’ll totally get it)

A deep belly laugh.

When someone truly listens without interruption or distraction.

Spring cleaning the house.

A fresh set of laundered sheets.

The smell of freshly cut grass.

Spring decorating books.

When something you’ve been waiting to buy goes on sale and they still have it in your size.

The first cup of strong coffee the morning after the time change.

Lazy Sunday afternoon naps.

What are you looking forward to most this season?

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Until next time, I’ll see you on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Many blessings,


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  1. I was refreshed just reading through this post and looking at all of your beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing about the precious gift from your aunt!

    1. That’s so sweet of you to say, Heidi, thank you! It’s always fun when you realize the little things ARE the big things in life. Hope you’re week is filled with all good things, CoCo

    1. Such a sweet and thoughtful thing to say, Karen. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Hugs for a happy Spring, CoCo

      1. Every time I see your home I swoon. So many beautiful treasures to enjoy.

        The bunny centerpiece is a beauty.


        1. Thanks so much, Cindy, I really appreciate it! Hope you’re having the best week, CoCo

  2. You said it all perfectly! All of these fit so well – even the “Baptist” song. 😂 Thanks for putting all of this together!

    1. I knew you would totally get that song, Susan! My Granny could belt that song out like nobody’s business. I was SO BUMMED when we started going to another church that didn’t include that song for Easter services. The message was still good but it just wasn’t the same. Sending you lots of hugs for a happy week, CoCo

    1. I really appreciate it, Rachel! That gingham tablecloth is actually 3 yards of fabric we found at Hobby Lobby. They also had pink, blue and purple the last time I was there and it was very budget friendly too. Hope your week has been filled with all good things, CoCo

  3. Oh how I love your posts! It’s like sitting on a perfectly decorated spring porch with a great friend and a cup of tea. Blessings to you, my friend.

    1. Oh my gosh that would be a dream come true scenario, Renae! Hope you’re having the best day, CoCo

  4. Cheers to all the things! And getting a new pink pitcher! How fun to have someone who thinks of you all the time and knows you well. Loved the tour. Happy Spring!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! The “I saw this and thought of you” gifts, texts and phone calls are definitely a favorite. I hope everyone has the chance to feel that seen and loved. Sending you a ton of hugs for the happiest Spring season, CoCo

  5. Loved looking at your home and front porch – so very Springlike! List was great; my favorite was “a drawer full of bras that fit”. LOL

    1. You would be shocked at how many times I’ve had to accompany one of my friends or family members to a proper bra fitting, AJ. I’m like, “You guys, we have to wear one every day. So, we may as well get something that’s pretty and make us feel fabulous!” No playing, when I finally settled on a bra I loved the lady said, “This is our Sunday morning bra because everyone who wears it feels high and lifted up” 😂 Sending you lots of hugs and thank yous for always being such a sweet support. I hope your Spring season is off to a great start, CoCo

  6. I’m looking forward to yard sales for sure! And even though I am not Baptist, I totally get that song! Amen and Amen! ✝️

    1. Up From the Grave He Arose is such a classic, Cindy. Easter just doesn’t feel the same until the choir and congregation have sung that song, you know? Can’t wait to see all the fabulous things you pick up during yard sale season sweet friend. Hope you’ve had the best week. Big hugs, CoCo

  7. I love this post so much that I’m sharing it with my readers this weekend CoCo! Have a great spring my friend! Pinned! 🥰

  8. You made me chuckle CoCo. YES! Why are bras not very comfortable? It takes a lot to find the right one, and then they discontinue your style once you find it, so back to the drawing board once again. I think they are designed by men, if they had to actually wear them all day, I am guessing they would be more comfortable! Have you ever noticed everything they wear is more comfortable? Shoes, clothing, even their darn undergarments… BTW, I am loving all of your spring inspiration, everything looks perfect, as always. 😉

  9. CoCo,
    I love the pastels, and those dishes remind me of some I found at a Habitat Restore for next to nothing. Probably my favorite deal. Your home and porch are just stunning and I plan to add a link on DRA tomorrow.

  10. Morning Coco, and Happy Easter Dear…..
    Loved your post about all the things you love and about your sweet Aunt.. So much of what you say so resonates with my heart. Always enjoy your posts, so much encouragement, inspiration and fun here!!
    Keep up the great work.
    Love and Blessings, Nellie

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